Bat-May 2020 Compilation

25-Apr, 2021
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Before Walter continues his deep dive into Batman: The Animated Series, check out a compilation of the first 31 episodes he reviewed during last year's Bat-May!
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Batman: The Animated Series is an American superhero animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. Developed by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Mitch Brian, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation, it originally aired on Fox Kids from September 5, 1992, to September 15, 1995, with a total of 85 episodes. For the final 15 episodes, the series was given the on-screen title The Adventures of Batman & Robin, which was also used for reruns of earlier episodes. The series became the first in the continuity of the shared DC Animated Universe, spawning further animated TV series, feature films, comic books and video games with most of the same creative talent.
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  • 1:50 - On Leather Wings 4:35 - Christmas with the Joker 7:45 - Nothing to Fear 11:30 - The Last Laugh 14:40 - Pretty Poison 18:15 - The Underdwellers 21:40 - P.O.V 25:45 - The Forgotten 30:20 - Be a Clown 34:00 - Two-Face Part I 38:20 - Two-Face Part II 42:45 - "It's Never Too Late" 46:50 - I've Got Batman in My Basement 51:00 - Heart of Ice 58:00 - The Cat & the Claw Part I 1:01:45 - The Cat & the Claw Part II 1:04:35 - See No Evil 1:09:50 - Beware the Gray Ghost 1:15:00 - Prophecy of Doom 1:18:15 - Feat of Clay Part I 1:23:05 - Feat of Clay Part I 1:28:40 - Joker's Favor 1:33:15 - Vendetta 1:37:25 - Fear of Victory 1:41:05 - The Clock King 1:45:20 - Appointment in Crime Alley 1:49:30 - Mad As A Hatter 1:55:05 - Dreams in Darkness 2:00:35 - Eternal Youth 2:04:15 - Perchance to Dream 2:11:50 - The Cape And Cowl Conspiracy

    Caliburn13Caliburn1317 kun oldin
    • @Channel Awesome Bat may sequel it's a must. 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

      Patrick WentzellPatrick Wentzell6 kun oldin
    • My

      Ronnie MoustafhimRonnie Moustafhim6 kun oldin
    • I’ve started binge watching the series about a month ago so definitely looking forward to the reviews of each episode.

      Kelechi OnunkaKelechi Onunka7 kun oldin
    • @Dot I'm aware. Every time I try to edit the comment I get a Error. Not sure why.

      Caliburn13Caliburn1310 kun oldin
    • In a Death Battle I'm thinking that walking shape change Clay Face would be able to kill just about anyone in Gotham City. however Clay being the way he Is could get iced up or sent into the ocean by a super hero well than pretty much it's Clay over. we know Batman would never kill anyone no matter what by let's think about this for a moment alright. there is this vigilante Prometheus that's kind of like Batman yet he feels the only way to deal with criminals is killing them this goes against what Bruce Wayne stands for as a crime fighter. another scary outcome is if this Titan formula was administered into others Gotham City would have a thousand unstopable Banes running around. even Bruce would not be able to stop all giants no matter what. because he does have his limits. eventually he would get broken by these enhanced psychotic criminals. the reality is no more Batman that will put another smile on Jokers face.

      Patrick WentzellPatrick Wentzell10 kun oldin
  • 1:20:50 *this is a personal timestamp, don’t ask.*

    NohhjklNohhjkl20 daqiqa oldin
  • "The horror aspect of Batman that were never explored in any kind of movie medium." Let me just laugh at someone so proudfully pretending this show didn't come out the same year as Batman Returns.

    Spider LilySpider Lily7 soat oldin
  • P.O.V. was one of my favorite episodes because you could see Batman from the point of view of three different cops as well as themselves. Pretty good episode.

    Mr. BadguyMr. BadguyKun oldin
  • 22:51 it would've been funny if the grapple didn't work here or at least worked with great difficulty, because Bullock is so fat.

    AlknixAlknixKun oldin
  • I think the Ninja would have been a good villain for Kato then Batman. Cause that episode has a Green Hornet feel to it.

    Nick CadwellNick CadwellKun oldin
  • I never liked Catwoman's redrawing in The New Batman Adventures.

    Nick CadwellNick Cadwell2 kun oldin
  • And the episode Almost got 'im would have made for a great recap episode. Cause I would love to have seen all those tales the other characters did, as episodes.

    Nick CadwellNick Cadwell2 kun oldin
  • I wonder why Clive Revill only lasted 3 episodes. And I wished they had done a series on Grey Ghost. That way we the fans of Batman, could pretend we are Bruce Wayne watching the Grey Ghost with his Father Thomas Wayne.

    Nick CadwellNick Cadwell2 kun oldin
  • I still never liked how the Joker was drawn in The New Adventures of Batman.

    Nick CadwellNick Cadwell2 kun oldin
  • Fantastic

    Toon_cosplay_guy 79Toon_cosplay_guy 792 kun oldin
  • Notice in Two-Face Batman uses the Batcycle. A two-wheeler.

    Louis FonsecaLouis Fonseca2 kun oldin
  • "You killed Captain Clown!!"

    bxdale83bxdale833 kun oldin
  • noooo Captain Clown :(

    King SharkKing Shark3 kun oldin
  • I believe they may have used parts of the "Underdwellers" in the show "Gotham"

    Daniel JerniganDaniel Jernigan4 kun oldin
  • What does 20Bat-May20 mean?

    Crism 133Crism 1334 kun oldin
  • I love Batman Yay Batmay! More pls…

    mikeus69mikeus695 kun oldin
  • Ojalá Warner Bros saque esta gran serie en español americano, pero sin horrores de traduccion como "Goticas", "Tapias", "Bruno Dias", "Huason", y largo etc de malisimas traducciones para una de las mejores series animadas jamás realizadas.

    DVDBWDVDBW6 kun oldin
  • Fun easter egg: Ivy orders escargot, snails, for dinner. Snails eat plants. A nice little reversal.

    Boiled CrapBoiled Crap6 kun oldin
  • Bat-May 2020 Compilation 👍 nanas bagong

    WonoketingalWonoketingal6 kun oldin
  • I’m gonna be honest here, I like the idea of the Scarecrow having a not so scary costume design, reason being is that of his traditional Fear toxin. Why waste time on a costume to look scary and intimidating, when you have a hallucinogenic compound that does the job for you. Plus it Fits in with horror movies like Alien where the monster(s) are mostly kept in the shadows leaving our imagination to full it in and it makes the monster(s) all the more terrifying.

    Mask GlitchMask Glitch6 kun oldin
  • I think that over all .. it's the best show ever made

    Roi LevyRoi Levy7 kun oldin
  • Tim Curry never came back because they called him MAD!! INSANE!! WENDELL!!!!

    matsujonenmatsujonen7 kun oldin
  • No one gonna talk about the small similarities that Batman Arkham Knight has with Dreams in Darkness with the fact it was involving Scarecrow and Batman hallucinating Joker specifically and Batman confronts him in Arkham?

    SuperUltimateXLRFireSuperUltimateXLRFire7 kun oldin
  • What music did you use for "It's Never Too Late?"

    Jake BryantJake Bryant7 kun oldin
  • Anyone else think The Grey Ghost could be steampunk?

    Lowell Lucas Jr.Lowell Lucas Jr.7 kun oldin
  • By far the best animated series of all time. Change my mind.

    Syed Z AbbasSyed Z Abbas7 kun oldin
  • It was awesome to reminisce with you!!

    Ana BrionesAna Briones8 kun oldin
  • 46:20 Superman has taken over for Batman before, DRESSED as Batman... Who's to say that was Bruce beneath the cowl at all? 🤔

    Aquarian RisingAquarian Rising8 kun oldin
  • There were so many dope animated shows n the 90s but Batman and X-Men take the titles of best

    Dominique JonesDominique Jones8 kun oldin
  • So good

    Jake SteinerJake Steiner8 kun oldin
  • Anyone else think during that dream sequence in The Forgotten, that's Tim Curry as Joker laughing?

    Mitch FletcherMitch Fletcher9 kun oldin
  • The “enteral youth” episode was one that stuck with me too this day. That twisted people garden was nightmare fuel

    Matt PowellMatt Powell9 kun oldin
  • 15:47 Batman's cat frown.

    Nachos Rule 69Nachos Rule 6910 kun oldin
  • Bat May is awesome, I appreciate it

    Stan HendersonStan Henderson10 kun oldin
  • I love this

    mew10521mew1052111 kun oldin
  • JESUS CHRIST!!!! how can be people saying "Restore the snyderverse"?????

    FavioRiverosFavioRiveros11 kun oldin
  • 6:22 Robin Come On Your Better then That

    Comedy BombComedy Bomb11 kun oldin
  • 2 hours of watching this was actually entertaining

    MUIX5000 _YTMUIX5000 _YT11 kun oldin
    • 👍🆒💯

      MUIX5000 _YTMUIX5000 _YT11 kun oldin
  • The Mad Hatter is actually one of my favorites villains in the Batman Series, being third with Harly being second and Killer Croc being First. Fourth being Bane and Fith being Joker.

    R.J WolfR.J Wolf11 kun oldin
  • Batman is and will always be my favorite 🤘😁🤘

    Tim GroveTim Grove11 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: park row is a reference to the infamous skidrow of LA

    TheJokerTheJoker11 kun oldin
  • I loved this

    Alex GarciaAlex Garcia11 kun oldin
  • isn't the alice from mad as a hatter played by kimmy robertson from twin peaks?

    iconoclast137iconoclast13711 kun oldin
  • welp. i guess this is what i'm doing today

    iconoclast137iconoclast13711 kun oldin
  • I hope movie studios give Mr Freeze another look he'll can be done right.Needs a good script I can picture Hugh Jackman or Forrest Whitaker playing it.

    Marcel ZacharyMarcel Zachary11 kun oldin
  • That was my whole childhood and stills holds up even as adulthood today BATMAN and The BIBLE perfect combination.

    Marcel ZacharyMarcel Zachary11 kun oldin
  • Last Laugh should be retitled April's Fools episode SERIOUSLY it's hilariously wild.

    Marcel ZacharyMarcel Zachary11 kun oldin
  • Batman May coming back this year so excited I enjoy last year it made me better since the lockdown last year.

    Marcel ZacharyMarcel Zachary11 kun oldin
  • I just watched this a day before May to prep for 2021 Bat May.

    Draco MagniusDraco Magnius12 kun oldin
  • 46:49 the ONLY episode I ever saw

    Jordan HunterJordan Hunter12 kun oldin
  • I just notice that the music Walter plays for "See No Evil" is from Mansions of Madness. Nice touch.

    MrMikeMrMike12 kun oldin
  • Please do not mention the awful birds of prey movie.

    Alvaro CarrascoAlvaro Carrasco12 kun oldin
  • Batman studies guns and some of them were a legacy of his grandfather

    Alvaro CarrascoAlvaro Carrasco12 kun oldin
  • All these years later... and i realize the Sewer King and his Gator minions and child slaves are all an allusion to Peter Pan... which might be where the lephrechaun thing came from... sort of feels like a Rewrite at the last minute to minimize Peter Pan references... wasn't there a Peter Pan Cartoon on Fox Kids at the same time?

    CliffRobotnikCliffRobotnik13 kun oldin
  • Man I really hope this comes back

    brianhennen2brianhennen213 kun oldin
  • batman the animated series is the best superhero animated series no one can change my mind

    james brookingjames brooking13 kun oldin
  • Bat-May 2021!!

    Yoav shemeshYoav shemesh13 kun oldin
  • You can read things in dreams tho lol

    dimitrius sergiviusdimitrius sergivius13 kun oldin
  • Same thing goes for me whenever I read a Superman Comic, and hear either Tim Daly's voice, or Christopher Reeve's voice in my head.

    Kal_gKal_g14 kun oldin
  • Looking forward to Bat-May Returns!

    TitanguyTitanguy14 kun oldin
  • You can’t tell me that a majority of his views come from nostalgia critic videos

    Peter Griffin but MexicanPeter Griffin but Mexican14 kun oldin
  • "I must bid you ado" Me: "I wonder if he'll do season 2".

    Lunar WalkerLunar Walker14 kun oldin
  • Watch this again , i think it would had mad a good radio drama in the 30s or 40s

    Jerome ThompsonJerome Thompson14 kun oldin
  • You did a great job on your description of each episode

    Jerome ThompsonJerome Thompson14 kun oldin
  • Love this show and this version of Batman. Everyone involved in making this series are amazing.

    DanteDante14 kun oldin
  • My sisters and I watched a Russian movie called children vs. Wizards. Can you review that?

    Star KnightStar Knight14 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia critic episode idea: amphibia

    Aidan MoralesAidan Morales14 kun oldin
  • Great selection

    Sean MalloySean Malloy14 kun oldin
  • Thank you :)

    Raven6802Raven680215 kun oldin
  • It's because of this series that I now plan to re-watch the animated series every year

    Jack Reacher Reviews and GamingJack Reacher Reviews and Gaming15 kun oldin
  • I've waited such a long time to see 20Bat-May20

    Pao19088Pao1908815 kun oldin
  • Hercules 1997 please

    Nicholas ParellaNicholas Parella15 kun oldin
  • Can you do a nostalgic critic review on Sonic the hedgehog 2020

    Kai WilliamsKai Williams15 kun oldin
  • I've been hoping for another Bat-May since June!

    dpenlowdpenlow15 kun oldin
  • So.. Bat-May 2 Electric Boogaloo?

    ChibiKage GamingChibiKage Gaming15 kun oldin
  • Screw the haters, I think Nostalgia Critic is funny. Where we go one we go all.

    Tom NoodlesTom Noodles15 kun oldin
  • Bat may was the best thing to come out of the first lockdown last year. Love from the uk!🇬🇧

    Toby flenderson ,Toby flenderson ,15 kun oldin
  • 32:25

    Sawyer SalazarSawyer Salazar15 kun oldin
  • Would a Super-May be out of the question?

    R O MR O M15 kun oldin
    • How about Spider May instead

      Marcel ZacharyMarcel Zachary11 kun oldin
  • Mark hamall is the best joker ever.

    ElliotElliot15 kun oldin
  • Watched the whole thing XD

    J JJ J15 kun oldin
  • Scarecrow does something. Nolan: write that down.

    paco ramonpaco ramon15 kun oldin
  • I hate to say but as a kid I never truly watch this show. I just wasn’t interested in superhero cartoons cuz I was at the time into something wacky. But it wasn’t until they played it *EARLY* in the morning (where the sun hasn’t even close to the horizon so maybe around 5) that I first witnessed this show and all it’s glory. I remember that I saw Batman killed a croc (not the one from the early episodes cuz this one was more graphic and upsclose) but my all time favorite was when Clayface split into two with a little girl and even though it was a cartoon, he was charged with murder. Since then I’ve always wanted to watch the whole series that I may just cough up the cash and by the collection and watch it.

    Radical LightingRadical Lighting15 kun oldin
  • 1:01:31 You can't be in Smash if you are too busy fighting Batman.

    paco ramonpaco ramon15 kun oldin
  • The early episodes were more about mob bosses and Gotham and less about supervillains.

    paco ramonpaco ramon15 kun oldin
  • Bat-May on April?

    paco ramonpaco ramon15 kun oldin
  • The Scarecrow design changes in every episode.

    paco ramonpaco ramon15 kun oldin
  • Me seeing the timestamp: "Damn, I don't know if I can sit through 2 hours." 2 hours later: "Damn, that was a fun watch. What time is it?"

    JoE StuffJoE Stuff15 kun oldin
  • The style and dark noir backgrounds and it’s drama changed the way of animation and I love it❤️and BTAS is amazing❤️. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are to me one of the beat Batman and Joker💚.

    Josh WilliamsJosh Williams15 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia critic for dawn of the dead and day of the dead plz

    douk erhdouk erh15 kun oldin
  • Can't wait for the 4hr 2020-21 compilation!

    FreesheepFreesheep15 kun oldin
  • They were obviously going for a Captain Hook character in The Under-dwellers

    Spencer DeanSpencer Dean15 kun oldin
  • My fav episode is heart of ice!

    Parker PshebniskyParker Pshebnisky15 kun oldin
  • will there be a bat-may for 2021 ??

    - MetropolisKid -- MetropolisKid -15 kun oldin
  • I was in a bad car accident and stuck at home when this series debuted and I remember being hooked and it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s when I found out that mark hammil was the voice of the joker

    Lima BravoLima Bravo16 kun oldin
  • I remember looking forward to these all may last year, and my only complaint was wishing that they were a couple minutes longer a piece. It's nice to get them here all at once. Thanks!

    Korrin MichealsonKorrin Michealson16 kun oldin
  • Oh, YES! I've been counting down the days like a crazy person... BAT-May 2021!

    Rob ChukRob Chuk16 kun oldin
  • So anyways, how's your mid life Crisis Doug! Just curious why do you think it is that all of your former employees, friends, co-creators have evolved with their content and gone on to different better things, and you're still here doing what you've been doing for the past decade now? Is it because nobody likes it when you do try to break away from entertaining 14 years olds online with the same old shtick and you're forced to do this to maintain viewers? And well lets face it you all just want us to love you right? You just want validation and attention, so of course you'd keep doing this. Or are you just utterly incompetent and untalented and you've accepted that this is the only thing you can do even remotely well and you've just embraced failure in life like every other useless internet celebrity? Which is it Doug?

    Felix FoxFelix Fox16 kun oldin
  • I'm glad you will be continuing this year.

    SK KahlSK Kahl16 kun oldin