Pink Elephants - Dark Toons

18-Fev, 2021
72 125 Ko‘rishlar soni

Dumbo was always a strange movie, and it no doubt has one of the strangest scenes in Disney history. So naturally Doug loves it! Let's take a look at Pink Elephants on Parade on a new episode of Dark Toons.
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"Pink Elephants on Parade" is a song and scene from the 1941 Disney animated feature film Dumbo in which Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse, having accidentally become intoxicated (through drinking water spiked with champagne), see pink elephants sing, dance, and play marching band instruments during an hallucination sequence. The song was written by Oliver Wallace and Ned Washington and sung by Mel Blanc, Thurl Ravenscroft and The Sportsmen. The segment was directed by Norman Ferguson, laid out by Ken O'Connor and animated by Hicks Lokey, Frank Thomas, Karl Van Leuven, and Howard Swift.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome15 kun oldin
    • I'd like to request "How the West was Fun" from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

      beau_ diablo_beau_ diablo_11 soat oldin
    • Ren Needs Help. (Not to be confused with Ren SEEKS Help from Adult Party) Plot: Ren gets mad at stimpy and proceeds to attempt killing himself by crawling into the garbage disposal. Stimpy calls a mental hospital for Ren. Ren goes crazy because they only serve Creamed Corn in the cafeteria which makes him riot. At the end of the episode Ren gets a lobotomy and they dress him up as the president.

      The Unknown ManThe Unknown Man22 soat oldin
    • "Moominvalley episode 6 The tiny guests" This episode with The Groke scared the shit out of everyone I know as kids! I felt sorry for the Groke as a kid. Here is the english episode, but we did saw it in Norwegian.

      Jenny Marie BartvedtJenny Marie Bartvedt3 kun oldin
    • Season 3 Episode 9 of Samurai Jack. Jack and the Haunted House. The atmosphere, imagery, sounds and build up in that episode are terrifying at times. I think it would be a good fit for this series and I would love to hear Doug’s thoughts on it.

      MaverickAJO1MaverickAJO15 kun oldin
    • please do the case of the stuttering pig.

      sonicandmariofan 2005sonicandmariofan 20058 kun oldin
  • Max Fleischer's Color Classic "Little Dutch Mill" Has a sequence where children are tied up and are moments away from having their tongues burned out of their mouths with a red hot fire poker, before being rescued....very dark indeed. It's also one of the best examples of the Fleischer's 3D model technique that I've seen. Highly recommend.

    Spencer BocksSpencer Bocks11 soat oldin
  • I remember as a kid I never was really scared of that scene at. I always enjoyed it.

    Dark 275Dark 27513 soat oldin
  • MAKE DEXTER'S LAB episode FILET OF SOUL please.

    Joshua okoro-sokohJoshua okoro-sokoh18 soat oldin
  • *Can you talk about the disney cartoon short, Donald's Dilemma, you know the one where Daisy wants to kill herself*

    Sloth InPocketSloth InPocket2 kun oldin
  • The Case of the Stuttering Pig should be reviewed, PLEASEEEE!?!?!?!??!

    Bad BookingBad Booking2 kun oldin
  • The Spanish dub makes it even more terrifying because the lyrics talk about how these pink elephants might be satan's relatives

    CoolcookiecrazyguyCoolcookiecrazyguy2 kun oldin
  • Kind of misrepresented the scene. Dumbo doesn't go and get drunk, his water bucket is spiked accidentally by celebrating clowns. Those darn clowns...

    GregGreg2 kun oldin
  • I'd love to know the conversation that went on for this scene.

    ChristineTheHippieChristineTheHippie2 kun oldin
  • I know it's a movie scene, but the part in All Dogs Go to Heaven where Charlie goes to Hell is incredible dark.

    Remember the MagicRemember the Magic3 kun oldin
  • Delirium tremens exaggerated?

    Fernando SVFernando SV3 kun oldin
  • Pink Elephants = an acid trip, you know?... for kids

    Daniel Dawson-SmithDaniel Dawson-Smith3 kun oldin
  • I remember seeing this as a kid and being fascinated rather than freaked out. I can see why so many kids would’ve been scared of it though lol. Can really appreciate all the animation details now though.

    thenintendoviewerthenintendoviewer3 kun oldin
  • "Moominvalley episode 6 The tiny guests" This episode with The Groke scared the shit out of everyone I know when we were kids! But I felt sorry for the Groke as a kid, and kinda still do. Here is the english episode, but we did saw it in Norwegian.

    Jenny Marie BartvedtJenny Marie Bartvedt3 kun oldin
  • Jack and the zombies, a samurai jack episode where Jack fights off an entire horde of dust zombies. May not be scary for you, but it gives off an eerie vibe through the lack of talking, letting the atmosphere do the story telling. If you're familiar with Genndy Tarkovsky animation style, you know he mostly let's the animation do the talking with minimal voice actors. Plus you previously talked about the show for a little, figured this would be a good start for your dark toons

    Cartoon fanCartoon fan4 kun oldin
  • When I watched it as a kid I was scared shitless but today I think it’s an incredible piece of art, mesmerising.

    Rumpy KamonRumpy Kamon5 kun oldin
  • I just wanted to mention I love watching nostalgia critic and have been for probably 6 years or so now but I know I'd really appreciate it if you guys could make a quick, hey this has flashing so photosensitive people may not want to watch announcement at the beginning of ur videos that would be amazing. I forgot there was flashing in this scene so I had to turn away quickly or risk a seizure. Not trying to be a jerk but I just think taking 10 seconds to mention it could really help someone. Thanks for reading and please keep making hilarious awesome content

    ZenerexusZenerexus5 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if it would fit the criteria you’re looking for in this series. But I’ve been rewatching Samurai Jack recently and I believe it’s Episode 9 of Season Three. Jack and the Haunted House, the atmosphere and imagery are terrifying. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

    MaverickAJO1MaverickAJO15 kun oldin
  • Hey nostalgia critic there a dark episode form the 2012 series on nickelodeon teenage mutant ninja turtles episode call ¨ I, monster ¨ episode 13 season one you should check it out its good. Please do it for your next dark toons episode .

    amira camposamira campos5 kun oldin
  • I have something freaky: Mickey & Minnie in Hansel & Gretel. It had this psycho drama effect. The animations are trippy, the music is dramatic scary and the story itself is psycho. Micky and Minnie are playing Hansel and Gretel (brother and sister)

    NinerowNinerow5 kun oldin
  • Should the Double King be on your Dark Toon radar?

    Clay CampbellClay Campbell5 kun oldin
  • I know you're not into Pokemon but there are a couple episodes from the original anime that might be worth looking over. Abra and the Psychic Showdown and The Tower of Terror.

    KatarinaDreamsKatarinaDreams5 kun oldin
  • I'm sure your intentions are good but I think it's pretty clear that both Jarden and Broken Peach are Satanists so your recommending them made me very uncomfortable.

    DiabloSandwich59DiabloSandwich596 kun oldin
  • Just watched your "First Viewing" for "Nutcracker 3D/Nazi Nutcracker" and now I want to see you review the "Nutcracker" episode of "Courage the Cowardly Dog". I Love the dancing devil rats, one with green eyes and one with red.

    Ann VictorAnn Victor6 kun oldin
  • Tom and Jerry-Blue Cat Blues Courage the Cowardly Dog-The Hunchback of Nowhere The Powerpuff Girls-Abracadaver Invader Zim-Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy-Little Rock of Horrors The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack-K'nuckles and His Hilarious Problem Ed, Edd 'n Eddy-Ed, Edd 'n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw The Amazing World of Gumball-The Puppets Ben 10-Last Laugh Rugrats-In the Dreamtime The Fairly Oddparents-That's Life!

    eric bodnarchukeric bodnarchuk6 kun oldin
  • How about Hephalumps and Woozels?

    cinematographystudiocinematographystudio6 kun oldin

    SHADROKSHADROK6 kun oldin
  • As a kid the Pink Elephants did not scare me or disturbed me it was my favourite scene of the movie.

    DragonSkyNidjaDragonSkyNidja6 kun oldin
  • Awesome

    RetroToonsRetroToons7 kun oldin
  • I HÂTE THIS TO THIS DAY!!! i’m 15 🤦‍♀️ let that sink it. freaked me the hell out

    LexLex7 kun oldin
  • reminds me a bit of Winnie the Pooh 'Everything is Honey' in G minor, very trippy

    TeenDream888TeenDream8887 kun oldin
  • It's a Big Lip Aligator Moment! ... sorry ... had to ... Still hoping for Transformers: Dark Awakening episode

    Justin SelgradJustin Selgrad7 kun oldin
  • I read that Disney drew a lot of inspiration for this scene from studying the works of Salvador Dali...makes sense.

    SpiritedHeart94SpiritedHeart947 kun oldin
  • This is one of the greatest animation scenes ever

    andres Lopezandres Lopez7 kun oldin
  • The only portion of the scene that I remember being freaky was the thing made of heads and the dancer-belly-eye thing...otherwise..i. just remember not getting it...

    soshiangel90soshiangel907 kun oldin
  • I recommend taking a look at "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy" from Invader Zim. I think it's a lot darker than "Bestest Friend". It involves Zim murdering a kid very slowly.

    Sauce of PastaSauce of Pasta8 kun oldin
  • It is a pretty pointless animated sequences, but I think we're all glad that the Pink Elephants on Parade sequence exists in this shortest animated feature created under Walt Disney's living direction then, and during in the middle of the Disney Animator's Strike that was going on for five weeks because it was actually Walt Disney's own greedy cartoony capitalist fault, more or less. Dumbo was I heard produced by strike-breakers and Uncle Walt Disney remaining loyalists out of 1500 animators, or mostly ink-and-paint women as well as some of the Nine Old Men like Art Babbit who who was one of the strike leaders.

    Mikhail the TenorMikhail the Tenor8 kun oldin
  • Suggestion: "The Joy" from The Amazing world of Gumball

  • This scene has been referenced in South Park, Tiny Toon Adventures and even Bob’s Burgers I will admit, I enjoyed the Tim Burton version of Dumbo; however I was disappointed that the Pink Elephants song had no lyrics Also, it has bugged me for years that this mind freak of a moment happens mere minutes after “Baby Mine” (a song that actually makes me tear up whenever I hear it, for personal reasons)!

    demon0981demon09818 kun oldin
  • Where's the cartoon for this week?

    ryan jonesryan jones8 kun oldin
  • Nooo you cant talk about a scene in a movie! Haha Darktoons go brr

    The Sesame GuyThe Sesame Guy8 kun oldin
  • Hey, Doug, since you did the Pink Elephants On Parade scene from Dumbo do you think you could cover Pooh's Heffalumps & Woozles dream from the Winnie the Pooh movie from 1977 (I think that's the year it came out) I can't help but compare these two scenes

    CrazyGamerDragon64CrazyGamerDragon648 kun oldin
  • How about that Woody woodpecker cartoon: pantry panic?

    wonderLea91wonderLea918 kun oldin
  • Brave Little Toaster, the junkyard scene

    Shazeem KhanShazeem Khan8 kun oldin
  • Hey Doug you should review “Donald/Daisy Dilemma” short from 1947. Please.? If you want that is, it’s not that very dark but there is a dark scene involving Daisy and I hope you like it.

    fakemelody 50fakemelody 508 kun oldin
  • How about taking a look at How to be a detective with Goofy. Over all it's not that dark, but it has some dark moments, particularly in the opening

    Jon WellsJon Wells9 kun oldin
  • Still waiting for Phineas and Ferb Get Busted

    SillyBoy813SillyBoy8139 kun oldin
  • Why would you even consider cutting it off the movie, I always thought it was the best part. As a kid that was always the part I was eagerly waiting for in Dumbo

    Diego DiazDiego Diaz9 kun oldin
  • Whenever I play Doom 3 the Mancubus reminds me of the elephants

    Juan Carlos MoralesJuan Carlos Morales9 kun oldin
  • This is one of my favorite scenes from the original movie. It's colorful, creative and even surreal. But it didn't really scare me as a kid, except for when the ball becomes an eye, because it's just that one eye and I expect something scary to appear next. But it didn't. And I feel the scene is needed for the transition to the next scene, because how else would it be done? Though it's funny to think that Dumbo got onto the tree not from flying, but from walking around in a drunken state and climbed up the tree. Yet, the flying part makes sense for Dumbo. Also, the one from the Tim Burton movie I don't mind, but it's too weird of a scene for me, even if it fits with the context of the movie.

    Sullivan BardSullivan Bard9 kun oldin
  • I always hated this as a kid; it really freaked me out. xD

    SukiNoKoeSukiNoKoe9 kun oldin
  • OK this is technically another movie scene but the scene from we’re back a dinosaur story where Professor screw eyes is turning the kids into monkeys! Really creepy scene!!!!!

    Haley WhitneyHaley Whitney9 kun oldin
    • Agreed. That blood contract scene always creeped me out as a kid.

      Joshua RiddensdaleJoshua Riddensdale9 kun oldin
  • I feel like this show is more just an excuse for Doug to be an animation nerd...... but I am OK with that as I am an animation nerd myself 😂

    Haley WhitneyHaley Whitney9 kun oldin
  • As a Kid, this scene disturbed me for years. Stil now as growen up man, i get realy unconftable at this scene XD

    FlynnRaiderFlynnRaider10 kun oldin
  • "Heffalumps and woozles" from Winnie the Pooh is kinda Pink elephants on parade for younger kids, very cool sequence too

    Luca La PagliaLuca La Paglia10 kun oldin
  • I hope he does a Nostalgia Critic episode reviewing Pinocchio. I'd love to hear his take on that movie.

    Darryl BakerDarryl Baker10 kun oldin
  • Hey Nostalgia Critic, I have video recommendation for you to review for new upcoming Dark Toons. The video I referring to “Gravity Falls Season 2, Episode 5: Soos and the Real Girl” I hope you get this comment. Please do a review on this episode as it one of Gravity Falls creepiest episodes.

    Timothy PaigeTimothy Paige10 kun oldin
  • Do The Brave Little Toaster movie. That has so many dark moments.

    Kaywynn JonesKaywynn Jones10 kun oldin
  • Even as a little kid, I loved this part of the movie. I never got why it was so scary.

    daydream believerdaydream believer10 kun oldin
  • I took the progression of images as the stages one goes through drunk: 1.) Bubbles/ feeling bubbly at first 2.) Marching/ progressing forward in "condition" 3.) Weirdest section/ way drunk now 4.) Dancing/ passing out, then falling asleep 5.) Crazy ending/ as you slowly come to, the coming hangover, like you were hit by a train.

    Bb RBb R10 kun oldin
  • you need to do the heffleumps and woozels song next

    Lloyd Dragon He they faeLloyd Dragon He they fae10 kun oldin
  • I'm looking forward to heffalumps and woozles. And maybe a couple of episodes of the original Teen Titans cartoon.

    Colleen SchaferColleen Schafer10 kun oldin
  • Oh God! So many childhood traumas from those damn pink elephants! One positive thing I can say about this ultimate nightmare fuel is that I’ve stayed away from any alcoholic beverages my whole life!

    Victor HernandezVictor Hernandez11 kun oldin
  • This scene used to scare the shit out of me as a kid!

    ramadiiiramadiii11 kun oldin
  • 5:37: Am I the only one who thinks that upside-down bed looks extremely phallic?

    Far LongFar Long11 kun oldin
  • Anyone who hasn't seen this sequence set to Tame Impala's "Elephant", you need to look it up on UZworld. Feels like the song was written for that

    Dr. Cactus WDr. Cactus W11 kun oldin
  • Dumbo is a pretty depressing movie, and the Pink Elephants bring in some much needed levity. But that kid must have been drinking absinthe or something.

    Castian DiscipleCastian Disciple11 kun oldin
  • What about the Heffalumps and Woozles sequence from the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh? Not really as dark as this one but maybe still worth talking about?

    Devin PittsDevin Pitts11 kun oldin
  • Did Doug just imply non-binary people have creepy voices?

    Big DukeBig Duke11 kun oldin
  • Now you done with pink elephants on parade I suggest you do hefflumps and woozies sort of the same thing only With Winnie the Pooh

    Amanda and her Stuffed AnimalsAmanda and her Stuffed Animals11 kun oldin
  • Seeing this reminds me of the old Winnie the Pooh Heffalumps and Woozles song from the Blustery Day episode..back when the whole story took place inside a book that the characters could interact with and talk to the narrator. Pooh has a nightmare about the Heffalumps and Woozles coming for his honey and it's a very Pink Elephants style dream.

    ShinKyuubiShinKyuubi11 kun oldin
  • Doug, I’m begging you; “Fear Itself” from the 2000’s Teen Titans show!

    BriannaDoesDancingBriannaDoesDancing11 kun oldin
  • Did you change your mind about movie scenes from animated movies that were dark and twisted? Just wondering.

    Travis De La FuenteTravis De La Fuente11 kun oldin
  • That scene always creepy

    Natalie LucanaNatalie Lucana11 kun oldin
  • I thought the remake of Dumbo in 2019 was decent, I just wish they used Casey Jr. more instead of just the opening

    Andrew ScolariAndrew Scolari11 kun oldin
  • do blue cats blue

    JT cuberJT cuber11 kun oldin
  • All I can think is: what the hell did they spike that champagne with?!

    wyatt roetcisoenderwyatt roetcisoender11 kun oldin
  • Might be pointless but still... one of the most fascinating moments in animation history. First it freaked me out, in time I absolutely loved it.

    Stefan KuhlmannStefan Kuhlmann11 kun oldin
  • I always enjoyed the Pink Elephants section of Disneyland's original Fantasmic show. It was like a classic rock guitar version.

    KiggiewiggieKiggiewiggie11 kun oldin
  • Hmmm, did you forget to mention Walt Disney's friendship with Salvador Dali, or did I just miss where you did? I think Dali's influence is important to note here, and Disney being a fan of his work probably is one reason this sequence ended up in the movie. That part where the dancer's belly turns into an eye is pure Dali!

    Whiplash MaggieWhiplash Maggie11 kun oldin
  • as a small child, I scared by and hated this scene so much I thought my mom was punishing me when she would put Dumbo on the TV and let me watch it while she worked on her blue prints (she was an architect who worked out of home) when really she was just being a good parent who just didn't realize how traumatizing this was to my tiny brain XD

    Gojiro7Gojiro711 kun oldin
  • this always scared me as a kid but now as an adult I can appreciate it

    TheCreepyproTheCreepypro11 kun oldin
  • As a little kid I thought Dumbo had drank soap, not alcohol. I think it was before the pink elephant scene started when he hiccuped he blew bubbles, so soap was the answer. But I also know when watching this scene I just stared at this scene and being like "What just happened"

    Rikkiroo1008Rikkiroo100811 kun oldin
  • I loved this as a kid and I love it now. I think it make sense to have this scene in the movie. It shows that he has a crazy restless night that would lead him to "sleep-fly" and wake up to find himself in a tree. As a kid, I never thought too deeply into the drinking imagery- I think that goes over most kids' heads, which is why I find it harmless for a children's movie. Great review!

    Chani WChani W11 kun oldin
  • I remember this scene scaring me as a kid, not in a way of 'oh no, I'm never watching this again', but more in the sort of not understanding what my eyes were seeing and being freaked out by that. Kind of the same as in Winnie the Pooh movie, the dream about heffalumps and woozles (which I would love for you to cover as well!). Those two have a similar vibe to them, an overall sense of dread and being on uneven ground. Nowadays I love both, the imaginative nature and wonderful animation, just *chefs kiss*

    RuriRuri11 kun oldin
  • Hi. critic! I am your fan from Russia. Could you do a review on Movies "Who is girl" with Madonna ?

    Андрей БубликАндрей Бублик11 kun oldin
  • ill be that guy. I dont care for any of the new disney remakes as all they have done to the best of their ability with the endless technology they have now is create WATERED DOWN GARBAGE . No new ideas or valid reasons for the remake other than lets con the world into watching a crappy version of movies they already saw. That being said, pink elephants, the crows song, and various other SUDDENLY racist and not appropriate for viewers scenes are works of art that in and of themselves and are not problems in anyway except how disturbingly sheltered people viewed them due to their sadly closed minds. Its a great thing Othello, Pulp Fiction, Porkys, heck even the original Wizard of Oz didnt get produced in todays lack of spines world because can you imagine the outrage and screams of Bullshit. Its upsetting that the world has turned into such a depressingly pansy state Im surprised disney can show a talking mouse because it suggests the use of an imagination.

    Clifford GribbleClifford Gribble11 kun oldin
  • Definitely see the influence on Fritz the Catz on display here.

    Daniel GDaniel G12 kun oldin
  • My guess would be that they didn't include any foreshadowing to Dumbo flying because they didn't want to spoil the big reveal. Also I suggest the 1936 Merry Melodies short "Pigs Is Pigs" for its nightmare force-feeding sequence. Technically might not be dark enough for this series, but it is pretty creepy, and besides it's the best (worst?) I could come up with.

    Scooter BondScooter Bond12 kun oldin
  • Can you do a Dark Toons for "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery" (1946)? There's a lot of surreal imagery when Daffy meets the bank robbers.

    James SimsJames Sims12 kun oldin
    • That’s one of my favorite classic Looney Tunes shorts!

      Victor HernandezVictor Hernandez11 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite part of the movie as an artist who does trippy art work that's inspired by music I like how well the music goes with it too I miss how old cartoons did that stuff this need for realism ruins creativity in modern children shows

    Dead GirlsDead Girls12 kun oldin
  • The association with drinking and seeing pink elephants is actually a reference to delerium tremens, not to being stoned--it's not being drunk that makes you hallucinate, but rather what hits you when you try to 'dry out' after a long binge. Popular culture, of course, tends to morph things, and so seeing hallucinations became associated became associated with being drunk. I'm not sure why pink elephants became 'the' hallucination (my understanding is that having bugs on, or even UNDER your skin is much more common), but that was the link that came into being.

    SorenSoren12 kun oldin
  • The donkey scene from Disney’s Pinnochio. That scene always freaked me out as a kid- still does!

    Kelly MacfarlandKelly Macfarland12 kun oldin
  • It scared me as a kid and I love it to this day

    jocking0jocking012 kun oldin
  • I can't really think of creepy moments in kids' cartoon or anime, on the top of my head.

    PoodleinacanPoodleinacan12 kun oldin
  • Imagine doing drugs while working for Disney doing a section of a movie. ... but then again, this can be done without.

    PoodleinacanPoodleinacan12 kun oldin
  • This freaked me out as a kid, but I LOVED it! No matter your age, it's something everyone can appreciate. It's freaky, colorful, creative and just so wonderfully bizzare! They really flexed their animation muscles here!

    LPdedicatedLPdedicated12 kun oldin
  • For some reason when I watch this I keep thinking about the huffelumps and wozzels song very the many adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    HRCriticHRCritic12 kun oldin
  • Loving this series

    BenBen12 kun oldin
  • A cool thing you could cover would be the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Pheasant in "The Animals of Farthing Wood" Or just any major death from that series, but particularly that one.

    Jindo5Jindo512 kun oldin