Nasty Patty - Dark Toons

31-Dek, 2020
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Disposing of corpses has never been so much fun. Doug looks over the highly requested SpongeBob SquarePants episode 'Nasty Patty!'
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"Nasty Patty" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season three. In this episode, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs create a tainted Krabby Patty.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome2 oy oldin
    • I loved this episode and thought it was funny.

      Holmes HuddleHolmes HuddleOy oldin
    • If you wanted to do other dark Spongebob episodes, I’d recommend Graveyard Shift and Rock Bottom.

      T-NatorT-NatorOy oldin
    • Please please please can you look at the headless cabbie or wheezing ed from Hey Arnold.

      SevenFGamingSevenFGamingOy oldin
    • Here's my suggestions for the next Dark Toons: -The Fresh Vegatable Mystery(1939 Fleischer Studios cartoon) -Tex Avery's 1943 Masterpiece,"Who Killed Who" -Tweety and Sylvester in Birds Anonymous(1957) -The Case of The Stuttering Pig(1937)

      McCraeTheMediaLover1999McCraeTheMediaLover1999Oy oldin
    • Do "Phineas and Ferb get busted"

      Hannah MartinHannah MartinOy oldin
  • good job man

    ty danielsty daniels11 soat oldin
  • Hashslinging slasher next please.

    Cinna-man SpiceCinna-man Spice14 soat oldin
  • Suggestion - Duncan Gets Spooked

    Haruhi Suzumiya The BFDI & Vocaloid FanHaruhi Suzumiya The BFDI & Vocaloid Fan6 kun oldin
  • I had, (and still have) the first three seasons on dvd, and I'd just binge them as a kid over and over. I ADORE spongebob. And I loved this episode! I loved how dark it was! ✌️😎

    Pizza The FoxPizza The Fox7 kun oldin
  • The Krabby Patty from the episode "The Algae's Always Greener". The infamous "Oh My Goodness!" Patty, is probably just as bad or even worse. 🍔🍔🍔

    Daniel ChavezDaniel Chavez8 kun oldin
  • It truly is the darkest episode of Spongebob. The show has had some other dark episodes but this easily takes the top list

    RavenRaven11 kun oldin
  • My only question is: where was Squidward?

    SEELE ONESEELE ONE12 kun oldin
    • Went home early I'd guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Pizza The FoxPizza The Fox7 kun oldin
  • Please do 28 Pranks Later from MLP:FiM. Most of the episode is your typical bright episode, until the last few minutes. The colors get muted, the music takes a sinister tone, and the angles and lights/ shadows really play into it.

    SeyanophisSeyanophis12 kun oldin
  • when i was watching that when i was a kid i was like well that is definintly gonna be a funny episode

    dudlydudly13 kun oldin
  • I loved this episode as a kid, but it genuinely didn't occur to me how dark it was until I was much older. I guess because we knew from the start that the health inspector wasn't actually dead, it didn't read as dark to me back then?

    Luke HowelLuke Howel13 kun oldin
  • this is the darkest episode in my opinion - 'one coarse meal' - the episode where mr Krabs scares Plankton with his fear of whales to the point that Plankton falls into a pranoid and suicidal depression

    AnimeLover9108AnimeLover910813 kun oldin
  • There are some things, not exactly cartoons, but there are some dark themes in it. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Season 1 - The Flying Kipper Season 2 - Percy's Ghostly Trick/Ghost Train Season 3 - Escape Season 5 - Haunted Henry - Stepney Gets Lost - Duncan Gets Spooked - Rusty and The Boulder Season 8 - Halloween

    Thomasfan89Thomasfan8914 kun oldin
  • MLP's Party of One

    TWILIGHT 1984TWILIGHT 198415 kun oldin
  • *Can you talk about the disney cartoon short, Donald's Dilemma, you know the one where Daisy wants to kill herself*

    Sloth InPocketSloth InPocket16 kun oldin
  • Mr. Krabs was in the NAVY so he might’ve killed someone or was around those who did.

    Grant LauzonGrant Lauzon19 kun oldin
  • 5:20, Mr. Krabs was in the Navy. Plus he did drive Plankton to suicidal paranoia by pretending to be Pearl.

    Zack CrossZack Cross21 kun oldin
  • 3:59 *Looking back at this now, I cannot help but wonder how exactly a FLY even exists underwater.*

    wolfguy23wolfguy2321 kun oldin
  • The Hash-Slinging-Slasher episode scared the shit out of me as a child.

    Lovely_TrashLovely_Trash23 kun oldin
  • ☠️🍔

    MrDisneyfan101MrDisneyfan10126 kun oldin
  • Squidward bathes in water even though he’s in the ocean

    The young moviegoerThe young moviegoer27 kun oldin
  • The reason Bikini Bottom had It’s name is because it’s not just a play on words but it’s located in the Bikini Atoll region, the same spot were the Castle Bravo nuclear bomb tests were conducted.

    kamenriderreaperkamenriderreaper27 kun oldin
  • You should watch quarantine krab (very strange coincidence)

    KalidaKalida27 kun oldin
  • Maybe Don Vs. Raph is worth a look. When Donatello and Raphael get into a battel because of opposing points of view and butting heads, things heat up very quickly and the two highly stubbornly get in engaged in an on going battel to see who would be the winner. Written by Jhonen Vasquez.

    Megan ShawMegan Shaw27 kun oldin
  • Now do the Hash Slinging Slasher

    Greg MehlinGreg Mehlin27 kun oldin
  • You need to see night shift episode

    Alexis CabreraAlexis Cabrera29 kun oldin
  • I mean Mr. Krabs was in the navy. There's a good chance he has racked up a body count.

    H240909H240909Oy oldin
  • Maybe you can try powerpuff girls ( I forgot the name) but it's where the girls battle a zombie. I thought it a dark toon because they actually show how the magician died

    animerulz21394animerulz21394Oy oldin
  • Shanghaied is however funny, but still dark in anyway, like the endings. Also the concept of being trapped on a ship being forced to work is kind of dark if you think more about it.

    Moar Mosspato ProductionsMoar Mosspato ProductionsOy oldin
  • This wouldn't be shown in think lol they tried to hide a body and they buried a body alive. 🤣😂

    Jeremy Frate FrateJeremy Frate FrateOy oldin
  • Here is a dark toon to look at: the Gumby episode where he has a nightmare about being eaten alive by a dinosaur.

    Alterego912Alterego912Oy oldin
  • it was creepy as shit just like the 24 hour shift episode but thats why i loved SpongeBob. It terrified me so well! so im Canadian so I always saw the "banned" episodes

    SpencerSpencerOy oldin
  • I always thought this episode was hilarious. And I saw it when I was like 6

    Pirate JakePirate JakeOy oldin
  • I deserve a reward... I watched the nasty patty while eating

    Psyfer Ain't a rapperPsyfer Ain't a rapperOy oldin
  • I'm not going to lie I would quite like to see you review the peanut vendor from 1933

    Mac BugMac BugOy oldin
  • Pls react to Courage The Cowardly Dog The House Of Disconnect And Windmill Wandals These Both Episodes Were Terrifying

    RovonixRovonixOy oldin
  • I saw this episode as a kid and didn't find it disturbing at all. At the time I couldn't even tell if the guy was dead or alive. I was focused more on the humor of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs under the constant pressure of getting in big trouble.

    FlameLFHFlameLFHOy oldin
  • ”You guys” *WHAM* ”TAKE THAT YOU ZOMBIE!” I dunno, The energy and timing of that joke is so good :)

    TnecniwTnecniwOy oldin
  • This and The Hash Slinging Slasher episode are my two favorite SpongeBob episodes. I just love the gloomy atmosphere of both.

    Big KBig KOy oldin
  • The Episode was Very Dark but Very Funny

    Ramon SanchezRamon SanchezOy oldin
  • Easily one of my favourite Episodes. Mr Krabs was in the Navy, so I'm sure he knows how to kill.

    SalusFuturisticsSalusFuturisticsOy oldin
  • I remember when this first premiered. I was in Junior High and it’s one of my favorite episodes. It’s hilarious. And you’re right. I think Mr. Krabs have been in this situation before. 🤣

    ɴɪɴᴀ3491ɴɪɴᴀ3491Oy oldin
  • Hey NC- why no try watching The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy- I really think you’d love it!

    Jennifer FilipsJennifer FilipsOy oldin
  • suggestion- Mr. Meaty- the crispy hand or the tapeworm episode ( almost all of the episodes are dark)

    TheAwkwardStarfishTheAwkwardStarfishOy oldin
  • “He wears curlers to bed!!!!”

    Saverio PanaccioneSaverio PanaccioneOy oldin
  • So we're doing Spongebob now, eh? Review 'Krabby Patty Creature Feature'.

    Nagy ÁkosNagy ÁkosOy oldin
  • The “Club Spongebob” episode where Squidward is like “This is the end” Spongebob: “No it’s not Squidward” and Patrick is nailing in their coffins like, “It’s not?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sameer NarainSameer NarainOy oldin
  • It’s funnier that we know he’s alive, getting hurt throughout and saying lines like “at the risk of being hit again...” is pure cartoon genius

    Sameer NarainSameer NarainOy oldin
  • I watched nasty patty when i was a kid, and i always wondered why Squidward was not in this SpongeBob episode.

    Glaceon the Snow Fox PokémonGlaceon the Snow Fox PokémonOy oldin
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot "Return of the Raggedy Android" scared the shit out of me as a kid.

    CardcaptorKatara1992CardcaptorKatara1992Oy oldin
  • and what about the time Tom died in that Tom and Jerry episode about the musketeers?

    bboyhanvzlabboyhanvzlaOy oldin
  • This episode has some of the most quotable lines. It's a classic.

    CardcaptorKatara1992CardcaptorKatara1992Oy oldin
  • Do the spongebob episode with the half shilling slasher

    jeremiah reynoldsjeremiah reynoldsOy oldin
  • Abracadaver from the Powerpuff Girls! It NEEDS to be talked about!

    Roadkill SarnyRoadkill SarnyOy oldin
  • Hey guys the first episode I made

    Kaz BrambleKaz BrambleOy oldin
  • What’s that one episode of littest pet shop where they think they killed the raccoon and they control the “corpse” by attaching yellow strings to it? Edit: I looked it up it’s called sleeper, you should react to sleepet

    Melly HammonMelly HammonOy oldin
  • Dude you should do the Hash Slinging Slasher Episode OwO It has a Silent era horror reference in it

    willku9000willku9000Oy oldin
  • I'm not sure if this is counts as a dark toon, but could he do Spongebob, the Strangler episode next, Procrastination or Rock Bottom? Those are one of my favorite episodes with sinister tones as well as comedy.

    Elaine Taylor - LewisElaine Taylor - LewisOy oldin
  • Some more really good Spongebob episodes for Dark Toons would be "Are You Happy Now", "Krabby Patty Creature Feature", "One Coarse Meal", and "Plankton Paranoia"

    Zach KrampienZach KrampienOy oldin
  • This was just another fun episode of SpongeBob. . This made me laugh. .

    K LegyynK LegyynOy oldin
  • I have an episode for you Are You Happy Now The episode where squidward is depressed and spongebob tries to cheer him up

    Kevin MitchellKevin MitchellOy oldin
  • The part we mentioned that Mr Krabs may have experienced in killing someone well he was in the Navy and his father was a pirate so...ya checks out

    Zander Berrones 2Zander Berrones 2Oy oldin
  • The close-up of Spongebob in the "WhoBob WhatPants" episode was unnerving to see as an 8 year old.

    Dylan WhiteDylan WhiteOy oldin
    • Oh yeah I remember how intrigued then frightened i was when I saw the promo during that Fairy Oddlympics special

      Anna BernickAnna BernickOy oldin
  • Can you do a dark toons Episode about veggie tales Esther I thought it was pretty dark when I was a kid

    AveryLiz13AveryLiz13Oy oldin
  • The recent Halloween episode of Amphibia called "The Shut-In" is the darkest episode of the show so far, which is saying a lot since the rest of the show already has some pretty dark and spooky episodes.

    Graeme PischkeGraeme PischkeOy oldin

    condutchakcondutchakOy oldin
  • Good episode. The one Spongebob though that I think you should take a look is the one with the squeaky boots. I can't recall what it was called, but it wasn't until later did I realize it was a play of the Tell-Tale Heart. Worth a check

    N LN LOy oldin
  • Scooby doo mystery incorporated was good and surprisingly darker than most other scooby doo shows. Couple suggested episodes, all fear the freak, escape from mystery mansion, and the midnight zone

    Connor BosleyConnor BosleyOy oldin
  • Next dark toon should be Duncan gets spooked

    Haruhi Suzumiya The BFDI & Vocaloid FanHaruhi Suzumiya The BFDI & Vocaloid FanOy oldin
  • I think Tex Avery’s the Cuckoo Clock is a pretty dark and also funny cartoon.

    TH140TH140Oy oldin
  • I hope you do avenged sevenfolds “a little piece of heaven” it is the epitome of, damn that’s good music but what did I just watch

    Mikie WhiteMikie WhiteOy oldin
  • Just found what may be the ultimate dark room: Looney Tunes season 10 episode 13, "The Old Grey Hare." A time travel fantasy that ends with Bugs BURYING ELMER FUDD ALIVE! Beat that, Courage the Cowardly Dog!

    john kirbyjohn kirbyOy oldin
  • Please, please do "ghost bride" from Hey Arnold! It has jealousy, murder, and suicide

    Sylvia SchultzSylvia SchultzOy oldin
  • Do the one where bart write "I hate bart simpson" on everything

    The C BombThe C BombOy oldin
  • It might be a bit much for a Dark Toons episode, but I'd like to see you react to Season 2 of Spider-Man the Animated Series. More specifically; the Man-Spider story arch.

    The WolfThe WolfOy oldin
  • Damn I remember bein so scared watching this

    Emily ThompsonEmily ThompsonOy oldin
  • Can you do Garfields Halloween Adventure? Creeped me out as a kid (and still does).

    MikaelMikaelOy oldin
  • Complaining about raining under water... THERES A WHOLE FRICKIN LAGOON IN BIKINI BOTTOM!!!

    WolferXVWolferXVOy oldin
  • KEY! LIME! PIIIIIIEEEEE!! Should DEF be next

    Kurtis DeakinKurtis DeakinOy oldin
  • Hey kids wanna see a dead body

    Trivator0517Trivator0517Oy oldin
  • For dark toons, I recommend basically the entire show of animals of farthing woods... or at least the death compilation.

    Tangle NoTangle NoOy oldin
    • Britian doesn't care as much about kid sensitivity as America does. XD

      Pundertale FanPundertale FanOy oldin
  • You should review "Graveyard Shift". If there's anything more legendary than the Nasty Patty, it's the Hash-slinging Slasher

    Little DevilLittle DevilOy oldin
    • @Pundertale Fan yeah, it's so weird that he never comes up again

      Little DevilLittle DevilOy oldin
    • That's one of the only episodes I've seen, and I thought it was more funny than actually disturbing. I also wish they'd used that nerdy guy more. He was adorable. XD

      Pundertale FanPundertale FanOy oldin
  • Hey Doug love your show hilarious, For an episode of dark toons how about the episode of Hey Arnold with The Haunted train.

    kidkinganimekidkinganimeOy oldin
  • Suggestion: Graveyard Shift

    KrisKringleKrisKringleOy oldin
  • Just thought of two "Dark Toons" that might be good. I know Doug isn't a huge Pokemon fan, but there's the episode where Haunter literally kills Ash to play with him, and then there's that episode where Ash goes to fight the Psychic gym leader and it's like a horror movie, turning them into toy dolls and such.

    Jerome KlostermanJerome KlostermanOy oldin
  • 1st time view was scary, because I always feel sympathy for all characters, but second was funny all the way.

    HanbillHanbillOy oldin
  • Spongebob, making men gay since whenever.....

    the beans Art & Musicthe beans Art & MusicOy oldin
  • There was an episode of Rugrats that I recall scaring the piss out of me. The Monster Under the Bed episode. Had a kid getting pulled under the bed and everything... Early Rugrats was a trip

    OtaconGamer777OtaconGamer777Oy oldin
  • If you are in the mood for another dark SpongeBob episode. Check out "Graveyard Shift"

    DrazerothDrazerothOy oldin
  • Please do The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular!

    Early Ideas StudioEarly Ideas StudioOy oldin
  • The entirety of the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.

    AlTiUCOFeAlTiUCOFeOy oldin
  • It's to funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥶🤣🥶🤣🤣 it's cold in here in my city.

    Antonio EstradaAntonio EstradaOy oldin
  • Do 'Adventures of Mark Twain' already. Creepiest shit ever.

    INTJerkINTJerkOy oldin
  • I have another SpongeBob episode about someone almost dying in a freezer, but maybe that episode should just be left..... ALLLLLLOOOOOOONNNNNEEEE

    Kyle MorelloKyle MorelloOy oldin
  • It's amazing that your personality hasn't evolved in the slightest in the past 10 years.

    Brody DeLargeBrody DeLargeOy oldin
  • How about the two Animaniacs episodes for Darktoons? "Meatballs or Consequences" where Wakko DIES, and it's up to Yakko and Dot to save him from Death. or "Draculee, Draculaa" where the Warners go up against Count Dracula

    SariSpy56SariSpy56Oy oldin
  • Critic. There an episode of Samurai Jack called "Jack and the Haunted House" you have to do. The animation is incredible! There is a good build up of dread and suspense that is worthy of great horror films and its geared for kids. Im over 30 now on a rewatch of Samurai Jack. I was blown away by how this episode was much better than my nostalgia for it. A must do Doug.

    gravitycat001gravitycat001Oy oldin
  • another one that have a disturbing bit is Squeaky Boots it has a basis off Edgar Allan Poe's story of the Tell-Tale Heart U should definitely do the Spongebob episode I Was a Teenage Gary and Graveyard Shift

    Inilsue238Inilsue238Oy oldin
    • Yes, I always thought it was so crazy and that such a silly goofy episode came from an infamous horror story.

      Cartoon MasterCartoon MasterOy oldin
  • Sexy

    Denise SmithDenise SmithOy oldin
  • Thanks for the video

    Дама с лютней. Уголь, больДама с лютней. Уголь, больOy oldin