Runaway Brain - Dark Toons

28-Yan, 2021
104 853 Ko‘rishlar soni

This Mickey Mouse short has grown a following over the years, and Doug takes a look at what made it stand out. Let's see what all the fuss is about with Runaway Brain.
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Runaway Brain is an Academy Award nominated, 7-minute-long, animated short subject produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation Paris, and starring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Pluto. It was released on August 11, 1995 attached to the feature A Kid in King Arthur's Court. In international theaters, it was shown in front of A Goofy Movie.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • This short was released in front of Pocahontas first before A Kid in King Arthur's Palace. Just to let ya know.

      Oswards306 Oswards306Oswards306 Oswards30625 kun oldin
    • Hey critic I know I commented before but here are some more dark toons 1. "Mortal Folly" Finally, "Mortal Folly" is episode 24 of season 2 of adventure time 2.Alfs final episode 3.MARY JANE'S WATERY DEATH (SPIDER-MAN - 1994) 4. Don’t know the episode but KID DIES FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE (BRAVE STARR) 5. That’s life (fairly odd parents ) 6. The day the Ed stood still (Ed,Edd n eddy) 7. And finally life with feathers loony tunes.Hope you enjoyed me spending my time writing this for you

    • Believe i saw it once but I confused it for the episode where (I think) Mickey, Donald and Goofy come across maybe the same "doctor" that ordered an organ, which turned out to be an internal one from one of the trio.

      Rasmus DruggeRasmus DruggeOy oldin
    • The reason I watched this cartoon was because Julius was a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. I watched on UZworld and I was surprised to see that this cartoon was lot different then the other Mickey shorts, a lot more darker and spooky. So of course I loved!

      MasterGeek1234MasterGeek1234Oy oldin
    • @Ryan Green LOLOL it’s called Hare- um scare- um I forgot what the title was LOLOL

      Cartoon Lover 9000Cartoon Lover 9000Oy oldin
  • Mortal dwarf-bat...remember when every SINGLE movie got a video game tie in?... Even when it didn't make sence? Like Charlie and the Chocolate factory...and ratatouille...

    Douglas KurtzDouglas KurtzKun oldin
  • I thought mickey mouse was a multi millionaire, so it surprised me that he couldn't pay for it.

    Emu🐦Emu🐦5 kun oldin
  • This monsfers sounds sound very similar to the stone monsters/mud peoples from the Aladdin animated series.

    DragonSkyNidjaDragonSkyNidja6 kun oldin
  • Julius being a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts DDD was a huge surprise. God he was annoying lol

    BUGMECH14BUGMECH148 kun oldin
  • And it’s not on Disney+

    ArthenExplorerArthenExplorer8 kun oldin
  • Holy shit! This actually exists?! I thought this was just a childhood nightmare I had once but holy crap, this actually exists!

    Kara GibsonKara Gibson9 kun oldin
  • "What would Mickey think?" MUST! GET! MENTAL! IMAGE! OUT! OF! HEAD!!! Another UZworldr who reviewed Runaway Brain said that.

    WildDancer101WildDancer1019 kun oldin
  • Until this video, I have never even heard of this animated short.

    ScormernScormern10 kun oldin
  • 11:26 Fun Fact: When Julius is going up, he's screaming in reverse

    Damian MartinezDamian Martinez11 kun oldin
  • Mickey if you think $999,99 is a lot, have you ever taken your family to Walt Disney World?

    TartubemanTartubeman11 kun oldin
  • Epic Mickey was definitely scarier than Runaway Brain

    Damian MartinezDamian Martinez11 kun oldin
  • I've got a Dark Toon, and it's meant to be a little kid's learning show; *Arthur* and the episode that I find the darkest *"Arthur's Lost Library Book"* for a kids show, I can't even bear to watch it, and I'm an adult; oh please review on that episode, please?

    MJ PilotMJ Pilot12 kun oldin
  • I vaguely recalled this from a compilation VHS with all the obvious classics, with Runaway Brain being touted as the most recent release. I can't say I was scared of it, I actually liked the the more gritty angle they went with which is something you don't really see anymore! Sidenote, the "You monster, me Mickey" at 7:33 is a reference to 'Mickey's Man Friday' from the 1930's, which is a *little* odd considering the racist undertones in that one...

    TauchismTauchism13 kun oldin
  • I think the monkey doctor came from the 1930's comic strip or at least the design of him. My mind wants to say the Blaggard Castle story

    looneytoon76looneytoon7614 kun oldin
  • So... how did Mickey get his brain back anyway? I feel like we skipped that part.

    Clumsy ReaperClumsy Reaper14 kun oldin
  • I've never seen this one before so m curious because it isn't covered in the video... how does Mickey get his body back?

    MollyMolly14 kun oldin
  • I think I remember seeing it before George of The Jungle

    Big BenBig Ben15 kun oldin
  • Bruce banner:😲😲😲😲😲

    Blu TrinacriaBlu Trinacria16 kun oldin
  • 8:41 What about her blue dress? Also, how do you know Mickey isn't an ass mouse? 11:37 _SpongeBob_ did a joke like that once.

    ARC the Cartoon MasterARC the Cartoon Master16 kun oldin
  • The Groak from the Moomins terrified me when I was a kid. I stopped watching it after that.

    vmoran272vmoran27216 kun oldin
  • This is the Mickey of the comics put on screen and gloriously so !

    saidi7975saidi797516 kun oldin
  • Ever heard of

    ABAB16 kun oldin
  • The Little Mermaid (Series): Season 3, Episode 3 Island of Fear

    Jonathan KrugerJonathan Kruger17 kun oldin
  • The Little Mermaid (Series): Season 3, Episode 3 Island's of Fear

    Jonathan KrugerJonathan Kruger17 kun oldin
  • 8:36 sauce? .-.

    LegitMan335LegitMan33517 kun oldin
  • Hmmmm not bad I suppose .

    LegitMan335LegitMan33517 kun oldin
  • If they can do this they need to make an epic mickey movie

    The•Nomadic•MindThe•Nomadic•Mind19 kun oldin
  • EASTER EGG ALERT! Whenever you see Mickey Mouse try to explain who he is to someone by holding his hand up to indicate someone small, that's a reference to 1939's "The Pointer" wherein Mickey tries to talk his way out of being mauled by a bear. Walt was still one of the people doing his voice back then and they took reference video of him recording dialog. When he got to the lines, "Well, I'm Mickey Mouse! ...You know, Mickey Mouse?" Walt held his hand up to where he thought Mickey's height would be.

    Laota SurfsLaota Surfs19 kun oldin
  • Man, when Doug said, “A Kid in King Arthur’s Court,” I had a real flashback to that and thought, “Man... where has the time gone?”

    Casual Henry KCasual Henry K19 kun oldin
  • Suggestion: "The Joy" from the Amazing World of Gumball

  • This *NEEDS* to be on Disney+

    BonnieBoy YTBonnieBoy YT21 kun oldin
  • I remembering seeing an ad for this cartoon, on TV *ONE TIME* and that was literally the last I ever heard of it until I found this video on UZworld.

    spectre111spectre11121 kun oldin
  • This. We need more of this Disney.

    Papa TaureanPapa Taurean21 kun oldin
  • You're welcome. Please note, this is not a suggestion for NC. This THING isn't suitable for this series. But it's creepy and uncomfortable as hell.

    Antti RuuskanenAntti Ruuskanen21 kun oldin
  • Pete’s a cat Mickey is a mouse

    Jocelyn MonteroJocelyn Montero21 kun oldin
  • Mommy, I don't wanna watch Mickey Mouse anymore

    Phoedra135Phoedra13522 kun oldin
  • The Runaway Brain was nominated for Best Short Animated Film at the Oscars the same year Nick Park won it for Wallace & Gromit: A Close Shave. It deserved to be nominated too.

    FromtheHerts81FromtheHerts8123 kun oldin
  • The episode from New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh called "Sorry Wrong Slusher!" has WTP and crew discussing slasher movies and get arrested. Not joking. Incredibly dark humored.

    AvoSmashAvoSmash23 kun oldin
  • I remember seeing this as a kid playing before the George of the Jungle movie

    HyperShadow89HyperShadow8923 kun oldin
  • I swear I remember seeing runaway brain when I was way younger! Nice to see it again

    FireShadowKidFireShadowKid23 kun oldin
  • Great Mickey episode! I don't remember when or where I saw it, but I get more references now so it got better. As usual, my request for you is to do Skywhale from 1983. A real traumatising moment for lots of kids from that period. Thanks

    Daniel BerkowiczDaniel Berkowicz23 kun oldin
  • Huh, I thought the same thing about the punchline.

    lowrider993lowrider99324 kun oldin
  • I know this gonna sound weird and stupid... But do The Amazing World of Gumball "The Joy".

    Johnathan HolmesJohnathan Holmes24 kun oldin
  • I remember when they advertise this on TV with a Goofy movie.

    Kray KrayKray Kray24 kun oldin
  • Goofy’s original voice actor, Pinto Colvig, also voiced Pluto for many years. The thing is though, Mickey, Goofy and Donald aren’t actually animals. They’re just humans, portrayed as animals. While Pluto is an actual dog, and Goofy is not.

    Animation FanAnimation Fan25 kun oldin
  • You unlocked a memory. I don’t know where I saw it. But I have seen this short 😟

    LeAndrea HarrisLeAndrea Harris25 kun oldin
  • Minnie wears a black top, its like when a woman wears a "nude" colored top

    The Nerd BeastThe Nerd Beast25 kun oldin
  • your next nostalgia critic review should be on the movie “strange magic”!! i think your reaction would be hilarious!!

    Shaynice ParkerShaynice Parker25 kun oldin
  • 3:30 oh come on your Mickey Mouse you got more money than Tony Stark (and he is rich)

    Woken LunaticWoken Lunatic26 kun oldin
  • Another horror callback I don't think Doug caught: Dr. Frankenollie's lab seemed to be the same set as the Phantom's lair in Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera

    Tiger RogersTiger Rogers26 kun oldin
  • 10:08 The only time I ever laughed at a joke where something went through a billboard was when Quagmire flew his plane The French Tickler through those billboards with beautiful females. Except for that last one, he needed some help there thanks to going through a billboard bottle of Jack Daniels.

    Takeshi KujoTakeshi Kujo26 kun oldin
  • Can you do Play Safe 1936?

    Western Ohio Interurban HistoryWestern Ohio Interurban History27 kun oldin
  • Ah, memories ☺

    ZT SquidZT Squid27 kun oldin
  • I think you should look at Goofy how to be a detective

    Joel NyyssönenJoel Nyyssönen27 kun oldin
  • This is amazing! I’d never seen it, but I’d seen that image of Mickey before and wanted to know where it came from. The animation and motion in this is fantastic! The way the monster Mickey moved as he scurried up the building! The expressions!!! I think as a kid some of the faces would have scared me but I’m definitely enjoying this as an adult.

    kawaii katekawaii kate27 kun oldin
  • .... I think mickey needs to go on more adventure's that risk his neck. You see Mickey in odd situations in the newer cartoons and such, Run-away brain is seeing him in an adventure for once where a lot more is at risk and not the direct to video spin-offs of the 3 muskuteer's or prince and the pauper. The expressions they attained and the scenes of action they bend with this was beautiful.

    Shadoan18Shadoan1827 kun oldin
  • Another fun fact! Bill Farmer does a really cute show about dogs for kids on Disney+! It is about different jobs dogs can do and has advice on how to care for them

    Hannah ThompsonHannah Thompson27 kun oldin
  • May I suggest “mighty max” I remember that having some pretty dark moments

    dan marandoladan marandola27 kun oldin
    • Specially “the maxnificent seven”

      dan marandoladan marandola27 kun oldin
  • Do Spongebob Graveyard Shift

    Microsoft Sam ReloadedMicrosoft Sam Reloaded27 kun oldin
  • A dark toon you can review is Doug's Christmas episode, were Porkchop is accuse of biting a kid and than put on trial to put to death, or "sleep" as it is called, and Doug as to desperately prove Porkchop is innocent . Yes I am talking about Doug, as in Nickelodeon's Doug!

    NinbitzeroNinbitzero27 kun oldin
  • I love this one, fist watch on a "best of Mickey mouse" VHS. And I aways look as if it was a real movie, the animation reminds me os a lot of 90s animated movies.

    ColoniaContraAtacaColoniaContraAtaca27 kun oldin
    • Senhor Senhor Virso você por aqui

      Vitor ManuelVitor Manuel10 kun oldin
    • Same

      TD puuhaileeTD puuhailee19 kun oldin
  • Hey Doug, you should review and talk about Jack Stauber's: Opal for Dark Toons. It is a wonderful, terrifying masterpiece with beautiful music and a gut-wrenching story that would be perfect for this. It's free on UZworld

    Loop LoopLoop Loop27 kun oldin
  • I love this short the animation is nice and the lighting and shading is nice I just love it ps. The doctor should have been the mad doctor oh wait I see problem the skeleton.

    Monica ByrdMonica Byrd27 kun oldin
  • The fact of goofy and Pluto is that goofy is a mister dog and Pluto is a dog dog

    Rafael XD XD XD XDRafael XD XD XD XD28 kun oldin
  • You should check out Making Fiends. Made for little kids but it’s got a fantastic mean streak.

    Dennis CutterDennis Cutter28 kun oldin
  • For me, this was half a lifetime ago. I loved nerding out on new animation, and Disney advertised this short heavily! I'm sure I paid to watch A Kid In King Arthur's Court, and left after watching Runaway Brain, seriously. It's darker than I remember. Never was a horror fan so I missed a lot of the obvious homages. I did get the Frank & Ollie reference.

    Dave OstroskeDave Ostroske28 kun oldin
  • When Doug said, "John Katzenberg", didn't he meant, "Jeffrey Katzenberg"? It just bothers me when he said it.

    Sullivan BardSullivan Bard28 kun oldin
  • I would love seeing Doug do that episode from Hey Arnold! where they take the train to hell.

    otto granathotto granath28 kun oldin
  • The courage the cowardly dog episode perfect

    Animedrawing366Animedrawing36628 kun oldin
  • Nice 👍

    SIN Sneaker Information NationSIN Sneaker Information Nation29 kun oldin
  • Like if you only came here for the chimp so you could simp over Kelsey Grammer.

    MonstrousPegasisterMonstrousPegasister29 kun oldin
  • It’s not a dark toon but the beginning of look who’s talking 2 w the evil toys scared me

    Alex GrantAlex Grant29 kun oldin
  • Did they explain how Mickey got his body back.

    Lee PhillipsLee Phillips29 kun oldin
  • You know, it's a pretty clever thing to have your main characters be a mouse, a bird, and a dog and have your villain be a cat.

    Kaldur SkipperKaldur Skipper29 kun oldin
  • Please do mlp lesson zero

    SuperchickenSuperchicken29 kun oldin
  • i read the comic book version of "Runaway brain". Years later thanks to the internet i learned that this was allso a movie. i don't remember seeing as many gags to other disney movies in comic version as you see in the film.

    LowLevelWarriorLowLevelWarrior29 kun oldin
  • How did they swap back into their own bodys?

    Erik ÅstedtErik ÅstedtOy oldin
  • can you do the episode of the fairy odd parents where timmy's hamster was brought back from the grave?

    IfyouBelieveIfyouBelieveOy oldin
  • Can you react to "love bugs" From "the miss adventures of flapjack" Man that episode traumatized me as a kid

    Djordje TutorovicDjordje TutorovicOy oldin
  • One cartoon I hope Doug covers on dark toons is Steven universe

    Mars Meets EarthMars Meets EarthOy oldin
  • You is one gothy kid Critic

    Khalan ColeKhalan ColeOy oldin
  • Do the puppetmaster from Avatar the last airbender!!

    Supernova15Supernova15Oy oldin
  • Now that I know that Mickey has parts of his brain in his ears, I feel bad for him whenever his ears get hurt. Also, poor Zazu. XP

    Pundertale FanPundertale FanOy oldin
  • I always thought the Pluto Goofy thing was because Goofy isn't technically a dog. He's a goof. They're a whole species. I know he was originally a dog, but I'd say he's the goof species now. XD

    Pundertale FanPundertale FanOy oldin
  • 8:36-8:46 you know...that’s a good point...

    Mitch NeuMitch NeuOy oldin
  • I remember seeing a trailer about that short. Too bad it isn't a longer film. 😔

    Miles TrombleyMiles TrombleyOy oldin
  • Goofy isn't a dog he's actually a cow.

    Stevie CStevie COy oldin
  • What about reviewing Stage Fright from Aardman Productions?

    Ethan WashingtonEthan WashingtonOy oldin
  • The Hypo-Chondri-Cat might be a fun one to do. Torture is pretty dark and then there is the ending

    Alex HrycajAlex HrycajOy oldin

    Patrick JohnsonPatrick JohnsonOy oldin
  • Next up can you talk about nobody/limbo from a Sesame Street episode?please?

    Izzy AzaniaIzzy AzaniaOy oldin
  • Love this short! I watched it before "A Goofy Movie" when I was two. Fun Fact: my dad worked at Disney Feature Animation in Orlando during this time. He got access to a "Runaway Brain" poster and thought I would like it in my room. Nope. I spent many sleepless nights just staring at "monster Mickey's" sharp teeth and wild eyes...waiting for him to eat me. And now, I'm tougher because of it. lol

    Rewind ReviewsRewind ReviewsOy oldin
  • do Dark Toons on: • Spongebob = I was a teenage Gary • Rugrats = Angelica’s Worst Nightmare

    Sharingan1230Sharingan1230Oy oldin
  • I think you meant to say Jeffrey Katzenberg, not John Katzenberg in regards to the J.K. pink slip reference.

    Lauren210Lauren210Oy oldin
  • I used to read the comic version of this as a kid all the time! Never knew it was an animation at first. In Finland Donald Duck is _THE_ Disney character, no one likes Mickey, so his comic adventures are always hidden in between Donald Duck comic books and pocket novels. Which everyone then skips, as is tradition. Also Donald is the most important comic book. I believe this and the one where Mickey turns into a lizard are the only two I remember liking.

    IankaikkinenIankaikkinenOy oldin
  • The reason Goofy and Pluto are different is the same reason why man and ape are different. BOOM! Mind blown!

    Young MultiverserYoung MultiverserOy oldin
  • I know Night on Bald Mountain was already covered, but the dinosaur segment from Fantasia was also really disturbing to me as a kid.

    DaSeal147DaSeal147Oy oldin
  • I remember as a kid that they were promoting the hell Out of this because it was the first new Mickey Mouse cartoon in 20 years or something like that. So much so that they promoted it more than the movie it was ahead of which I can’t even remember

    The D A ExperienceThe D A ExperienceOy oldin
  • I saw this in theatres as the short before George of the Jungle, the one with Brendom Fraiser and Holand Tayler. Super random! This short freaked me out. It was fun but it freaked me out too. And I haven't seen it or anything about it until this video. Lol

    Coco_writer92Coco_writer92Oy oldin