Ruby Bridges - DisneyCember

29-Dek, 2020
53 998 Ko‘rishlar soni

One wouldn't think the Disney Channel could handle a film about history AND prejudice, but wow was this a damn good movie! Doug takes a look at Ruby Bridges on a new DisneyCember.
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Ruby Bridges is a 1998 television film, written by Toni Ann Johnson, directed by Euzhan Palcy and based on the true story of Ruby Bridges, one of the first black students to attend integrated schools in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome2 oy oldin
    • It’s amazing

      Rob MarxRob Marx15 kun oldin
    • I am ashamed to say not only have I not seen this I also never heard the name Ruby Bridges.

      grkpektisgrkpektis2 oy oldin
    • I think it’s a great movie. Could you please do Tru Confessions next? It’s sort of like The Color Of Friendship except it is about a girl’s relationship with her developmentally disabled brother. It has a similar way of challenging the way people think about prejudice.

      Pal the PorgPal the Porg2 oy oldin
    • I remember watching it as a kid and I thought it was great because of what it was talking about

      nighthawk reviewernighthawk reviewer2 oy oldin
    • Check out the one with Ernest Green starring Morris Chestnut.👌

      Trenton HamiltonTrenton Hamilton2 oy oldin
  • Algorithm comment

    Luna EnserricLuna Enserric8 kun oldin
  • Our government : keep em fighting so they don't notice us stealing. That's the truth.

    Larry HacklemanLarry Hackleman8 kun oldin
  • I watched this movie in school and the history was spot on and when I was little and now this is one of the movies where it teaches us a bit of history and this was real and I miss this movie but this is a really good movie in my opinion 🎟🏆

    Grim SkeletonGrim Skeleton15 kun oldin

    Donna ChisholmDonna Chisholm28 kun oldin
  • Disneycember 2021, you should take a look at The Color of Friendship EDIT: My bad, you already did

    Pixelator the GuyPixelator the GuyOy oldin
  • I'm glad that you can't get morally shamed for THings that happened in your Past.

    SalusFuturisticsSalusFuturisticsOy oldin
  • I love how Disney doesn't make light of her story

    Runaway ChickenRunaway ChickenOy oldin
  • I picked this video randomly. But now I really want to watch this.

    James HensonJames HensonOy oldin
  • I wonder what word he was talking about 🤔

    John GoetzJohn GoetzOy oldin
  • Jesus, people can be braindead sometimes. I think there's always some stubborn idiots who will hate some group of people for no reason whatsoever. I grew up in a very racist, sexist, homophobic family (being gay didn't help things), and here in Russia a horrifying shitton of people are all of the above mentioned stuff. It's just so weird to me how this even happens, like how does one even believe someone is not a "proper human" or whatever? Honestly, shit like this makes me lose any remaining faith in humanity. And this can happen to this day, hate crimes are very much a thing. I remember getting beat up by some dude in the neighbourhood for being Middle-Eastern, and the funny thing is, I'm not even Middle-Eastern a slightest bit. This behaviour honestly doesn't make any sense, and it bothers the hell out of me. And the worst thing is that a lot of modern companies' behaviour leads me to believe they only hire women/black people/gay people for some quota they're trying to fill so that they don't get bullied. This shit and some of the false radical activism just fuels the fire more. Sometimes I just hate the world we live in

    Дмитрий КиселёвДмитрий КиселёвOy oldin
  • Can this get a remake? Or be an episodic film series?

    Esther MillerEsther MillerOy oldin
  • I am ashamed to admit that not only had I never heard of this movie, but I had never even heard of Ruby. (In my defence a bit I live in a totally different country, and the public schools don't even teach our own history, let alone other countries) I truly wish this was something I had seen at school

    AnimeWolf56AnimeWolf56Oy oldin
  • I watched this movie back in high school, didn't actually know it was a Disney movie. Amazing film though.

    Maya ConnerMaya ConnerOy oldin
  • I don't have Disney plus so I don't know if you can find it but if you want a Disney movie on race that is great and will shock you Nightjohn. Disney tackles slavery in a 90's TV movie

    Tony MarshallTony Marshall2 oy oldin
  • Today is the day I learned this was a disney movie.... It was so hard hitting and that milk scene still sends chills down my spine (I only realized what was happening when I was older but even as a kid, I understood her terror and odd acceptance of the reality of her situation).

    soshiangel90soshiangel902 oy oldin
  • This isnt a disney channel movie.

    MahdiRangerMahdiRanger2 oy oldin
  • This is the movie we need to see in 2021

    TheBlueArmageddonTheBlueArmageddon2 oy oldin
  • Years ago she came to my elementary school to give a speech and talk about her life and the movie. I got to be on stage with her. She gave me her book with her autograph.

    Sara BrunsiliusSara Brunsilius2 oy oldin
  • Well, this sounds like a great and deep movie. But I swear, if they bring gender into it, then I’m noping the hell out of it.

    ARC the Cartoon MasterARC the Cartoon Master2 oy oldin
  • See, i never knew this movie existed, or i forgot it did one. And im glad they did it well

    Laura ChristophLaura Christoph2 oy oldin
  • Great review....looking forward to it

    Ahmad AlmaimanAhmad Almaiman2 oy oldin
  • I was showed this in school, didn't think it was a Disney movie, and just like the movie did a well representation of a kid beginning to come to terms with the world around them, you yourself did it justice with this review.

    Antonio GonzalezAntonio Gonzalez2 oy oldin
  • I am ashamed to say not only have I not seen this I also never heard the name Ruby Bridges.

    grkpektisgrkpektis2 oy oldin
  • What's crazy is how schools teach this story like it's ancient history when, in reality, Ruby Bridges is still alive today and schools are still not fully integrated.

    starzzzystarzzzy2 oy oldin
    • And the fact that private schools were made for the purpose of keeping black kids out. Even now it's easy to see who they want in and who they don't.

      TheMightyZTheMightyZ2 oy oldin
  • Thanks for the review. I would NEVER have watched this movie otherwise, but I took your recommendation and loved it!

    Mean Mad MikeMean Mad Mike2 oy oldin
  • I watched this in the third grade and I have never seen it since because I beaver new the name. I was an idiot, let me tell you though. As a kid this was so easy to understand and as an adult it is hold up because now I can see the subtlety. Simply amazing.

    Thunder HunterThunder Hunter2 oy oldin
  • Wow!!!! I'm going to check this movie out as soon as possible!!!!!

    Cameron MartinezCameron Martinez2 oy oldin
  • This was on ABC not the Disney Channel. Probably why it was so good.

    Toy DToy D2 oy oldin
  • I actually saw this in school and didn’t even know that this was by disney

    Mark MulumbaMark Mulumba2 oy oldin
  • I saw this movie years ago when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember the movie fully but it was a great film. I miss a lot of the older Disney films they used to do on tv. Disney has changed so much over the years.

    Cand581Cand5812 oy oldin
  • I try to imagine what it would be like if Doug did a Disneycember video on The Miracle Worker. Now that certainly didn't feel like a Disney movie.

    Looking Deeper Into The MoviesLooking Deeper Into The Movies2 oy oldin
  • This film is one of my childhood favorite.

    NateNate2 oy oldin
  • Great movie

    R. D.E.R. D.E.2 oy oldin
  • We watched this in high school a few times.

    Kae McSpaddenKae McSpadden2 oy oldin
  • See! When its done right! Its done right! No bullshit! No cotton candy! An straight punch!

    TheMegaOnyxTheMegaOnyx2 oy oldin
  • Sincerely clicked expecting the NC's hot take on Ruby Ridge😐

    ThatFatKidVinceThatFatKidVince2 oy oldin
  • I can quite clearly remember seeing this in upper grade school. One pivotal scene that I remember clearly that wasn’t covered here was how Ruby’s parents realize that she feels inferior is because of the white skinned depiction of Jesus in their household. I thought I knew all there was to know about the Civil Rights Movement by that time since I knew how much it inspired works I was into at that age, but that was something that blew me away and how that seriously affects religion. I can’t remember if it was this movie or another that depicted a teenage girl attempting to go to a segregated school but backs out when dealing with the protests. At one point, one of them shouts at her, “Go back to Africa!” And I responded with, “You kidnapped and brought them here, you idiot!”

    KamdanKamdan2 oy oldin
  • Wait, Disney made that movie?! I remember watching it along with my classmates back in first grade. I did not expect this.

    General StaalGeneral Staal2 oy oldin
  • I remembered seeing this as a kid and didn't realize that it was Disney. I guess that they did it right if I didn't know. Also, I really enjoyed it.

    Sarah BannerSarah Banner2 oy oldin
  • When I was in 3rd grade, I watched this movie in class while we were learning about the civil rights era (again) and the whole class all agreed that the movie was amazing. We didn't know that it was a disney channel movie, until the teacher told us and all in unison we shouted *"THATS* *A* *DISNEY* *CHANNEL MOVIE???"*

    LarrytoonsLarrytoons2 oy oldin
  • I remember the first time I watched this movie in 3rd or 4th grade back in 2003 and how much of an impact this movie left on me even back then.

    tsushima 420tsushima 4202 oy oldin
  • I watched this for the first time today and as white British woman in her 20's I really liked it, I found it to be pretty good. I also noticed when you see the n word graffiti it's the day when Ruby goes to school on her own without her parents.

    Georgia BadialiGeorgia Badiali2 oy oldin
  • Another Disney movie that is really good with a similar theme is Perfect Harmony. I really enjoyed it and still enjoy it.

    dodaTiffanydodaTiffany2 oy oldin
  • Hands down my favorite part of this movie is when the father takes down the Jesus picture. There is just so many layers and emotion in it.

    LogicallLogicall2 oy oldin
  • I don't know if you ever do a Nostalgia Critic episode on this movie, but I do wish you didn't first ruling. Because now that would have been an interesting to watch.

    Hyperr KhaoticHyperr Khaotic2 oy oldin
  • It was on Disney's wonderful world of disney.

    Tecpaocelotl CastilloTecpaocelotl Castillo2 oy oldin
  • What? A Disney Channel movie that looks worth watching for adults?

    Matt WolfMatt Wolf2 oy oldin
  • I used to watch this movie growing up in elementary school every year. It was an integral part of my childhood and I had NO IDEA it was a Disney movie. It makes me want to rewatch it so bad!

    Epodmusic17Epodmusic172 oy oldin
  • I saw this movie in school, I had no idea it was a made for Disney Channel movie.

    Quarter CoyoteQuarter Coyote2 oy oldin
  • Do song of the south next.

    clericofchaos1clericofchaos12 oy oldin
    • @Matt Wolf too bad, he's running out of material.

      clericofchaos1clericofchaos12 oy oldin
    • He did several Disneycembers ago.

      Matt WolfMatt Wolf2 oy oldin
  • I previewed this with my mom last year...she was teaching 5th graders a book on Ruby Bridges and wanted to show it in class. I thought it felt like a made for TV movie, but a GOOD one. Kinda like other Wonderful World of Disney 90s musicals (Brandi in Cinderella, the Annie version). If I remember right, they consulted with Ruby herself for the movie to get it right. I think the thing that stuck with me wasn’t how the white people acted (I expected that) but how the other black characters and the Jewish shopkeepers reacted. For me, it was a perspective I rarely considered; the not exactly complicit but silent other minorities who feared for their families if they rocked the boat, wondering if it was worth the fight. I thought it was very well done and was a great tool from Mom to use in a rural majority-white Christian school to introduce the tipic

    spazzyshortgirl23spazzyshortgirl232 oy oldin
  • I grew up watching this movie on VHS as a young kid and that's how I first learned about Ruby Bridges, segregation, and racism at an early age. I haven't seen it in a while but it's such a good film.

    Zuri Nkosi TerrellZuri Nkosi Terrell2 oy oldin
  • I watched this in elementary school, and still remember some scenes perfectly. I also didn’t know this was a Disney Channel movie until I watched this review, gotta say I’m both shocked and impressed

    Nicki O'LearyNicki O'Leary2 oy oldin
  • I remember watching this in school along with The Color of Friendship :)

    CharlieWolfeCharlieWolfe2 oy oldin
  • I couldn't even make it two minutes into this film. The acting and cinematography are atrocious.

    DiabloSandwich59DiabloSandwich592 oy oldin
  • I saw this when I was kid. I didn't even think it was a disney movie

    Dragon LordDragon Lord2 oy oldin
  • I actually watched this as a kid in school and mentioned we watched it when my grandma picked me up. She is 80 as of this year and I remember her telling me that she was a teenager /young woman at the time. Hell probably not that much older than Rubys own mother and remembered everything happening and people talking about it but she basically told me that at the time she didn't really grasp or understand a lot of it happening until a few years later. Our family at the time was poor and things like newspapers and radio were kind of a luxury for a while and they spent most of their time with farm work but when I mentioned the movie to her and my great uncle (who was also a teen at the time) it lead to a really awesome conversation since she lived through this era of history that today kinda doesn't feel real. Which as a 12 year old watching the film for the first time kinda grounded it more in reality for me knowing that whenever I had to write a paper or something about what I thought I could basically be like “we learned about this in history, hey granny do you remember anything about this or what it was like from your side of things.” Point being. 🙂 talk about history with your family and actually listen may not always like what they say but you definitely gain am appreciation ya didn't have before

    Okui Aohara / Silver SkyOkui Aohara / Silver Sky2 oy oldin
  • Actually this was an ABC Wonderful World of Disney original, not Disney Channel. I doubt they ever even showed it on DC cuz we all know what their standard fare is like. But I remember watching the premiere of this movie when I was seven and we didn’t have Disney Channel on our cable back then. I’m forever grateful that I saw I film of this magnitude during my formative years, because I just get sad thinking of what kids are watching during their formative years now. Most of the good kid shows of the 2010s have been finished for awhile now and it feels like we’re in a terrible dry spell. And nowadays when Disney does anything that has to do with racial or sexual diversity, they’re just doing it for brownie points, not because they actually care.

    loveandwar007loveandwar0072 oy oldin
  • What gets me the most is seeing law enforcement basically having to escort the girl to the school everytime. To this day it seems like black children are still in need of that kind of protection. Though for a very different reason obviously.

    Bioweapon NBioweapon N2 oy oldin
  • It should be called KAREN: THE MOVIE. Disney was bold making the white women the main antagonists in this film.

    Miss NdabaMiss Ndaba2 oy oldin
  • I remember seeing this in the 6th grade, and there's one point where her teacher was reviewing her test results and commenting how well she did, and the vice-princable saying it can't be taken into account because Ruby had so much one-on-one help with the teacher and I found myself blurting out, "well you're the one who made it that way!" and nearly the whole class looked at me, some laughing at me over it

    ddthewolfddthewolf2 oy oldin
  • I’ll definitely have to check this one out.

    Mike and Lynn CallahanMike and Lynn Callahan2 oy oldin
  • That word is being said millions times a day by the same people who forbid it.

    The Shadow ManThe Shadow Man2 oy oldin
  • Yay, Doug's reviewing that movie I always wanted him to review, Bridges. Oh

    Will KWill K2 oy oldin
  • One of the scenes that has stuck with me is when the father talks about taking the picture of Jesus down from the wall because he didn't want his daughter thinking that she wasn't as close to God for being Black. I may or may not be remembering that correctly but it sticks out to me

    Wild MenWild Men2 oy oldin
    • @Wild Men Hey! Can’t speak for all blacks people cause everyone’s different, but I’ll stay in context of the film. America in the 1960s, and even today, have always lived under this fact that Jesus has been white. With him being our savior for humanity, it makes us think that anything in relation to Jesus is divine. Over the years, it was popular to associate white Jesus as pure and holy and anything opposite this is devilish. This unconsciously sets many stereotypes against anything that’s not like him as not of the pure civilized culture. There has been push back since we are rediscovering ourselves and going against this harmful yet popular opinion. Many read scripture very literally, just use historical evidence, or others simply make their own version just as their white neighbors. The issue is that racist culture has fed into Christianity as well, making black people seen as less than humans and thus feeding into more stereotypes. It was good Dad took that off the wall for the family. The one thing he didn’t want was his daughter to think about black and white when it comes to serving Christ. He wanted his daughter to see herself as human and doesn’t need to be more like the others. If you want to test I suggest asking questions about the physical character of Jesus, maybe make people draw what they think the ultimate savior of humanity looks like. Will warn you, people are smarter now that this debate has been questioned for decades now. There is a lot more I can say, but I Hope this helps.

      Moody ReviewsMoody Reviews2 oy oldin
    • @Moody Reviews I'm not Black so I can't really attest to that experience. Is that a common sentiment? I've been led to believe that wasn't they didn't feel that way at all (I certainly couldn't imagine why that kind of belief would take purchase in an organic way)

      Wild MenWild Men2 oy oldin
    • Looking back on it now I’m shocked they showed this scene. It’s an unfortunately common idea in the black community but never explored . It’s so sad 😞

      Moody ReviewsMoody Reviews2 oy oldin
  • Thanks. This is a depressingly unknown episode in American history. I'd be absolutely floored if 1 out of 10 Americans have any actual awareness of the events depicted in this film.

    Gan KhefGan Khef2 oy oldin
  • I haven’t seen this flick since the 4th grade and I’m shocked to hear that it’s a Disney Channel Film and that it’s this good.

    PP2 oy oldin
  • Damn i gotta see this movie

    Sly FoxSly Fox2 oy oldin
  • not even American but we got shown this in RSE religious and social education. had no idea it was a Disney movie.

    PixelNymphPixelNymph2 oy oldin
  • I'm burned out on all The Anti Racism Movies that are from the perspective of White Supremacy. Yes White Supremacy was a horrible point in America's History and we should never forget about it or sweep it under the rug. But now we're repeating history only in the reverse. Now Blacks and Latinos with the support of The Media, Social Media, Corporations and The Government are demanding to bring back Segregation and punish White people just for being White. I haven't seen Ruby Bridges yet, but I did see The Green Book. Which I really enjoyed, because it wasn't preachy But I think that it wasit done with an INSIDEOUS purpose behind it. And I say that because after I saw The Green Boom with my twin brotherand my aunt on the reccomendation from our parents. We immediately talked about how bad Racism specifically White Supremacy was and how bad it still is today. Because according to The Media and Government only White people can be Racist. Blacks, Latinos, and other Non Whites can't possibly be racist The Green Book was my breaking point when it came to watching a genre that capitalises on making White people feel bad for the sins of America's past and I'm sick of it. The Green Book wasn't preachy because of it was people wouldn't go home and talk about how awful White People are And that's the point these movies capitalise on our guilt. Well I'm done feeling sorry for crimes I've never committed. While coming up with lame excuses for why BLM can burn down and pilliage entire neighborhoods and beat innocent people including children and ghe elderly to death simply because their White and it's not just White people BLM targets Black people who are Conservatives and you know what I'm sick of it I'm tired of being told that I'm bad just because I'm White and that I should be held accountable for everything that The Nazi's and The KKK did decades ago

    Thing 1 & Thing 2 The Media ManiacsThing 1 & Thing 2 The Media Maniacs2 oy oldin
  • a movie about event that inspired of people no matter what their background was to come together to help this child without being preachy...That's seems to be what happened in this situation with both blacks and whites come together over time to overcome the social norms they grew up with and help this child Nowadays, too many people are just plain stupid, they whine about privileges' or are pushing to be separate again. chasing every red herring they can and won't even take a good look at themselves to ask if they are helping or making us heading backwards. we still got too many groups who still have their heads stuck in the sand, not wanting to move on past the 60's who just really need to get a life.

    Mr. SMr. S2 oy oldin
  • I have never heard of this movie, but it sounds reqlly damn good. It _almost_ makes me wanna get a Disney plus subscription.

    MorgilMorgil2 oy oldin
  • The movie Ruby Bridges is a great look back at one of the most intense times in the history of American society (much like the movie Mississippi Burning). Unfortunately, it appears as though Disney needs to re-watch this particular movie to re-learn how to present a story regarding racial, cultural, and/or societal differences WITHOUT having to fall back on cliche' "Woke" idioms and ideologies!

    L337M4573RKL337M4573RK2 oy oldin
  • You should do Poly (1989).

    Mark BooreMark Boore2 oy oldin
  • I watched this movie in my middle school social studies class.

    Joseph MaglioccaJoseph Magliocca2 oy oldin
  • I had no idea this was Disney. I remember watching this in school. The scene where the parents were told that Ruby only ate sealed foods due to fear of being poisoned hit me so hard.

    Hayley MoyerHayley Moyer2 oy oldin
  • Oh shit! I haven't seen this since elementary school.

    busterbuster2 oy oldin
  • It’s weird as a kid I learn about the civil war and the treatment of black slaves and my school... yeah very white. And I would watch shows like hey Arnold, rugrats. And my brother idolize Michael Jordan and then akward me wanting a black baby doll of what ever baby doll was the hottest toy. But I did wonder why my school never had any POC kids attending? Was it because the cilvil war lessons too offensive?. I’ll never understand why I went all through elementary, middle and high school with no people of color. And I wonder if I did would I turn into a racist? Or be more understanding. Oh well

    The-Nina-BeansThe-Nina-Beans2 oy oldin
  • Do "SOUL" NEXT!

    Giovanni IamunnoGiovanni Iamunno2 oy oldin
  • I saw this movie in high school and I do agree about the music, even though I don't remember most of it there is one particular scene in the movie that stuck out to me and I remember to this day. In the scene, Ruby is playing with her doll in the kitchen and suddenly she ties this kitchen towel or something around the doll's neck and lets it swing, mimicking an effigy she saw one of the protestors waving around on her way to school. Her mother sees this and screams in shock, this being what convinces her to take the child therapist up on his offer to counsel Ruby. It's a very jarring scene that shows Ruby's mental state is clearly not what it seems in spite of her being all smiles and laughter on the surface. Only problem is the music cue that plays during that scene sounds more like the kind one might hear if character had just dropped a vase or spill a drink all over someone, it felt very inappropriate.

    Atari DadAtari Dad2 oy oldin
  • It's so sad that some group's of people nowadays want to bring back a kind of race' separation on a large scale but on the reverse. This stories should be a lesson that end up unifying us... being racist towards white people is not going to erase a horrible past. We have to learn from it and move forward together.

    Heron ColbyHeron Colby2 oy oldin
  • I actually watched this earlier this year and I was really surprised by how much they tried. My brother and I loved it

    Pablo and the BucketeersPablo and the Bucketeers2 oy oldin
  • Noticed a bit of a continuity error, that _Cat in the Hat_ book at 5:25 looks _way_ too recent, something clearly published in 1998 and not 1960. Just look at how glossy that cover is. Not even my copy of _Cat in the Hat_ that I had growing up looked that nice!

    Atari DadAtari Dad2 oy oldin
  • I hope next year, Doug reviews Star Wars: The Clone Wars, since the series finished in May.

    TMX1138TMX11382 oy oldin
  • Just watched this movie based on Doug’s recommendation, and I’m so glad I did. This movie was amazingly done. Disney didn’t pull their punches at all on the racism stuff. At one point I actually gasped and said “I can’t believe this is in a Disney movie” (at the doll scene). I especially love that Ruby’s family maintained their faith and used that to get through their struggles. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie.

    Harmony RoseHarmony Rose2 oy oldin
  • I remember seeing this for the first time when I was 8 years old, and I just balled my eyes out it was so good.

    Luis UmanaLuis Umana2 oy oldin
  • I remember seeing this film way back in 3rd or 4th grade. I had no idea it was Disney movie until now.

    GI JackGI Jack2 oy oldin
  • Had no idea this was a Disney movie, let alone a Disney Channel movie. I’ve seen this movie in school a few times over the years, I need to revisit it because I don’t remember the last time I watched it

    J. WillJ. Will2 oy oldin
  • As I've been doing for years now on Doug's DisneyCember videos, I'll be posting a ranking of the order that I believe Doug likes all the movies/shows he reviews. Why? Because I feel like it. And, remember, it's just my opinion on how I THINK Doug feels from what he's saying in the review! RANKINGS: 1. Ruby Bridges 2. Mr. Boogedy 3. Hamilton 4. Phineas & Ferb 5. Lilo & Stich: The Series 6. That Darn Cat 7. The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse 8. Tron: Uprising 9. Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil 10. Captain EO 11. Onward 12. Mickey's Christmas Carol 13. The Adventures Of Huck Finn 14. The Incredible Journey 15. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 16. The Muppets 17. Candace Against The Universe 18. Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader 19. Spies In Disguise 20. Zombies 21. Johnny Tsunami 22. My Favorite Martian 23. Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker 24. Bedtime Stories 25. The Call Of The Wild 26. The New Mutants 27. Dark Phoenix 28. Mulan (2020) 29. Artemis Fowl 30. Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals

    Tailslover13Tailslover132 oy oldin
  • I didn't realize this was a Disney Channel movie. I remember seeing it on TV, and it was so good I assumed it must have been a theatrical release.

    Calliope PonyCalliope Pony2 oy oldin
  • I saw this in school twice. Did (or does) anyone else's school show y'all this movie?

    SaviitriusSaviitrius2 oy oldin
  • How the heck have I never heard of this movie?!! It looks beautiful and I’m excited to watch it.

    mollymation7mollymation72 oy oldin
  • When I first watched this on Disney+ I was blown away by how incredible this was made and they didn’t hold back to their usual Disney cliches and let along Disney Channel! I’m more shocked why didn’t they want to make this a theatrical release?

    Erik ZarinsErik Zarins2 oy oldin
  • My first grade teacher showed this to my class and it stuck with me. I remember being taught before this how and why racism was bad, but this really exposed little me to how vile racism really is and how hard it could be fighting for civil rights. It's a good movie for kids learning about this topic.

    DeathLepreconDeathLeprecon2 oy oldin
  • Guess ill have to try seeing it yeah

    Big TobleroneBig Toblerone2 oy oldin
  • I actually watched this movie back in 1st Grade with my class. This was how I became familiar with the story and history behind it. Glad to see it has aged well.

    Adam PetersonAdam Peterson2 oy oldin
  • If this is the same movie we watched in class in the fourth grade, then there’s one major part of this movie I remember distinctly. Her mom wonders why Ruby only wants to eat pre-packaged food, and Ruby says that it’s because she’s afraid someone is going to poison her food. That has ALWAYS stuck with me.

    Dana BaldusDana Baldus2 oy oldin
  • wait, is this a well-known historical event? In school we all hear about the ones in Arkansas where the military showed up. I never heard about Nyawlins.

    Kairu HakubiKairu Hakubi2 oy oldin
  • You also need to watch "Perfect Harmony". It takes place in 1959 South Carolina.

    Becky1317Becky13172 oy oldin