Career Dive: Danny DeVito - Nostalgia Critic

14-Apr, 2021
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He's got a twisted dark side that few people talk about, yet is all over the films he directs. Nostalgia Critic gives his thoughts on one of Hollywood's most underrated dark directors. Let's take a career dive into Danny DeVito.
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Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. (born November 17, 1944) is an American actor, comedian, director, producer, and screenwriter. He gained prominence for his portrayal of the taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in the television series Taxi (1978-1983), which won him a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy Award. He plays Frank Reynolds on the FX and FXX sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2006-present). He is known for his film roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Terms of Endearment (1983), Throw Momma from the Train (1987), Twins (1988), The War of the Roses (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Get Shorty (1995), Matilda (1996), Mars Attacks! (1996), L.A. Confidential (1997), Man on the Moon (1999), Wiener-Dog (2016) and Dumbo (2019). He is also known for his voice roles in such films as Space Jam (1996), Hercules (1997), The Lorax (2012) and The One and Only Ivan (2020).
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  • I don't know how many years on this earth I got left...I'm gonna get real weird with it Support this week's charity -​ Watch more Nostalgia Critic here -​​​​​​​​​​​​ Follow us on Twitch -

    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome28 kun oldin
    • What DeVito's work in Hollywood accomplished is what I consider to be classic American humor and comedy, slapsticky, black and often mean-spirited or satire really going over the top, as well really dark drama. Yes indeed our American film industry in a lot of genres is a lot more PC these days than it was for most of the previous century practically with a little bit for the first ten to fifteen years of this century's movies. The last time I saw Danny was in of course in Tim Burton's remake of Walt Disney's 1941 Dumbo, as the manager Max Medici of a classic American traveling circus, the Medici Brother's circus.

      Mikhail the TenorMikhail the Tenor15 kun oldin
    • Your background music choices went from Erik Satie's Gymnopédies No.1 Piano Sonata to Johann Strauss's The Blue Danube waltz to Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 to Georges Bizet's Carmen's Habanera aria "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle" ("Love Is a Rebellious Bird") to some specific Nocturne written by Frederic Chopin to some Italian folk music I think, yeah I usually know my classical musical stuff very well.

      Mikhail the TenorMikhail the Tenor15 kun oldin
    • You missed him being mini me in Austin powers

      White GoldWhite Gold16 kun oldin
    • the best thing about me hands down is the fact that The Danny DeVito and I share a birthday

      ReishaRabbitReishaRabbit22 kun oldin
    • @Jesse Torres I would love to see a 2017 Power Rangers review. By the way, could you do Tina Fey, Taika Waititi, or David Tennant for this series? Thanks

      Jennie OrlandoJennie Orlando24 kun oldin
  • LOVE Danny DeVito. He always cracks me up, and he's a fantastic actor. I didn't even know he directed some of those films. There are so many that I love, an had no idea he was the director. He did such a damn good job. I can't tell you how many times I watched Matilda. Loved that movie. I have always loved him in every role he has played, and I'm disappointed in myself for not knowing all these movies he directed. I totally even missed the DeVito film int he beginning. SMH P.S. It's always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the, if not the, funniest shows of all time. If u aren't overly sensitive, and don't get upset about twisted humor, I highly recommend it. Another hilarious show with similar type of humor is Arrested Development. Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone who maybe hasn't seen it.

    Tyffanee LavelyTyffanee Lavely3 soat oldin
  • Hey check out a flick called "Drowning Mona" a very enjoyable movie with an awesome cast.

    John PerezJohn Perez4 soat oldin
  • He was in a movie called "Wiseguys" that is underrated.

    goldenagegoldenage2 kun oldin
  • On Death to Smochy, Danny D was fantastic with the extras/BG, with the best Kraft service for all BG talent which included breakfast! One of the wildest craziest films I ever worked on... I liked the movie! Love Twins to! He seemed like a nice man, some directors can be bitchy.

    Mary-Elizabeth GilbertMary-Elizabeth Gilbert3 kun oldin
  • Death to Smoochie is an unrecognized classic

    Thinkin' About PoliticsThinkin' About Politics3 kun oldin
  • Would Adam West be a fit for this series?

    Cole GillespieCole Gillespie3 kun oldin
  • How did I never realize he did Death to Smoochy?! I love that movie

    Akira MakaraAkira Makara4 kun oldin
  • Death to Smoochy? Oh, that's Umami flavor with siracha and eel sauce.

    Keshin4539Keshin45394 kun oldin
  • DeVito was one of the lucky three actors to not play Mario in the Super Mario Bros movie (the other two were Tom Hanks and Dustin Hoffman)

    CaptainCat101CaptainCat1015 kun oldin
  • Jack was WORLDS better then Al as Hoffa. Al looked nothing or sounded like Hoffa whereas Jack did.

    Jack ThomasJack Thomas5 kun oldin
  • Now we need doug to review every episode of It's always sunny in Philadelphia 😎

    Midtoker MariusMidtoker Marius8 kun oldin
  • I still remember being blown away looking at my pulp fiction dvd to devito was one of the producers

    Midtoker MariusMidtoker Marius8 kun oldin
  • If you had a gun pointed to your head would you review UHF? This is a cry for help.

    Rom 11Rom 119 kun oldin
  • I would love to see a Top 11 list of It's Always Sunny episodes lol

    Watermelon is better than RiceWatermelon is better than Rice10 kun oldin
  • 6:44: ANDREW CUOMO? lol

    toptenguy1toptenguy110 kun oldin
  • As the world's biggest "Perfect Strangers" fan, I will say that "Twins" was "Perfect Strangers: The Movie!"

    toptenguy1toptenguy110 kun oldin
  • It's so nice to hear that Doug's stupid criticisms of Matilda (which were all in the book) are no longer his opinion. I'm hoping for a positive review of it one day.

    CoolNerd lllCoolNerd lll11 kun oldin
  • Make next episode about Robin Williams, please

    AndreyAndrey12 kun oldin
  • I didn't even know he was a director.

    SMIFFYSMIFFY12 kun oldin
  • I like that Danny DeVito was a fan of it's always Sunny in Philadelphia and he reached out to them and was like I need to be in this show I want to be part of this!

    Heero YuyHeero Yuy12 kun oldin
  • Career Dive suggestion, Bruce Willis

    Harry AndersonHarry Anderson13 kun oldin
  • *Eyeroll* The people against "cancel culture" who think it should die are the ones that tend to hate shows like Always Sunny. Meanwhile people who think accountability means something love shows like Always funny.

    Derek WheelerDerek Wheeler13 kun oldin
  • I'll see Throw Momma From The Train, The War of the Roses and Hoffa eventually.

    Ty JensenTy Jensen13 kun oldin
  • I love death to smoothie and I can’t explain why

    katherine pfisterkatherine pfister13 kun oldin
  • Sooo...this is "career dive" HOW exactly? This is nothing else than just praising over praising over praising over shilling, all throughout the video.

    KawayolnyoKawayolnyo13 kun oldin
  • He did the impossible..... proved that you don't have to be hot as shit to be at the top.

    PaulPaul13 kun oldin
  • Jack the Bear has always been my favorite Danny DeVito movie

    kilo kalexkilo kalex14 kun oldin
  • I'm glad he didn't tear apart Matilda for one very good reason. Stories like Matilda help teach kids that the reality is that not all adults are right. Kids in abusive and neglectful families are taught that what they go through is right and normal, and movies like this help them realise they're not alone and it does happen to other kids.

    Bridget MaddenBridget Madden14 kun oldin
  • I’m just so glad Doug FINALLY talks about Sunny. It’s my all time greatest show to binge.

    Tony D. SaintTony D. Saint14 kun oldin
  • I hope to see him cover other great actors like Robin Williams and Tim Curry.

    Matt ThorntonMatt Thornton15 kun oldin
  • That was beautiful man

    Bryn PhillipsBryn Phillips16 kun oldin
  • Many people in Russia love Duplex

    Vladislav SamorodovVladislav Samorodov16 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia critic you missed him. Playing mini me on Austin powers

    White GoldWhite Gold16 kun oldin
  • Walker and DeVito is the same person

    Jack The CreatorJack The Creator16 kun oldin
  • he's PERFECT in Always Sunny.

    Slater Records TVSlater Records TV16 kun oldin
  • Великолепно! Люблю этот канал. Люблю это видео!

    Татьяна ДраганТатьяна Драган17 kun oldin
  • Danny DeVito is awesome. Period.

    LesserMagicLesserMagic17 kun oldin
  • Haven't been the biggest fan of the new style of reviews, but I love your video essays!

    Soren MillerSoren Miller17 kun oldin
  • Does anybody have the title of the first piece of music played in this?

    KaneFan57KaneFan5717 kun oldin
  • I love this series

    Alexandria CrayneAlexandria Crayne17 kun oldin
  • I'd LOVE to see one of these dedicated to the life and works of David Lynch!

    AnimeFluxYTAnimeFluxYT18 kun oldin
  • i like duplex, i agree that somehtings off, it doesnt feel cohesive, it lacks heart

    EdunchiVEVOEdunchiVEVO18 kun oldin
  • My personal favourite film of his is: Renaissance Man [1994] It's listed as a comedy on wikipedia, but I don't think that genre fits or does it justice at all. He pays an ex-advertising executive who has to take a job teaching basic literacy at a U.S.Army training Camp and has to treat a group of troubled [and in some cases dumb] recruits. There are comedic moments via "fish out of water" situations, but overall it's a lot more serious than the "comedy film" label implies. it deals with drugdealing, overcoming fear, and the importance of education [he actually connects with them through Shakespear, though i won't spoil how.] I very much recommend that film.

    Akinokaze HaruichibanAkinokaze Haruichiban18 kun oldin
  • 17.00

    Han BarkzHan Barkz18 kun oldin
  • When I was ill with covid, I reconsidered " The War of the Roses" and I liked it more than before! Awesome movie!)

    Андрей МихайличенкоАндрей Михайличенко18 kun oldin
  • I hate the fact that Danny is 76 years old...

    Dario GeorgeDario George18 kun oldin
  • When Danny DeVito passes on, his headstone needs to either be tiny, or enormous.

    cory6266cory626619 kun oldin
  • Do a career dive into Christian Bale. From an innocent child actor to becoming the American Psycho. I also would like to see a dive into Kevin Costner, Drew Barrymore and Al Pacino.

    AEEAAEEA19 kun oldin
  • Danny was a producer on Reno 911 since the start of the show. He still serves as so currently as the show came back last year.

    FoxyPinkGirlFoxyPinkGirl19 kun oldin
  • I didnt realize many of my most favourite films were directed by DeVito

    ValkbgValkbg19 kun oldin
  • It was very interesting to hear the personal stories of the Critic, about how he got acquainted with various films. It is necessary to insert this into reviews more often.

    Connoisseur of SilenceConnoisseur of Silence19 kun oldin
  • in Russia they love the duplex. Like Dostoevsky

    SILVERMax filmsSILVERMax films19 kun oldin
  • He such an iconic actor and director

    Jabbar MuhammadJabbar Muhammad19 kun oldin
  • More career dives!! :) I love these

    ZombiTiger1013ZombiTiger101320 kun oldin
    • More to come!

      Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome20 kun oldin
  • If you look closely, you can see the the critic being held at gunpoint when talking about Matilda

    Brian NavarreteBrian Navarrete20 kun oldin
  • I adore Matilda.

    Rynn21Rynn2120 kun oldin
  • I didn't know how much Danny did

    ShateyShatey20 kun oldin
  • That kid saying he never saw so many white people in one room hit different

    TheElite SlaughterTheElite Slaughter20 kun oldin
  • Beck can rightfully be called the main American of 2002, because it was he who proved that he can just raise the light with you.

    Андрей ГиглавыйАндрей Гиглавый20 kun oldin
  • I rewatched Matilda for the first time in nearly 18 years. I somehow completely forgot she had supernatural powers.

    Daniel JaegerDaniel Jaeger20 kun oldin
  • Aaah, I get it, Career Dive, as in let's dive in to his career, not that his career took a dive.

    DogOfHadesDogOfHades20 kun oldin
  • Death to Smoochy is amazing

    Richie AlanRichie Alan20 kun oldin
  • Now that you’re reviewing more critically acclaimed movies. I personally wouldn’t mind you taking a look a Matilda. Plus it would give you a reason to work with you’re old pal: Mara Wilson! MUUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA! 👿😈

    Jose AlmeidaJose Almeida20 kun oldin
  • One of my favourite actors of all time

    MrAnimeFan4EvaMrAnimeFan4Eva20 kun oldin
  • Kathleen Kennedy wishes she was Danny DeVito.

    Cyrus MorrisCyrus Morris20 kun oldin
  • I think "Other People's Money" should have been mentioned a little more in detail because Devito plays such a loathsome character in the beginning but, as it turns out, he was right in the end. The antagonist of the movie, Gregory Peck, is so traditional and inspirational that many could see him as the hero but his fatal flaw, like many "save our company" movies, is that he's too stubborn to adapt to the times, and Devito's character points this out in the climax. There's a great scene that foreshadows the climactic board vote showdown where Devito and his love interest, Peck's lawyer daughter, are in a Japanese restaurant and Devito speaks Japanese to the waitress, impressing his love interest. He then explains that, in his opinion, the Japanese losing WW2 was the best thing that could have happened to the country because it forced them to rethink everything they did up to that point and find a new approach in dealing with the world. The US, on the other hand, won the war, and believed that because they won they didn't need to change anything about themselves and as a result stagnated in intellectual growth whereas the Japanese thrived. That speech and Devito's "Buggy Whip" speech in the climax really struck a chord with me, and caused me to buy a LOT of books on world history.

    vampman87vampman8720 kun oldin
  • Wait. A. Fucking. Minute. He DIRECTED MATILDA?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?! God I need to rewatch that movie!

    Caitlin MitchellCaitlin Mitchell20 kun oldin
  • I wasn't sure if I actually liked Matilda or not when I was a kid, but looking back, I'm glad I saw it. And I'll gladly watch it again, especially after I have a child of mine own

    Dune InkDune Ink21 kun oldin
  • Renaissance Man has always been a favorite of mine.

    Joseph FranekJoseph Franek21 kun oldin
  • Nice video!

    Captured By MaoCaptured By Mao21 kun oldin
  • Please review Matilda it was my child hod yes I know how insane that movie was but I loved it

    kingfirerubykingfireruby21 kun oldin
  • I think 'It's always sunny' is the best showcase so far for DeVito's talents, it lets him fully indulge his darkness, silliness and acting talent, and he's a perfect complement to the rest of the ensemble. It's also proven that he'll do literally anything for a great comedy moment, thinking particularly of him slithering out of a sofa oiled up and naked.

    Steve GoodsonSteve Goodson21 kun oldin
  • nostalgia critic was born in 1944?

    nemo pounceynemo pouncey21 kun oldin
  • he was funny in throw mama from the train.

    nemo pounceynemo pouncey21 kun oldin
  • The Critic finally understanding and liking Matilda? Now that's some good character development right there. BD

    Jack LobranoJack Lobrano21 kun oldin
  • He's the only reason why I watch Jumanji 2

    Reality CheckReality Check21 kun oldin
  • Can you eat of the roses for the show

    Andrew OrdersAndrew Orders21 kun oldin
  • Okay, so he's in this movie called Screwed. He plays a dimwit mortician named Grover who collects and uses the things he finds in the colons of the corpses he works on. One of those things is a harmonica that he doesn't play very well. Him blowing into a mouth harp he found in someone's bowels is probably the funniest part of the movie, and that's really saying something since it even has Dave Chappelle and Norm Macdonald in it!

    EnergizedCroutonEnergizedCrouton21 kun oldin
  • Wait tou forgotten his beautyfull performance in lorax....

    CreeperAge87CreeperAge8721 kun oldin
  • If you want suggestions for career dive, these might be weird suggestions, but how about owen wilson or pierce Brosnan or steve Carell?

    Driving SchoolDriving School21 kun oldin
  • Next Carrer Dive:Jack Nickolson,Dustin Hoffman,Roy Scheider,rRedord/

    adam1984pladam1984pl21 kun oldin
  • What about Get Short ,Drowning Mona,Big Fish and others.

    adam1984pladam1984pl21 kun oldin
  • Are ratings actually determined by only a few people

    Andrew OrdersAndrew Orders21 kun oldin
  • Andy Kaufman was in Taxi?

    Andrew OrdersAndrew Orders21 kun oldin
    • yes

      adam1984pladam1984pl21 kun oldin
  • My best Danny DeVito moment is, when he sings "One Last hope" from Hercules.

    Marin KalebotaMarin Kalebota21 kun oldin
  • I fucking LOVE Matilda and Death to Smoochy!!!!!!! I'm really sad that I never watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I regret never giving it a watch because that premise sounds awesome and outrageous.

    Nathan SpradlinNathan Spradlin22 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dangerously

    The Laz man AlvarezThe Laz man Alvarez22 kun oldin
  • Quick fact, Death to smoochie had Robin Williams.

    Arkham VA ProductionsArkham VA Productions22 kun oldin
  • I’m fanfiction you guys should do a Civil War but with Thor and hulk

    Comic crusader channelComic crusader channel22 kun oldin
  • Fun Fact Matilda is the only movie here he doesn't look completely short because the camera angles are used to make Matilda seem small.

    CyberVirtualCyberVirtual22 kun oldin
  • What's up with that freeze frame-ish end of each utterance? Are you thinking that looks good?

    The channel without any contentThe channel without any content22 kun oldin
  • Late eighties. I finally work up the guts to ask a girl I was infatuated with to a movie. As a random choice, we go see.... War of the Roses. We're friends to this day, but romance was never gonna be in the cards after that.

    SorenSoren22 kun oldin
  • i really like this .. maybe do a video about Tim Curry

    Piitaaraq VaisanenPiitaaraq Vaisanen22 kun oldin
  • Have you ever considered doing a review for one of my favorite 90s movie The Shadow (1994) with Alec Baldwin? Pure nostalgia!

    burton1325burton132522 kun oldin
  • 8-)

    Анастасия ЛёвинаАнастасия Лёвина23 kun oldin

  • I love Death to Smoochie. "Throw me a beach towel because my head is swimming 😂"

    fangal12fangal1223 kun oldin
  • I mean, of course Matilda was going to be weird and dark. It's Roald Dahl, you kind of have to expect it with his work and adaptations thereof

    supersinger9000supersinger900023 kun oldin
  • How does SCORPION KING MONTH sound. There is alot to work with.

    Alien ApeAlien Ape23 kun oldin