Finding Jesus - Brad Ruins Rob's Day

19-Fev, 2021
58 547 Ko‘rishlar soni

First there was Finding Nemo, but now comes the animated mockbuster Finding Jesus? What does this title even imply, is Jesus a fish? Is he lost? We find out on an all new Brad Ruins Rob's Day!
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    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome14 kun oldin
    • Plez reaction trailer the lady of heaven 2M views 🔥🔥

      samr5 1933_samr5 1933_2 kun oldin
    • I’m just adding a comment so the UZworld algorithm sends this show off to more people, because I really love this series.

      Doctor CthulhuDoctor Cthulhu4 kun oldin
    • Where's the critic at?

      Kane KriegerKane Krieger8 kun oldin
    • i just saw pop quiz hotshot on ralph the movie maker channel man what a POS and youre a critic!!! LOL critic your life choices LOL

      Ninef SargisNinef Sargis13 kun oldin
    • Jesus is sleeping with the fishes?

      Smashing PotsSmashing Pots13 kun oldin
  • thanks, i hate it.

    albert mooneyalbert mooneyKun oldin
  • "have you found jesus?" "i didnt know he was lost."

    albert mooneyalbert mooneyKun oldin
  • The thing that whatever studio that made this in 2020, desperately ripped it off on a film from 2003 about FISH, gives me the idea that the church is critically short on new believers.

    Arttu SArttu S2 kun oldin
  • Shouldn't Mr. Sushi be more like a Leatherface-name in this universe?

    Mike DanerMike Daner3 kun oldin
  • 7:15 Rob is not listening at all lol

    SEan WilsOnSEan WilsOn4 kun oldin
  • I couldn’t be happier that Brad moved to Detroit, so the 2 channels could make this, and other content, together more. You guys all really fit well together.

    Doctor CthulhuDoctor Cthulhu4 kun oldin
  • Muggles? MUGGLES!? Non magic folk? Also its not as bad as troll land

    Phantom GamerPhantom Gamer5 kun oldin
  • LMFAOOOOOO I can't believe that this exists

    caleb howardcaleb howard5 kun oldin
  • "I can't look at it." "It's looking at *you*.

    PKMN Trainer MarkPKMN Trainer Mark5 kun oldin
  • 2:00 - I feel like EVERYONE who worked on this film NEEDED Jesus just doing the CGI for the first scene... holy... fucking SHIT!!!!!

    2Scribble2Scribble6 kun oldin
  • WAS THEIR BUDGET 20 DOLLARS? xD ...also that Ivory Tower poster....I WANT IT ♥

    SukiNoKoeSukiNoKoe6 kun oldin
  • 2:14 beavis an butthead moment.

    nemo pounceynemo pouncey7 kun oldin
  • if nemo found religion.

    nemo pounceynemo pouncey7 kun oldin
  • notice that the comments are 666?

    nemo pounceynemo pouncey7 kun oldin
  • This movie: God created us to be good to one another! Also this movie: OH HERRRO RITTLE FISHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEES

    PurpleWind64PurpleWind648 kun oldin
  • I believe the Lord was involved in making this. That's why it's 'God awful' I will not apologise.

    peter middelkooppeter middelkoop8 kun oldin
  • *"it doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan"* .shark teacher.

    Interesting WikiInteresting Wiki8 kun oldin
  • The eyes!

    Conner FieldsConner Fields8 kun oldin
  • This looks horribly funny

    Prince BloodgravePrince Bloodgrave9 kun oldin
  • This looks like one of those crappy kids shows that was borderline terrifying enough that people still remember it like Jay Jay the Jet Plane or something

    TomboyhnsTomboyhns9 kun oldin
  • *Rob reviewing Finding Jesus* Me: Saberspark beat you to it

    ジョーンズジャヤジョーンズジャヤ9 kun oldin
  • If you want to see more bad movie reviews check out Saberspark's channel.

    ジョーンズジャヤジョーンズジャヤ9 kun oldin
  • Jesus is a fish, They they watch The Hitchickers guide to the galaxy.

    Anthony BarrattAnthony Barratt9 kun oldin
  • please review a beatles film soon! love the netizens of r/beatlescirclejerk

    The TortoiseThe Tortoise9 kun oldin
  • Whales are not fishes

    Bence MolnárBence Molnár10 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Nikola NikolovNikola Nikolov10 kun oldin
    • The legend is the best

      Nikola NikolovNikola Nikolov10 kun oldin
  • Mr Shark is perpetually drunk, which is quite an accomplishment considering he is underwater...

    Swift NimblefootSwift Nimblefoot10 kun oldin
  • This world is just a video game. But they put the camera on the NPCs that ask for the most mundane quests. -“I forgot my hat in the park, please find it.” -“Please find five red flowers for me.”

    Gossiper ZoroarkGossiper Zoroark10 kun oldin
  • So they went out and spread the word of god while learning about god? Are there ..Jehovah FISHnesses

    Crusix AngelCrusix Angel10 kun oldin
  • 7:55 to 8:05 (and not past 8:05) Oh look. It's Hank Hill!

    Brian Jr SperoBrian Jr Spero10 kun oldin
  • As a Christian myself, I can surely say this movie is straight from Hell and Jesus is nowhere near it.

    Quantom XQuantom X10 kun oldin
  • His days are ruined by listening to himself.

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker10 kun oldin
  • When ever the camera shows Joys face I start to laugh.

    Itz_MizMatch 91Itz_MizMatch 9110 kun oldin
  • this movie may just make me a beliver in santa christ

    justin tuffojustin tuffo10 kun oldin
  • All the characters talk like they were given a 20-minute script, told to make a 70-minute "film" and no permission to edit.

    Trent HutsonTrent Hutson10 kun oldin
  • Rob's shark voice is the same as Santa Christ...COINCIDENCE!!?? I THINK NOT!!!

    TomMSTie1138TomMSTie113810 kun oldin
  • I fast forwarded into the sushi and said WHOA

    Rogue T-RexRogue T-Rex10 kun oldin
  • This show is basically what happens when I show my mom cinema snob episodes

    matthew fostermatthew foster10 kun oldin
  • Shark techer sounded like a Bayne from Harley Quinn series.

    Adam RoszakAdam Roszak11 kun oldin
  • Doug: *gets to talk about his favorite dark animated films growing up* Rob: F I N D I N G J E S U S

    VivirVivir11 kun oldin
  • Yes Jesus is awesome But this movie is the exact opposite of awesome

    Tanner HutchingsTanner Hutchings11 kun oldin
  • Mr. Sushi sounds like Jim Cummings doing a stereotypical Japanese accent.

    Frank SFrank S11 kun oldin
  • Oh no... Cruci-fishin...

    Andrew MolenaarAndrew Molenaar11 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia critic I am so sorry for crapping on you because I have found a UZworld or even worse or than you vegan teacher look her up

    Jose MedaJose Meda11 kun oldin
  • I am disturbed by this movie.

    DrozillaDrozilla11 kun oldin
  • I need to find jesus after this

    Grenn ChillGrenn Chill11 kun oldin
  • I'll give it this it is still better than Sharktale.

    funnyblog100funnyblog10011 kun oldin
  • Good Tiberius reference Brad, that was a Dennis Miller level, obscure deep cut.

  • *sees scene of characters talkimg side-by-side* What the hell is this, Video Brinquedo reincarnated?! Also, Rob totally missed an opportunity to reuse the line "Those godless, godless eyes."

    floydian06floydian0611 kun oldin
  • I don’t need the reacts bad cat

    slopezsl91slopezsl9111 kun oldin
  • Trash

    AXmanSer KrickAXmanSer Krick11 kun oldin
  • Anyone else her after finding out Doug is a dick to his fans

    MR. RandomMR. Random11 kun oldin
  • I like Rob walker, but cannot get behind his Kat Dennings hate. She's awesome, especially in WandaVision

    BigGahmBossBigGahmBoss11 kun oldin
  • His face when he saw Mr. Sushi. xD

    JackalopeJackalope11 kun oldin
  • That whale looks less like a whale and more like that fucker from Bubble Bobble that chases you when you take too long on one stage.

    Matt RingMatt Ring11 kun oldin
  • Someone took the concept of the Jesus fish in a weird way with this movie

    paperfox19paperfox1911 kun oldin
  • Willy's wonderland willy's wonderland willy's wonderland willy's wonderland

    predatorpredator11 kun oldin
  • Kat Dennings on _WandaVision_ : "I've moved on from my _Thor_ days. Now, I'm more than just comic relief."

    Indie CinemasterIndie Cinemaster11 kun oldin
  • Jesus and you wonder why you are losing subs 🤷🤦

    Phillip RushPhillip Rush12 kun oldin
  • What is you and Doug thoughts on the 2 other x men series

    nathan mcintyrenathan mcintyre12 kun oldin
  • Okay, Christian vegetables don't make any sense--you'd think if they were going to worship a deity, it would be a Mother Earth figure instead--but Christian fish? Jesus' disciples were fishermen! Fish should be terrified, seeing all their friends disappear: "The last we saw Bubbles, he was screaming for mercy, being dragged up towards the surface in a net by the one they call . . . Peter. Damn that Jesus!"

    Alicia NybladeAlicia Nyblade12 kun oldin
  • This feels like something I would have watched in Sunday school as a kid. Lord I wanna die

    Lauren F.Lauren F.12 kun oldin
  • Could you do a reaction the new Tom and jerry special shorts

    Memorykillz 22Memorykillz 2212 kun oldin
  • WTF with the fishes eyes?

    Hi I'm Alfred HitchcockHi I'm Alfred Hitchcock12 kun oldin
  • Watch Jesus bro

    Anthony BarrattAnthony Barratt12 kun oldin
  • Just when I thought Christian movies couldn't get anymore desperate and dumb, they're doing Christian fish in a mockbuster of Finding Nemo. Fuck me.

    ThanosThanos12 kun oldin
  • I swear I heard the Japanese voice from south park. "Fuck you Dolphin! Fuck you Whale!"

    Justin SilvermanJustin Silverman12 kun oldin
  • Wait...................................... Is Jesus the shark?

    Echo XaneEcho Xane12 kun oldin
  • Can you make next video be about the happy time murderes

    The puppet house ShowThe puppet house Show12 kun oldin
  • They should totally watch Bible Man

    Winter MuteWinter Mute12 kun oldin
  • Mr. Sushi their equivalent of Lazarus? He was fish, died and made into sushi and then Jesus brought him back to life?

    Ryan DowneyRyan Downey12 kun oldin
  • If there's a character called Muggles then does that mean there are fish wizards?

    Ryan DowneyRyan Downey12 kun oldin
  • So what does this mean about the Loaves And Fishes story?

    Ryan DowneyRyan Downey12 kun oldin
  • I think the idea of fish learning religion from a shark, is actually a very clever lesson, in religion. Maybe not the one the makes wanted you to learn however

    Ian ListerIan Lister12 kun oldin
  • It just sounds like everyone is having a stroke

    Robert SmithRobert Smith12 kun oldin
  • The first frame is just.... *hit like button*

    Onyx BlueOnyx Blue12 kun oldin
  • Wait a minute, I thought this would be horrible all around, but it seems like it's actually ironically good!

  • Apparently this actually sold well enough to produce a sequel. IMDb lists a "Finding Jesus 2"...

    dreamlandnightmaredreamlandnightmare13 kun oldin
  • Mr Sushi might be a cannibal. Next up... Christian Gremlins! Where the Gremlins are from Jehovas witness.

    The black goat of the woodsThe black goat of the woods13 kun oldin
  • What does Rob have against Kat Dennings in Wandavision? The disinterest in her line delivery is totally in line with the character.

    dreamlandnightmaredreamlandnightmare13 kun oldin
  • This is some cinema brinquedo level pain

    Adamant ForgeAdamant Forge13 kun oldin
    • You don't know true pain until you've witnessed Dingo Pictures.

      dreamlandnightmaredreamlandnightmare13 kun oldin
  • "You are going to *love* this." means "I am going to absolutely *love* you hating this." It's great)

    Viewtiful1DoubleOkamiHandViewtiful1DoubleOkamiHand13 kun oldin
  • Can I see a movie with Mr. Sushi as the main protagonist?

    yug0w0lfyug0w0lf13 kun oldin
  • why do you sound like Puffin forest?

    Oscar LagerwallOscar Lagerwall13 kun oldin
  • If Jesus was a fish in this, then what did he give the 5000? Was Ichthus Jesus responsible for mass cannibalism?

    Jesus ChavezJesus Chavez13 kun oldin
  • "Why are there Muggles in this?!!" Well, it's Christian... Maybe the Muggles are the atheists?

    Spencer P. EvansSpencer P. Evans13 kun oldin
  • Just looked up the definition of Muggle: "a person who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill." What a horrible name to name a child. Must of taken naming advice from Jabez's Mother.

    JoshuaJoshua13 kun oldin
  • Carpenters probably built wooden boats back in the day

    mitch smithmitch smith13 kun oldin

    M CM C13 kun oldin
  • At the beginning of this video they were not asking the hard-hitting questions: "If there is a fish jesus, can he still walk on water?" and "Does fish jesus manage to end up at a wedding during the film? Uh oh!"

    Derek SteinDerek Stein13 kun oldin
  • Too bad Mr Sushi didn't say Kuni's line from UHF: Stupid! You're so stupid!

    Sm1thWessonAndMeSm1thWessonAndMe13 kun oldin
  • Lol

    jeremy fishcerjeremy fishcer13 kun oldin
  • The teacher is a literal predator!

    matt smithmatt smith13 kun oldin
  • Aww, Jesus shrimp? Christation!

    hobbsendhobbsend13 kun oldin
  • This looks ugly! Bring back the talking vegetables!

    Sketchy GetcheySketchy Getchey13 kun oldin
  • Aren’t shrimp off limits?

    Grant LauzonGrant Lauzon13 kun oldin
  • Man is made in God’s imagine. Are fish made in God’s imagine?

    Grant LauzonGrant Lauzon13 kun oldin
  • I want a Blu Ray of this!!! :D

    Jack RussellJack Russell13 kun oldin
  • I'm sure someone already told you, but Muggle is also old jazz (20s) slang for a joint. Louis Armstrong recorded an instrumental called Muggles in 25 or 26. Not sure how it ties with fun fact

    Audie GriderAudie Grider13 kun oldin