Godzilla vs. Kong - Doug Reviews

31-Mar, 2021
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It's the epic battle every monster fan has been waiting for, but does it pack the punches we want? Doug gives his thoughts.
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Godzilla vs. Kong is a 2021 American monster film directed by Adam Wingard. A sequel to both Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island (2017), it is the fourth film in Legendary's MonsterVerse, the 36th film in the Godzilla franchise, the 12th film in the King Kong franchise, and the fourth Godzilla film to be completely produced by a Hollywood studio. The film stars Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Shun Oguri, Eiza González, Julian Dennison, Kyle Chandler, and Demián Bichir.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • @Xenosaurian If you're not going to be respectful than fine, conversation over, you had no argument we're done here, came to your comment asking an innocent question. I took the time to read and reply to all your points, but if you're going to be an asshole, cool, good day to you sir. Also next time learn how to use periods in your run on sentences, or bare minimum use commas.

      Blaze12ificationBlaze12ification13 kun oldin
    • @Blaze12ification Keep on rambling.

      XenosaurianXenosaurian13 kun oldin
    • @Xenosaurian Really? I asked a question and was just curious, no need to get uptight about it, I just wanted your opinion. I'm not worshipping a fictional character as a God, he's no different than any other God that's ever existed, people fear and worship him in the universe, hence the name, no different from Zues in Greek mythology, Inanna of Mesopotamian myths, Cthulu in the HP Lovecraft's books, or even the bible or the Tora, stories of characters and creatures that are beyond human comprehension that are feared, worshiped, or both. I don't actually believe in a fictional dinosaur created because America nuked Japan, and they were telling the world how dangerous nuclear weaponry can be. Kong has no super powers, he's just a giant monkey, the only time he has was in the original Kong vs Godzilla, only because it was originally King Kong vs Frankenstein's Monster, in which the monster utilizes electricity thus Kong being weak to electricity, but because of the risk of being sued they decided to replace Monster with Godzilla, but the difference in abilities was too great so they even flipped the script on the ability to give Kong a fighting chance. It barely counts, he's never used that ability in any of his movies, and Godzilla both prior and after that movie has survived and taken no damage from electricity, even utilizing it to power himself up, so it doesn't count, he has no other abilities, even super intelligence by being a monkey, Godzilla has shown intelligence equal to that of a human the smartest animals on the planet. I'm not much of a Kong fan I'll admit, but compared to Godzilla, to the 35 movies in which he's had abilities ranging from nuclear breath, to flight, to surviving a meteor big enough to wipe out life on the planet without a scratch, compared to giant monkey that does nothing in the 12 movies he's in, but be giant monkey. The fact that bullets and a helicopter can hurt him compared to missiles not doing anything to Godzilla. He had nothing, so they gave him something that evened the playing field, but he still lost. Yes it was a pretty close fight, but even then without Godzilla's own abilities, and that's it made from another Godzilla's back plate he's still only able to fight by using his enemies abilities. Also not just a lizard, unlike Kong whose just a monkey Godzilla has several things mixed into it, it's a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with the back plates of a Stegosaurus, and the arms of an Iguanadon, originally one of the designs was going to be a giant octopus, even it's name Gojira is a mix of Gorilla and Whale to represent that it's a large beast of the sea but also a powerful beast of the land. Lots of thought went into Godzilla back when it was made in 1954, not just some giant lizard. Meanwhile the original King Kong was created backwards, the creator's vision was he just wanted a giant monkey on top of the tallest tower at the time swatting at planes, and developed the rest of the movie from there. Your point 2, the drugs had worn off long before that battle began. Point 4 he didn't need Godzilla's help Godzilla needed his help, that's why they teamed up, that was the whole point to that fight that I called back in King of Monsters, it wasn't rocket science to figure out they would team up back when that came out, especially if you saw the after credits. Your other numbers it's just you being angry, Godzilla just used everything to his advantage, because he's just as intelligent as Kong, Godzilla has been shown to formulate plans and strategies before, the only advantage Kong had was his speed because Godzilla is a tank. They did a lot to support Kong in this movie against a foe that wasn't an actual enemy and had every advantage, he was fighting as Godzilla's equal despite the disadvantage. It sounds like you wanted a fight between 2 boxers with referees, but that's not what this was, it was a war, as if both these creatures were entire armies fit into 1 creature. In the end neither of them lost because they had to team up, with Kong Godzilla would've lost to Mecha Godzilla, without Godzilla Kong would've lost, and they parted as equals, it's a modern day super hero vs movie that had no real winners. Because it is a Godzilla movie, intended as a trilogy as far back as the 2014 movie, Kong Skull Island was made just so it gave Kong a backstory, despite this Kong is the most and heavily focused monster of the trio that appeared in the movie, showing up in more than 1/2 of it. It's a Godzilla movie with Kong having the most, longest, and most important plot. Also if you're going to argue, it's a fictional world argument is pointless, then why start the argument in the 1st place? Why even bother watching anything from these movies in the 1st place? You're just some angry person because your favorite character lost, oh well, get over it and don't take it out on other people. If it was a waste of money then why did it do so popular? If it was such a waste of your money specifically then why did you? Obviously you're not much of a Godzilla fan, otherwise from the previous movies you would've known what it was capable of. You want a movie where Kong wins despite him having no reason for winning go watch the original from 1962.

      Blaze12ificationBlaze12ification13 kun oldin
    • ​@Blaze12ification First, Godzilla is not God, stop worshipping fictional characters, and both Kong and Godzilla are fictional giant super monsters with super powers and super weapons in a fantasy world, they aren't "just regular monkeys and lizards", and their characters and abilities have to be created, and you cannot reason with fiction. Second, the movie was portrayed as Kong's movie with Kong as protagonist but was really just a Godzilla-movie disguised as a Kong-movie, as revealed by how the movie downplayed Kong hard by (1) portraying him as being under a victim protection program to protect him from Godzilla and presenting him as an inferior easily-killed target and (2) having Kong drugged and chained during his first battle with Godzilla and having him struggle rather than just easily break lose and defend himself and (3) constantly needing the humans help and in the end even Godzilla's help later on and (4) he didn't get to keep his throne for very long because Godzilla had to destroy it as soon as we discovered it and (5) Godzilla beating him badly and being mocked during their Hong Kong fight while having him run away as he's hit by the atomic breath and (6) his axe upgrade didn't make any difference and was pointless and the characters have to tell you "Kong won that round" rather than making it apparent through the events on screen and (7) Godzilla just chases him, and bites and claws him, and dislocates his shoulder, and stomps him down to the point he can't get up and is almost dying and eventually needs his heart restarted and (8) he didn't even get any real victory with Mechagodzilla either to compensate for his previous defeat to Godzilla because they had to make Godzilla save him and team up and (8) in the end it just had Kong dropping the axe while Godzilla just leaves and then nothing else. This is utterly unacceptable and unforgivable and it ruins the entire experience and fails to live up to the hype and doesn't deserve any money.

      XenosaurianXenosaurian13 kun oldin
    • @Xenosaurian Downplayed? How so, most of the movie is focused on him despite being primarily a Godzilla movie, he's nothing more than a giant monkey but they gave him an axe that uses Godzilla's nuclear breath against the God himself. Otherwise he's nothing more than a giant monkey that simps for Marilyn Monroe types, vs a 3 dinosaur fusion that's a walking nuclear bomb that breathes fire. Not to mention that reptiles never stop growing throughout their lives, so them saying Kong was going to get bigger between his movie and this one was not going to give him an advantage.

      Blaze12ificationBlaze12ification13 kun oldin
  • Holy shit. It's Joe Kucan aka Kane from Command & Conquer.

    MrCalhounMrCalhounKun oldin
  • While the two of them fighting was entertaining, I was also pleased to see Kong and Godzilla team up and make up at the end, because the two of them are really good, misunderstood creatures who have been mistreated by man.

    Brian RealeBrian RealeKun oldin
  • Just saw this at a drive in theater last night and I didn’t watch this to prepare myself (nor have I even seen the other movies before it, it was double feature and the one we really wanted to see was the 2nd movie). This movie was a hilarious kind of dumb for my sister and I. We had nothing to go off of and we didn’t know any names and just gave them our own (Neverending Story’s Atreyu for the deaf kid, the mom, the guy, other chick, obvious bad guy, and team conspiracy theorists) a lot of it was unnecessarily high tech. Called a lot of plot points (and a lot of bull💩!) Definitely fun if you don’t take it seriously in the slightest bit I can give them this though, that was real sign language. Subtitles they gave were a little odd word choice every so often, but mostly accurate

    Hayl GauvinHayl Gauvin3 kun oldin
  • I thought the movie was fine. It was just a fun monster bash.

    Stephan VaudiauStephan Vaudiau12 kun oldin
  • Hey if you watched Willy’s wonderland do a review on it

    joe’s cool popsjoe’s cool pops12 kun oldin
  • I'm a relatively casual Godzilla and King Kong fan. I've seen a few movies for each, and I did pick up a lot of info from watching James Rolfe stuff. I did enjoy the movie but the last act was easily the best part.

    DrowmercDrowmerc13 kun oldin
  • This movie was so disappointing and anticlimactic. It will not be forgiven for how it horribly mistreated, disrespected, and downplayed Kong in favor of Godzilla. This was an insult not worth the hype nor money. While yes it had a lot of good content in terms of action, effects, cinematography, and most notably Kong's character and his relationship to Jia and his ancient history. But it had too much wasted potential and made too many mistakes, particularly in regards to King Kong as the true king of the monsters. This should have been the movie where Kong is overcoming the odds and secures a definitive victory and Godzilla is finally receiving a clear loss to Kong, but instead we got another ambiguous "victory" that could be interpreted differently while clearly leaning towards abusing Kong and elevating Godzilla, and right after Godzilla knocks Kong out, Kong doesn't even get his victory with Mechagodzilla because of course Godzilla has to intervene. In fact, it appears Kong needs to be helped by either humans or Godzilla several times in this film, and it gets too much and Kong gets too beaten while Godzilla remains too overpowered with too much plot armor as in previous MonsterVerse media. So unfortunately the positives does not save this film nor the MonsterVerse franchise, and it ultimately is brutally killed and abused at the hands of Godzilla-fanboy Adam Wingard. I mean the movie downplayed Kong so hard by (1) portraying him as being under a victim protection program to protect him from Godzilla and presenting him as an inferior easily-killed target and (2) having Kong drugged and chained during his first battle with Godzilla and having him struggle rather than just easily break lose and defend himself and (3) constantly needing the humans help and in the end even Godzilla's help later on and (4) he didn't get to keep his throne for very long because Godzilla had to destroy it as soon as we discovered it and (5) Godzilla beating him badly and being mocked during their Hong Kong fight while having him run away as he's hit by the atomic breath and (6) his axe upgrade didn't make any difference and was pointless and the characters have to tell you "Kong won that round" rather than making it apparent through the events on screen and (7) Godzilla just chases him, and bites and claws him, and dislocates his shoulder, and stomps him down to the point he can't get up and is almost dying and eventually needs his heart restarted and (8) he didn't even get any real victory with Mechagodzilla either to compensate for his previous defeat to Godzilla because they had to make Godzilla save him and team up and (8) in the end it just had Kong dropping the axe while Godzilla just leaves and then nothing else. This is utterly unacceptable! CURSED be this film!

    XenosaurianXenosaurian13 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed it, and thanks to my speaker set up I did not miss out on that movie theater bass.

    DinidanDinidan14 kun oldin
  • Wowzers! If you enjoyed this movie you're going to LOVE what happens next: While still in the planning stages, the ingenious K&G sequel will take Kong back to his roots and show us the events that transformed the thousand foot monkey into the plucky 30ft. brawler kidnapped from his Skull Island home by an overzealous Carl Denham and put on display as a sideshow attraction in the Big Apple. For the first time, we learn the remarkable matchmaking role Godzilla played in setting Kong up with the beautiful Ann Darrow, and we witness him standing at Kong's side, fulfilling the time-honoured tradition of "best man" during a most spectacular wedding scene. When the crafty Denham captures the now 30ft. "8th Wonder" and makes for America, Godzilla follows in swift pursuit and becomes Kong's protector in a strange and violent new world called "civilization." A life and death showdown looms when Godzilla picks up Kong and his diminutive bride and deposits them on the top of the Empire State Building, as a locked and loaded squadron of America's finest closes in to shoot the happy couple down...

    LP QuagmireLP Quagmire14 kun oldin
  • Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore though...lol. Great job on your video :)

    MrSpiceMrSpice15 kun oldin
  • This film feels like 4 hours long

    Shubham NagpalShubham Nagpal16 kun oldin
  • This movie sucked

    ShutUpCatProductionsShutUpCatProductions19 kun oldin
  • Die hard Godzilla fan here! This one did a great job! Checked so many boxes! Can I complain about some small things? Sure but overall, I am more than pleased! :)

    ThePoster64ThePoster6419 kun oldin
  • I liked it but. Why didnt they add this uzworld.info/player/video/hYytrbhseNbHfqI . Well atleast they added the eat your vegetables part

    A_Garcia Alex henryA_Garcia Alex henry19 kun oldin
  • Godzilla vs Kong satisfied me on all levels as a lifelong Godzilla fan

    Angelo321lunaAngelo321luna20 kun oldin
  • HEY! your in the movie! I cant belive they named a kaiju after you!

    Jannik RupleyJannik Rupley21 kun oldin
  • i cant balive you like a movie about a gigant monke winding a supe weapon to fight a gigant lizard and you dont like it

    jordan terziev2.0jordan terziev2.021 kun oldin
  • You review this movie but you still haven't review Godzilla king of the monsters.

    Dalton SmithDalton Smith23 kun oldin
  • I really liked it as well, I give it a B+

    SJ Super DetectiveSJ Super Detective24 kun oldin
  • One of my favorite nods to the original MechGodzila is MechaGodzilla power moves and shoulder rockets with a nod to OG jetpacks, that was used methodically during the battle I loved the movie 🎥 😍 I will KOTM and G v K 21 again

    Ronny D. B. LopezRonny D. B. Lopez24 kun oldin
  • Ive been away for awhile. Where is the Critic?

    Perktube1Perktube124 kun oldin
  • Not a bad movie....especially if you see it in Imax and the seats shake from the sound quality. xD I would say the audience is supposed to root for Kong so we are shown scenes of him bonding with a child to connect us to his humanity...that is the reason. And it works.

    SukiNoKoeSukiNoKoe25 kun oldin
  • I like the old Godzilla, I like the old King Kong. I like most of the reboots and remakes over the years. I even liked the Bryan Cranston Godzilla film. But Godzilla vs Kong was just boring. Even the action/ fight scenes completely bored me to tears.

    StarscreamliveStarscreamlive26 kun oldin
  • "Godzilla is only about 20% saying again" funny, alot of Godzilla fans say he's a metaphor of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    Lucas DenaultLucas Denault26 kun oldin
  • So, Doug mentioned missing the after-credits sequence. From what I read, the look at Kong back in the Hollow Earth WAS originally planned as a post-credits sequence ... but they decided against making people wait for the real end of the movie.

    Azhrei VepAzhrei Vep27 kun oldin
  • it was good

    ra rora ro27 kun oldin
  • Now i want a MONSTERVERSE MONTH from Nostalgia Critic

    OmniTerrorOmniTerror28 kun oldin
  • King of the Monsters was DULL AS FUCK, This actually had charm and personality.

    Shinndig 129Shinndig 12928 kun oldin
  • I liked the movie in terms of visual effects, animation, voice acting, but it's more of the plot I don't like, it was ok, and the reason I say that is because SPOILER ALERT: both godzilla and king kong work together to stop mecha godzilla because an organization called APEX tried to replace him, and it didn't work in the end, that's basically the whole plot of the movie, but this movie gets 6/10 for the plot, but everything else is a 8/10, I know people will be mad at me, yes, they do fight at certain times, but it's more towards the end that really gets out of the VS fighting action, the movie was great, the plot did ok.

    Mr Meme guyMr Meme guy29 kun oldin
  • I’m on Godzilla side I like him better than Kong

    Tony TaylorTony Taylor29 kun oldin
  • BTW, did you notice that Kong was being given what some may consider to be “A LOT OF FISH?!!!”

    John C. AbbJohn C. AbbOy oldin
  • the fight scenes are a lot like Avatar the last airbender where it shows the action then the reaction.

    Anthony CohanAnthony CohanOy oldin
  • I personally thought the actual fights between Kong and Godzilla was fun, despite the camera movement was what made hard to watch at times vs it dark/rain/smoke. But....spoilers When they teamed up to fight Megagodzilla it was a Now Things Got Interesting Moment. Even if the bad guy that created Megagodzilla was the cliché bad guy to where I knew when he had his commuppets. Which to me was good and bad at the same time. I also liked how it looked like Godzilla and Kong called a truce

    Gianina BadamiGianina BadamiOy oldin
  • I think GVK is in an area between KOTM and 2014; with KOTM being the superior film and 2014 being the less good one. The thing about KOTM is that the human storyline and the kaiju storyline actually parallel each other pretty clearly, while still having really good kaiju action. KOTM is pretty dang close to being the perfect Hollywood-sourced Godzilla film. 2014's human plot was directly at odds with the Kaiju plot, while also being kinda boring without Brian Cranston's character and also taking up way too much screentime. They wanted to slow reveal the giant monsters though, and the film acts as an "introduction" to the idea of kaiju that sets up the groundwork of the Monsterverse. Godzilla vs Kong has great monster action and also the monsters are on-screen frequently. The human plot only gets a little distracting. The problem it has I think is that there are two different, unrelated human sideplots that don't parallel the kaiju plot as cleanly as the human sideplot in KOTM did. So yeah I'd put it at about the halfway point between 2014 and KOTM. Better overall than 2014 (whose sins are forgivable for the role it plays in this franchise), not as good as KOTM (due to a less well-realized human sideplot) Still a very fun film and I recommend it.

    Aircraft Carrier Wo-ClassAircraft Carrier Wo-ClassOy oldin
  • Critic summed it well. As a Godzilla fan it's not that good. It's more of a Kong movie. Prefer the first 2 Godzilla movies, Shin or the old ones. The people, the families or the government story is nothing here. The first 2 movies at least trying. With the exception of the girl and her guardian. The fights are good, good angles indeed, fighting like MMA fighters although we're getting close to power rangers movies... As they did in Pacific Rim2 sadly. My disappointment is the iconic 3rd monster is ugly to me. Prefer it in Ready Player one. And no epic close-ups from it or from Big G or no build-ups just everybody is jumping into the fight. Well comparing how very mediocre the WW movie was cause of Covid I should be happy It's decent...

    Rivera HarperRivera HarperOy oldin
  • I understand, Doug. You’re not a G-fan.

    Drixenol86Drixenol86Oy oldin
  • Can you review the Godzilla vs King Kong from 1962

    Kermit Wilkins coffeeKermit Wilkins coffeeOy oldin
  • And the high tech villain reminds me of Elon Musk. There's the electric flying machines and the hyperloop.

    emancoyemancoyOy oldin
  • Man this plot was so predictable

    dead zone312dead zone312Oy oldin
  • I think it could've been better in two ways: 1, homage the original fight movie by including a scene of Kong getting drunk to explain how they got him on that boat, and 2, when Dr. Russel was arguing with Maddy about Godzilla he should've specified that the reason she should be focusing on being a student or whatever was due to her therapist... cause yeah no way she doesn't have PTSD and survivor's guilt after nearly dying umpteen times culminating in screaming at Ghidora as he prepared to kill her only to then watch her mother die less then an hour later...

    Joseph TorresJoseph TorresOy oldin
  • Godzilla laughing was what made him scary for me. Because I didn't know if it was out of malice or because he was really enjoying the fight.

    Ricardo BalcazarRicardo BalcazarOy oldin
  • mmm monke

    LuraLord 04LuraLord 04Oy oldin
  • I didn't hate it. But there were some things in the first one the I wish they had taken to heart with this one. I honestly liked the cinematography in the Bryan Cranston one better. It felt....I don't know....more natural? A lot of ground level shots and shots that felt like it was 1st person instead of 3rd person. I liked that. The one thing I HATED about all 4 of these movies is improbable, or really impossible plot point. And understand I'm not talking fictional plot points. As we ARE talking about a monster movie after all. This is not real life. No I'm talking People sitting there and just gaping for 1:02 minute instead of running, leads to their chopper getting swatted on takeoff because the engine wasn't running. Or all the choppers circling in close to Kong so he can swat them from the sky and they have to go on foot across the island. Or radiation is too high so someone has to sacrifice themselves to detonate a nuke. DUDE. A nuke is not something that needs to be 12 feet away from someone. The list of this contrived crap is endless, and is the hallmark of lazy as hell writing. Its far worse on some then others. It was in KvG, (No spoilers.) the solution tap water came up with was beyond stupid. I checked out of the movie after that. That is not how that #@(*& works. Its as bad as water is what can defeat the aliens in Signs. Its sloppy writing. I do not mind corny stuff like the Hollow Earth crap. But at least craft a narrative around these ideas that doesn't feel like a 12 year old wrote it. I'm sorry but the older I get the more I want movies to not treat the audience like idiots. I think there is room for a Monster movie / beat em up movie that still give viewers a passible good story that doesn't leave plot holes open that you could sail an aircraft carrier through.

    Kellic AnonymousTigerKellic AnonymousTigerOy oldin
  • Thankfully, there were no Kennies.

  • I can't tell if society as a whole has gotten really dumb, I mean even dumber than it seems to be or everyone is so afraid of being the odd duck out they just parrot talking points and don't form their own opinions. This movie was shit, total and utter shit. Some if not the worst written human characters in a film ever, have seen no one present any valid points otherwise, the only one they ever praise is the little girl, but they can't actually describe why they think she did a good job other than they find her cute or touching she's deaf, and her relationship with kong is so precious because of the previous two things. She's the most stand out character of the humans, but that doesn't take much when you see how poorly written and acted all the other parts are. The story/world building is so paper thin that it can't even follow it's own rules it sets because either the writers have a.d.d. or more likely they know most of the audience has it. Everyone says oh but the fights, the fights are what make it so great, how, they were literally the same as every other cgi fight fest in every other action film just insert what ever 3d model in the fight machine, it literally is no different than a child smashing their action figures together at this point. Which brings me to the other defense people use, the film is just fun or you do not know how to have fun if you don't like it. Which is another lame excuse because I can name plenty of dumb fun films I have watched that were not written like they were wrote by 10 year old's writing for 5 year olds. I mean I literally went into this film expecting dumb fun and got something even dumber than that with zero fun. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much, but when shit like this does well, it lowers the bar some more as everyone realizes they can produce literal garbage and find enough simpletons to throw money at them and beg for more, so why on earth would they even try to make a good film when it is literally a waste of their money and time, art doesn't pay the bills you know. It would be one thing if it were little kids praising this movie, but I'm starting to think there is something in the water when this many adults are frothing at the mouth for this film, that or you are all phony's and liers trying to impress one another for some strange reason aka shallow and afraid to have your own unique thoughts. Or maybe just most of you are studio interns/bots that are paid/programmed to praise it online, who knows. Cheers to the other non zombies out there who watched this film objectively and had the balls or good judgement to call it out for the crap that it is, we seem to be a dying breed. The positive side of it is it makes you appreciate your old favorite films that have stood the test of time, you can make all the shitty movies that you want, the beauty of a well written movie is you can watch it 1000 times and never tire of it, good luck watching some of todays movies more than once and not being outrageously bored after the hype trains die down. That is all films are anymore it feels like, hype trains for simpletons, ah well. Looking forward to how horrible they can keep making films and still find people screaming from the top of their lungs how they love it so much. Honestly, if someone were to pick dog shit off the ground and bite into it and express to you how delicious it was would you pick it up and starting eating it too, most likely not, however if you witnessed 10 people pick up the shit and proclaim the same thing would you try it then, I bet a lot of you would and then even if it still tasted like shit and you realized you had shit in your mouth you would smile and proclaim you loved it too because some how being one with the herd is worth more to you than your own dignity as you suck on that turd smiling trying to fit in.

    Saryrn SorrowSaryrn SorrowOy oldin
  • As far as "#ContinueTheMonsterVerse" is concerned, the only continuination that I know of is an up-and-coming animated Netflix series called "Skull Island".

    Ian LampeIan LampeOy oldin
  • I like both franchises, but don't necessarily closely follow either. But I loved this movie. Definitely satisfied all the emotions

    Kara ElliottKara ElliottOy oldin
  • You should do Old Vs New! King Kong Vs Godzilla 1962, VS Godzilla Vs Kong 2020! That could be fun!

    Levi GiffordLevi GiffordOy oldin
  • Kong made me feel emotionally attached to him with the whole thing of him just wanting to get home and find his passed relatives again. But yes this movie does revel in it's overall impossibility and goofiness and it makes a great balance that you expect from a movie like this. This is a true golden era kaiju movie with american effects and budget I won't say it's the best overall movie of 2021 since we haven't even reached the summer yet, but this movie is definitely one of the best kaiju films of all time.

    Son KibiroSon KibiroOy oldin
  • The only thing I didn't like about the movie is how skinny they made mecha godzilla and that mind link thing

    onefastrax Universe 7's galactic warrioronefastrax Universe 7's galactic warriorOy oldin
  • As a huge Godzilla fan and big King Kong fan I was hugely satisfied by it and thought that it fulfilled the needs of the genre well. I think the characters were meant to be corny, as that falls well in line with the Godzilla Showa era films such as King Kong Vs. Godzilla, Invasion of the Astro-Monster, Son of Godzilla, and the majority of Showa films after that. Great review as usual! 👍❤uzworld.info/player/video/hKu7iamlnreuc54

    Multimedia Mega-FanMultimedia Mega-FanOy oldin
  • kong vs godzilla is what I pictured when I was nostalgia critic vs avgn was

    roxas2435roxas2435Oy oldin
  • The Hong Kong Fight really has that pacific rim vibe on it.

    Effendi ChungEffendi ChungOy oldin
  • I'll try to say this as Spoiler free as possible: The Villain Subplot gave me some serious Aliens vibes, which is a serious compliment from me.

    Mark AdkinsMark AdkinsOy oldin
  • I actually really enjoyed it. The fight sequences were well shot and super creative and went on just long enough to be satisfying. And, even though a lot of the background characters could have but cut out, I never felt annoyed by or stuck with them, which is a credit to the writing and pacing. My biggest nitpick is that people just happen to feel or look at something and know what it means. I get they wanted to keep the movie going, but man. These people just all have the luckiest guesses in history.

    SunnysFilmsSunnysFilmsOy oldin
  • I had a blast watching this movie!!! For me,it was fun.😊

    Dennis BarberDennis BarberOy oldin
  • I knew when the very first thing you see in the movie was Kong waking up and taking a shower that it was going to work

    Halo Nostalgia TheaterHalo Nostalgia TheaterOy oldin
  • Die hard fan. It filled every check list for my dinosaur brain . Kong and Godzilla smash and destroy . The cameo was a great bonus.

    miss mishioumiss mishiouOy oldin
  • Doug, I totally disagree. I am over after credit sequences. This was just a legit action film that you might have seen in the '80s if they had better CGI

    dynomardynomarOy oldin
  • I want to see nostalgia critic reviews on the monsterverse movies

    Kingkonggojirafan 3354Kingkonggojirafan 3354Oy oldin
  • Lol the first Godzilla movie is 100% commentary

    Sam SationalSam SationalOy oldin
  • As a die hard Godzilla fan I feel relieved that this entry has captured the public's imagination and feels more suitable for normies/nonGodzilla fans, which King Of The Monsters sadly wasn't.

    Amethyst CrossingAmethyst CrossingOy oldin
  • 5 hours of unapproved by Toho footage.

    Jg3000Jg3000Oy oldin
  • Daytime fights were awesome.

    Jg3000Jg3000Oy oldin
  • It’s a shame that practical effects, and stop motion is a lost art. Sorry, but I hate watching a bunch of fake video game cutscenes. There’s no real passion to most of what Hollywood puts out anymore. It’s all just about making money, and they know people will go see any of these franchise type movies no matter how stupid they are. I miss real film makers that pushed the boundaries, and challenged theirselves to bring to life something incredible. The days of real car chases, and actual monsters on screen are over. That’s why I appreciate the youtubers like you and James Rolf. You both have used practical effects at times when you can. Actually putting real effort into your videos. James especially with his use of practical effects. His movie was a labor of love with all the work he did building those miniatures, and everything. I wish these film makers that have endless budgets would actually put that kinda effort into what they do. Now a days it’s all just about making money, and they don’t care that they are ripping off the public by doing everything the lazy way. Nor do they put much effort into the writing anymore either. The great days of film being an art form are virtually gone.

    Caleb Tyler ShepherdCaleb Tyler ShepherdOy oldin
  • Wtf is that thumbnail? Do you have to make yourself look unattractive all the time?

    Lil_A_20 2.0Lil_A_20 2.0Oy oldin
  • This is fourth movie?!!! Omg, where was I all that time.

    sucurujusucurujuOy oldin
  • King vs god

    Chhang ChhangChhang ChhangOy oldin
  • Ok now I want to see this

    Dissonant ChaosDissonant ChaosOy oldin
  • i love your content but im tempted to take a shot every time you say "-uh"🤣

    ded mnwlknded mnwlknOy oldin
  • SOS titanus Godzilla

    isaiha reedisaiha reedOy oldin
  • I'm going to place my big criticism after giving some space to avoid SPOILERS. Don't "Read More" if you want to avoid them. ... ... ... ... ... While I enjoyed a majority of the film, I had issues when they reached the Hollow Earth. Without any real explanation, it looked like a greater intelligence had designed it. The slot for the axe, the symbols on the floor, the smooth walls... It's the one part of the movie where a lot of gaping holes appear and are never patched up.

    Rob MRob MOy oldin
  • Is it at least better than Wingard's Blair Witch Mountain 2016? That film was a massive steamy pile of shit.

    Ryan BlancheRyan BlancheOy oldin
  • To be accurate very first Godzilla movie from 1954 did take itself seriously and you were meant to feel pain of those people that suffered from Godzilla's rampage. It was first OG Godzilla Vs. Kong that series started to take itself less seriously.

    Mecha82Mecha82Oy oldin
  • I been watching GODZILLA movies since the 80s and I never cared about the human story and don't care about them in the new GODZILLA MOVIES 🤷‍♂️

    Logan X Dan's toys LLogan X Dan's toys LOy oldin
  • KONG isn't a monkey he's a great Ape like chimps, orangatans, and us🤷‍♂️🙄🤦‍♂️

    Logan X Dan's toys LLogan X Dan's toys LOy oldin
  • I think it sucked. I couldn’t even get past 10 minutes of this “movie”.

    Gabriel De LeonGabriel De LeonOy oldin
  • I love this movie the best in the Monsterverse a Franchise and I have liked all the other movies. Doug can you do Nostalgia Critic episodes on the Monster-Verse movies?

    Cole ReviewsCole ReviewsOy oldin
  • Godzilla won

    SamSamOy oldin
  • I really hate King of the monsters but I really enjoyed Godzilla Vs Kong

    Kyle SchneiderKyle SchneiderOy oldin

    Marcian ThompsonMarcian ThompsonOy oldin
  • This movie DEFINITLEY checked off all the boxes for me as a Godzilla fan. Only small thing I wished we got more of, was the villains. I won't go into spoilers, but one of them should have gotten more screen time...Other than that, I was having my mind blown the entire movie.

    Josh SauerJosh SauerOy oldin
  • Meh, wasn’t expecting citizen Kane, but it also wasn’t really all that entertaining as a silly monster flick.

    bruce waynebruce wayneOy oldin
  • I enjoyed this a lot. Watching a computer game .. “street fighter or mortal kombat “Round one FIGHT” “Round 2 FIGHT” Kong is “K.O”. GODZILLA WINS. Overall 9/10. It would have been 10/10 IF THEY REMOVED STUPID UNWANTED SCREAMS OF GODZILLA and Kong. My ears 👂 nearly popped. Other than that the best Godzilla movie 🍿 watch .. Godzilla still the king.

    MrBig sMrBig sOy oldin
  • 1.2 million subscribers........................72 thousand views.....................ouch

    Patrick derpPatrick derpOy oldin
  • Is it weird that his opinion for this movie is kinda similar to his opinion of batman vs the teenage mutant ninja turtles?

    Just Cooler Then YouJust Cooler Then YouOy oldin
  • It would have been a better movie without the side story with stupid pod caster and fat kid. Molly Bobby Brown would have sufficed to be by herself.

    swifty1969swifty1969Oy oldin
  • *Best movie of 2021*

    Josh NunyaJosh NunyaOy oldin
  • As a fan of Godzilla, I was fulfilled and more. It felt the closes to the old Godzilla movies for me.

    Thomas RatThomas RatOy oldin
  • My only problem was the rest of the cast from generation kill wasn’t in this

    Zachary WellsZachary WellsOy oldin
  • This is in my top 5 (tied for 4th) Godzilla films. 1) King Kong Vs Godzilla 2) Godizilla 54 (Gojia) 3) Godzilla vs Gigan 4) KOTM & GVK 5) Final Wars

    Justin GarrettJustin GarrettOy oldin
  • This movie was so fun! ...When it was focusing on the giant monsters. When it was focusing on the podcaster squad, it was not as good, but the fights kept me interested!

    HerowebcomicsHerowebcomicsOy oldin
  • Doug forgets that it was madison's team who short circuited Mechagodzilla.

    Tim DaughertyTim DaughertyOy oldin
  • Wow you don't AGE do you.youve looked the same for Five YEARS.!!!!

    Jax SullivanJax SullivanOy oldin
  • Definitely a better Godzilla anime than Godzilla Earth.

    Arthur GodwinArthur GodwinOy oldin
  • It's a fun movie. As a previous, hardcore Godzilla fan, I'm really glad I saw it.

    MrGameguyMrGameguyOy oldin
  • Two points: First I thought they did a great job "framing" the big action scenes. I don't know if that's the right word, but the always gave the action scenes some sense of scale or gave you something to focus on instead of just a random blur of color. A lot of action movies fail at this so it's great that you can tell what is actual happening instead of just a bunch of shaky cam. 2: there were two references I noticed, at least that I can remember, In the movie "King Kong escapes" they try to take Kong to the North Pole to mine some rare element. And in the Original King Kong vs Godzilla Kong gets a power boost from electricity.

    Tom SmithTom SmithOy oldin
  • I wouldn’t say Godzilla isn’t commentary. Now for the majority of Godzilla movies I agree, after a while it was hardly any commentary. But the original Godzilla and the concept of the character is almost entirely commentary.

    Brayden WormerBrayden WormerOy oldin
  • These movies when from set in real but fictional world to a near future one set in a cardboard miniature and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    PugNation GamingPugNation GamingOy oldin