9 - Nostalgia Critic

17-Fev, 2021
280 723 Ko‘rishlar soni

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This film has grown a bit of a following, so how come so many people both remember it and don't remember it at the same time? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at why this film is so forgettably unforgettable. Let's take a look at Shane Acker's, 9.
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9 is a 2009 computer-animated post-apocalyptic action film directed by Shane Acker, written by Pamela Pettler and produced by Jim Lemley, Tim Burton, Timur Bekmambetov and Dana Ginsburg. The film stars the voice of Elijah Wood as a small ragdoll-like robot who awakens shortly after the end of mankind, and must find eight other robots to figure out the mystery behind humanity's destruction while tangling with the vicious creations of a massive soul-stealing machine, alongside other voices of John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Crispin Glover with Martin Landau and Fred Tatasciore.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome16 kun oldin
    • It's sad that a critic will not be able to watch the Russian revised version

      Михаил БарановМихаил Баранов6 kun oldin
    • @Alex Himuro he didn't say Bekmambetov, he said "Big mammoth tho"

      Stanislav KorolevStanislav Korolev6 kun oldin
    • @Alex Himuro , once a year and the stick shoots

      Илья ЛИлья Л6 kun oldin
    • What? Timur Bekmambetov good "producer"?

      Alex HimuroAlex Himuro6 kun oldin
    • Imo it would've made a great computer game today, the animation and the plot are something much more appreciative of in current video gaming industry.

      Stanislav KorolevStanislav Korolev7 kun oldin
  • Посмотри русскую версию.

    РаскольниковРаскольников2 soat oldin
  • Doug, I understand that you may feel weather-worn by having to look at a dirty landscape, but the thing that everybody who complains that a landscape in gritty realism is 'too brown' need to realize is that it's a warzone, the aftermath of a fair deal of destruction. You can't complain that a wasteland looks like a wasteland. They're not pretty, by nature. You ask any histortian about trench warfare in World War One, you learn that it was all about dirt, smoke, and a generally-destroyed landscape. If the realism is too brown, that means it really does capture the bleakness of war. I'm sorry, but it's necessary. It would be like me - a Fallout fan - complaining about the constant radiation.

    FalloutJackFalloutJack11 soat oldin
  • 13:17 You missed the detail when the Scientist is taken away from the Machine by the soldiers. The machine reaches out to him and freaks out like a kid being separated from their parent. The Machine was given free will and ability to think for itself, when it was treated like a mindless tool of war, it decided to wipe out humans because it believed they were cruel and not worthy of life. Then it wiped out everything else because of the pain it went through. They don't show all of it in the movie, but the details are there.

    Heartless214Heartless21415 soat oldin
  • Wow Did not expect that kind of review But thanks for going through my Favorite Movie I've seen You really found meanings what my other aquatintces didn't see Thanks Mr Critic👍

    Callum Mc DougallCallum Mc Dougall15 soat oldin
  • Essentially this movie was "LittlebigPlanet meets The Terminator and needs to see a therapist cause they are really fucking depressed"

    Danny CaraccioloDanny Caracciolo17 soat oldin
  • goddamit these commercials are so goooood

    Jack CaffreyJack Caffrey20 soat oldin
  • This would have been cool as a video game...

    Lilly M.Lilly M.23 soat oldin
  • Year of the Prank Piece of Fuckles!

    Declan McAdamsDeclan McAdamsKun oldin
  • Things I remembered about this movie: Dead baby in the beginning Crispin Glover was in it 3d was scary I forgot about the plot or anything else

    Scultor's ParadiceScultor's ParadiceKun oldin
  • I remember this movie freaking me out cause they show the soulless corpses.

    snowbirdsnowbirdKun oldin
  • Please review "Mermaids the Body Found" and "Dragons a fantasy made real"

    Frostbite The Badass Ice CarnotaurusFrostbite The Badass Ice CarnotaurusKun oldin
  • i think i've seen this movie but i dont remember if i liked it or not. and like Doug, i dont remember a thing about it

    matt fahringermatt fahringer2 kun oldin
  • Please talk about Monster House! It's such a, imo, underrated horror movie for kids

    You N'wahYou N'wah2 kun oldin
  • Actually the souls of the dolls reanimated the scientist

    Nostalgia critic DevilNostalgia critic Devil2 kun oldin
  • So it's a movie if Christopher Nolan got drunk and wrote deep ideas with shitty writing FUCKING SOLD

    tarek alsalloumtarek alsalloum2 kun oldin
  • I just saw it tonight, per your suggestion, and I thought it was an entertaining film. I am a sucker when it comes to unique animation (stop motion and the like), so I had a fun time with 9.

    Double X StudiosDouble X Studios2 kun oldin
  • А ведь я действительно помню об этом фильме ровно тоже самое...

    Jack of BladesJack of Blades2 kun oldin
  • By the way, does anybody remember that french movie? The Suicide shop?

    Martha DerrickMartha Derrick2 kun oldin
  • I liked this movie when I first saw it and hoped for a sequel. Not to mention that song they used in the trailer.

    Michael TamezMichael Tamez2 kun oldin
  • I love this film, it was the first film to teach me that animated films don't necessarily have to be childish. It aloud for a story I'd not seen before, cool action moments I would get more of an emotional response out of as I grew older and my god, the music is so god damn phenomenal!

    Z21GamerLukeZ21GamerLuke2 kun oldin
  • I remember this movie came out right around Little Big Planet, and I have vivid memories thinking this movie would be good. It wasn't. But some weird fantasy in the front row got real into it and started shouting responses back, in a full theater, and I'm almost positive we were all happier for his input in the end lol

    Kafir Named MuttKafir Named Mutt2 kun oldin
  • Probably the film turned out to be controversial, because the meaning of the cartoon in the Russian and English versions is different

    Two-Face DoctorTwo-Face Doctor2 kun oldin
  • I am almost positive that Monster House precedes Coraline

    Robin AshenorRobin Ashenor3 kun oldin
  • 1:55 Never seen the movie but this image interests me. It's three symbols あ L Ω the first is Hiragana "A" 2nd is cursive L and last is omega. A is obviously the 1st letter of the alphabet. (In all three languages.) And omega is the last. It also brings to mind the phrase "alpha and omega" which means beginning and end, the book ends of all language, that which encompasses all, it's also a name for God. It gets more interesting when you realize that L is right in the center of the alphabet. So it becomes beginning middle and end. And then around those three characters is ○ or null. The only thing outside the domain of alpha to omega is nothing. All of this forms a frowning face, the full significance of this, I don't know.

    Knutty EntertainmentKnutty Entertainment3 kun oldin
  • This means more than you think, just mix Harry Potter with Matrix, and you will have some idea... Hopefully!

    Alan Jiménez OrdóñezAlan Jiménez Ordóñez3 kun oldin
  • Lol; 9 isn't creepy or freaky in anyway

    Matthew DaviesMatthew Davies3 kun oldin
  • The film 9 was ment as a warning.

    Finlay T7-C601Finlay T7-C6014 kun oldin
  • It’s a great movie.

    Wolphman 77Wolphman 774 kun oldin
  • This is ligit my favorite movie of all time.

    Pikpikcarrots123Pikpikcarrots1234 kun oldin
  • Легенды ночных стражей

    Дастан АманжуловДастан Аманжулов4 kun oldin
  • I remember this movie, I kinda liked it as a kid, and interesting universe and an uncertain future.

    Rogue PawnRogue Pawn4 kun oldin
  • Weird to think that this Toy Story knockoff also kind of did Inside Out 10 years before Inside Out came out.

    Nexus8846 ProductionsNexus8846 Productions4 kun oldin
  • This is one of my family's favorite films! With films like this one, it gives the audience ideas on how, what, and why this happened in the film

    Holsapple StudiosHolsapple Studios4 kun oldin
  • "They remember it and don't remember it at the same time" You just described my feelings about it, man :)

    Женька и КоньЖенька и Конь5 kun oldin
  • I actually found the main fabricator machine to be surprisingly expressive with it's movements and mannerisms as opposed to it's face(?) eye(?) thing, the precise movements as it builds the hypno snake thing, almost like you can see it's thought process forming as it builds it, and how when it sees one of it's creations, I think it was the doglike one, destroyed it gets noticeably upset.

    GodOfOrphansGodOfOrphans5 kun oldin
  • I remember being so hyped for this movie, it seemed like it was going to be a really great....I remember leaving the theater incredibly underwhelmed. It was so boring. I felt like it was leading up to something that never really happened.

    animeblade15animeblade155 kun oldin
  • You should look into rango. It has a strange charm to it. also rattlesnake joke

    TheDarkSeraphTheDarkSeraph5 kun oldin
  • Bruh when I was like 7 I thought this was the Little Big Planet movie so I watched the whole thing and I’ve been traumatized ever since.

    Obito UchihaObito Uchiha5 kun oldin
  • Bro I used to be *HORRIFIED* of that movie but it's so nostalgic at the same time XD

    XDreamx weirdXDreamx weird5 kun oldin
  • I remember my feelings after watching this animation for first time : 🤯🤯🤯😨😨😨

    Shahryar FunPlayShahryar FunPlay5 kun oldin
  • The dictator looks looks like Miklós Horthy which in mind makes sense Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and after WW1 was dissolution and Hungary dealt the worst blow so I assume that it would be them that would be the country in this movie and in m mind it makes complete sense

    robert cooperrobert cooper5 kun oldin
  • I watched this when I was 4 and I shat my watching it and it still haunted me until I started liking horror

    robert cooperrobert cooper5 kun oldin
  • I kinda wish Doug talked a bit about the original short. I re-watched 9 a little while ago and I have to agree with what he said about remembering images and forgetting parts. I thought I remembered it being silent, and then I got really confused when they started talking. So I cecked out the short and realized that is were it was silent

    Clay CampbellClay Campbell5 kun oldin
  • My recollection was that the original short was great; seeing the movie after it felt... generic. You know, the usual problem: an artist can make a work of art that is personal, meaningful, and has a bunch of hard, sharp, pointed bits, but once big money gets involved, everyone gets voices with big-name actors you recognize and plot gets broken up with big action set-pieces. The short, having more mystery to it, engaged my mind and made me thoughtful. The feature movie? Much like many of the other people you spoke with, my brain promptly did a core-dump.

    sterling7sterling76 kun oldin
  • I was 12 when I first saw this movie and I barely remember much except the deaths. They were so scary that I can never look at this movie again. Even seeing the poster gives me dread. The thought of your soul being stolen so brutally sends a chill down my spine...

    Jennie IfanisJennie Ifanis6 kun oldin
  • Did you know this movie had its own Facebook page? Where like it told more of the story before the end of the world. (Sorry if this was already stated)

    Matthew GarrettMatthew Garrett6 kun oldin
  • Nice review :)

    NasafalkasNasafalkas6 kun oldin
  • I went and saw this in theaters with my girlfriend at the time. We saw at least two children being taken out of the theater crying by their parents. I didn't even blame them, the sense of dread conveyed by this movie was surprising. It wasn't all that good, but boy was it ever dark.

    theTenthlifetheTenthlife6 kun oldin
  • I literally had nightmares about this movie as a kid. The biggest thing I remember was the dead doll being used as a way to stun the other ones.

    Cream. OsCream. Os6 kun oldin
  • Writing this at the commercial break: I love this movie, but every time I watch it it's like a new movie for me. I've seen it three times, and I still can't tell you at this moment exactly what the plot is. But I'm oddly okay with that? I love the world and the dark style of it. It's definitely not a kids movie, and I appreciate that they don't really do any hand-holding or sugar-coating with it. Truthfully though, I think the story and the characters, and especially the world, would be better served as a video game. If you really put yourself into 9's point of view, I think the story would be way more impactful. There are can be hidden areas and odd collectibles that 9 wouldn't understand but the player would. Maybe that's just me, though.

    Rei ZakRei Zak6 kun oldin
  • Could rock and rule be in the future? Anyway never saw this film, but seems interesting

    Devin SchuhsDevin Schuhs6 kun oldin
  • Critic, how about comparing movie 9 and anime Kemurikusa?

    Константин ШкодаКонстантин Шкода6 kun oldin
  • I remember seeing this movie in theaters on a date at 13 and walking out of the theater going “wtf did I just watch?” Still to this day I think the same thing and remember only the parts you mentioned in the beginning. 😅

    trexdrewtrexdrew7 kun oldin
  • This was an interesting movie. It left me wondering

    Deathknight 0118Deathknight 01187 kun oldin
  • Субтитры показали "Тимур Биг Мамонтов") Whaat?)

    Алиса ЮдановаАлиса Юданова7 kun oldin
  • I remember the whole movie

    Robert BrandenburgRobert Brandenburg7 kun oldin
  • Loved your thoughts on this :)

    Hannah ParkHannah Park7 kun oldin
  • 9 is german for No.

    Titanus Gojira ProductionsTitanus Gojira Productions7 kun oldin
  • Imo it would've made a great computer game today, the animation and the plot are something much more appreciative of in current video gaming industry.

    Stanislav KorolevStanislav Korolev7 kun oldin
  • Yes, I can understand you, Nostalgic Critic, how difficult it is to pronounce *Timur Bekmanbetov*. Do you know the Russian film Black Lightning?

    Mikhail StarovichMikhail Starovich7 kun oldin
  • ні, десять

    Anna ArseniukAnna Arseniuk7 kun oldin
  • i wish this was a series instead of a movie so we had more time with the characters

    helios burnhelios burn7 kun oldin
  • So when you asked for suggestions a lot of people said “nein”?

    King ArthurKing Arthur7 kun oldin
  • I literally just rewatched this film last week; IMHO it’s definitely an underrated movie!

    Midwest Siren ProductionsMidwest Siren Productions8 kun oldin
    • yeah. I wouldn't say it's as popular as other dark animated movies like Coraline, etc. but it's still worth watching.

      Stitch LoverStitch Lover7 kun oldin
  • Тебе определенно надо посмотреть русскую версию Думаю ты будешь в шоке

    Уточка.кряУточка.кря8 kun oldin
  • I need to know what the song at the beginning is

    Richie DemoRichie Demo8 kun oldin
  • А вы тоже пришли сюда только для того, чтоб посмотреть, как Критик произнесёт имя Тимура Бекмамбетова?

    Тесто в сосискеТесто в сосиске8 kun oldin
    • В точку

      julia982307julia9823072 kun oldin
  • The cartoon has a Russian version from Timur Bekmambetov, there is a completely different plot

    Поющий Лисёнок ВАС-ТПоющий Лисёнок ВАС-Т8 kun oldin
  • This is...actually a good nostalgia critic review

    Beyblade MosesBeyblade Moses8 kun oldin
  • На русском у фильма совсем другой смысл потому, что сценарист говорит на русском и решил немного переписать сюжет.

    НикитичНикитич8 kun oldin
    • Ты запятую не там поставил)

      Алиса ЮдановаАлиса Юданова7 kun oldin
  • You should review "Yugioh The Movie"

    Austin CAustin C8 kun oldin
  • Kinda reminds me of Dark Souls, being dropped into a world thats already been long dead and trying to figure out what exactly what happened and if it even has any meaning while leading up to a final task that you have to do despite not knowing the benefits (if any) of doing it.

    LuneLune8 kun oldin
    • for me it's NieR Automata

      AnarkyfloydAnarkyfloyd5 kun oldin
  • In the Russian version, the seventh is the scientist's wife, the third and fourth are his children, I don't remember the others)

    Endless GenocideEndless Genocide8 kun oldin
  • The only Minions movie i'd watch more than once.

    tik tok is my second religionツtik tok is my second religionツ8 kun oldin
  • Have you done a review of The Straight Story? I’m working on my second novel and Richard Farnsworth in that movie reminds me of one of my two main characters.

    Ryan CoulterRyan Coulter8 kun oldin
  • Забавляет то, как русские в коментах пытаются что-то кому-то объяснить про разные версии

    Джоня ДжоковичДжоня Джокович8 kun oldin
    • @ИЛЬЯ Федоровых это норма

      Mikhail StarovichMikhail Starovich3 kun oldin
    • Многие скорее смотрели Культаса, и делают вид умных повторяя его слова.(я один из них)

      ИЛЬЯ ФедоровыхИЛЬЯ Федоровых5 kun oldin
    • Ага, сам в офегене

      Mikhail StarovichMikhail Starovich7 kun oldin
  • Try to get acquainted with the Russian adaptation, it is completely different.

    Кирилл АбрамовКирилл Абрамов8 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Critic watch the russian version of this film. New ending makes absolutely new sence. Every doll is not just a part of doctor's identity. They represent people who had significant influence on his live. 1 - Chancellor who destroyed the world and sacrificed himself, 2 - Doc's friend who helped building the machine, 3 and 4 - twins children of the doctor, 5 - young physician who helped wounded untill the end, 6 - assistant, 7 - Doc's wife, 8 - Chancellor's bodyguard (?), 9 - himself.

    ShamshudinShamshudin8 kun oldin
  • Critics on 9 (film): What's this? An animated film about a cast of characters each based a single person's personality? What a terrible film. Critics on Inside Out: What's this? An animated film about a cast of characters each based a single person's personality? What a terrific film! Why can't both be quality films in their own different ways? I don't understand some critics. Perhaps it is studio bias.

    ajshimajshim8 kun oldin
  • One interesting thing is back in the day the lead scientist had a my space page that describes how he was forced to make the machine among other things

    rionthedestroyerrionthedestroyer8 kun oldin
  • someone: "is it worth watching «9»?" me: "depending on which language, because in the Russian dubbing the whole idea and meaning has changed"👍 P.S: Извините, если тут много ошибок и вам было не понятно, но я не могла не написать это... (Я просто гений, написала главное на английском, а остальное на русском. Остаётся молиться, что какой-то человек не захочет перевести данный текст 😂 А если переведёт, то мои поздравления вы потратили своё время фактически в пустую.)

    Ruru PartyRuru Party8 kun oldin
  • Hi, Critic. Watch the Russian version of the film. It has more plot and details, as well as more dialogue. It is incredibly different from your version. You will see a different meaning of this film.

    Львенок 03Львенок 038 kun oldin
  • В русской версии сюжет отличается. Он не лучше и не хуже - просто другой.

    Алексей ЕрмаковАлексей Ермаков8 kun oldin
  • So it’s literally just Sid from Toy Story’s sock drew, huh. Neat!

    Hailey ColeyHailey Coley8 kun oldin
  • Нужен обзор на русскую версию , она гораздо лучше.

    Илья ЛИлья Л8 kun oldin
    • А ты обе видел?

      Алиса ЮдановаАлиса Юданова7 kun oldin
  • you need to look at the Russian version. Yes, there was a version especially for the Russians.

    Илья ЛИлья Л8 kun oldin
  • Music from factorio in back, ahhh, that's best

    SLywnowSLywnow8 kun oldin
  • советую посмотреть ночной дозор фильм 2004г

    DRUW BoTDRUW BoT8 kun oldin
  • Hi. I'm your viewer from Russia. I just want to say this is one of my six favorite movies. I don't think I speak English good enough to explain why I like it so much but... this one makes me think of global problems of not only ecology but also society. All characters are made with one 3D model but they're absolutely different for me. Because of their souls, their thoughts... This is a very philosophical topic of DOLLS who were created to solve HUMAN biggest problem - OUR problem.

    Вениамин КляузовВениамин Кляузов8 kun oldin
  • Well, I've seen this film in russian. The main role was played by Konstantin Khabenskiy, and I think that his voice gave this cartoon something completely unique. He speaks very confusedly, sadly and softly. As a result, his hero seems so confused that a certain illogicality of his actions is perceived very logically.

    Наталья ДолининаНаталья Долинина8 kun oldin
  • It is curious that in the Russian dubbing, the dolls represent people that the scientist knew. 9-the scientist himself, 7-his wife, 3,4-their children, 1-the chancellor who started the war, etc. I don't know why they did this, but there are some interesting differences. In fact, another point of view on history...

    Black SpiritBlack Spirit8 kun oldin
    • Which is odd since in the old interactive site, he didnt a wife or kid, infact hed made each entry for the stitch punks that he made, from how they reflected his ambition or curiousity, to how he wanted to create each with a specific purpose, all while talkin about what he glimpse was happening in the world.

      SleonHikariSleonHikari3 kun oldin
    • @Black Spirit Ну опыт как минимум интересный

      Станислав КругловСтанислав Круглов8 kun oldin
    • @Станислав Круглов да я бы не сказала, что сценарий прям весь поменялся. Изменилась суть этих душ, и как-то при просмотре у меня сразу они ассоциировались с людьми, тот же канцлер сразу бросился в глаза в виде куклы. Так что, честно говоря, я даже не знаю, какой вариант лучше. Но как говорится, что имеем, то имеем)

      Black SpiritBlack Spirit8 kun oldin
    • Glukhovsky was responsible for the translation and said that he" better " understood the message of the film and in fact simply rewrote the entire script

      Станислав КругловСтанислав Круглов8 kun oldin
  • Надеюсь, вы здесь, чтобы услышать, как Критик говорит фразу "Тимур Бекмамбетов". I hope you are here to hear the Critic say the phrase "Timur Bekmambetov".

    Чужой ХищникЧужой Хищник8 kun oldin
    • Да

      Star RayStar Ray8 kun oldin
    • @Тейлз Манри 1:14

      Чужой ХищникЧужой Хищник8 kun oldin
    • Какая минута?

      Тейлз МанриТейлз Манри8 kun oldin
  • English and Russian dubbing differ SO MUCH that they have different plots.

    Borf BorfBorf Borf8 kun oldin
    • Это чистейшая правда. Они радикально отличаются. Второй режиссёр, русский, заложил свое виденье вопроса, в то время как первый, американец, дал людям больше пробелов чтобы они додумали сами для себя. English translation:No, this is not true at all. English and Russian versions are kind of the same with minor translation differences but nothing was really changed in any shape or form, both versions have the exact same plots and nothing was added or removed in Russian version.

      T-REXT-REX10 soat oldin
    • @shhhtopor mein gott why angry?

      Kane KriegerKane Krieger2 kun oldin
    • @shhhtopor CTFD - Calm the Fuck Down

      Locke LockeLocke Locke8 kun oldin
    • @Kane Krieger ok, u won. dogfood. asshole.

      shhhtoporshhhtopor8 kun oldin
    • @shhhtopor ah catfood catfood catfood catfood catfood

      Kane KriegerKane Krieger8 kun oldin
  • Question: "Nine" is a good movie? Answer: It depends on the language in which you are watching the film. In Russian it is a completely different film. Critic, I would like you to watch the Russian version too, and tell us your opinion about it.

    Akira9t Devil Never CryAkira9t Devil Never Cry8 kun oldin
  • It is unlikely that anyone would be interested in this, but I have my own story with this and works similar to him: as a child, he scared me a lot, and at the same time extremely fascinated me, and now I understand that such creepy but enticing pictures in part helped to become me myself, the cartoon is not so good, but I remember it and I like it

  • interesting fact. in the Russian dubbing, the entire script was rewritten and the main character had a goal (to find out who he is).

    Сandy FruitСandy Fruit8 kun oldin
  • Ideas for Freakshow Cinema: Fritz the Cat and Akira

    live4marilynlive4marilyn9 kun oldin
  • You dont remember any of those parts because they're not in the movie. This move is the worst part of every trilogy, the shit ass middle part

    The AbortionThe Abortion9 kun oldin
  • How is it that I love nostalgia critic videos, they make me laugh like crazy more so than other videos and yet somehow the ad reads are the highlight for me?

    Sarah O'NeilSarah O'Neil9 kun oldin