Shark Tale - Nostalgia Critic

6-Yan, 2021
458 346 Ko‘rishlar soni

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Will Smith as a fish is pretty damn creepy, thank goodness the film is awful too. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Shark Tale.
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Shark Tale is a 2004 American computer-animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. It was directed by Vicky Jenson, Bibo Bergeron, and Rob Letterman (in Letterman's feature directorial debut). The film stars the voices of Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Renée Zellweger, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, and Martin Scorsese.
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  • This movie is......yikes. What did everyone think of Shark Tale? Support this week's charity - Watch more Nostalgia Critic here - Follow us on Twitch -

    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • I have always loved this film. The fuck is your problem?!

      David EbertDavid Ebert17 kun oldin
    • 21:00 "Always leans forward, squinty eyes, very Jewish." I'm not American, and that scene still makes me laugh xD Certainly more than remembering that Will Smith Fish was a thing.

      Josh FilbyJosh Filby18 kun oldin
    • Would love to see the nostalgia critic do "Second Hand Lions"

      Kenny HallKenny Hall24 kun oldin
    • I liked it as a kid. The imagery didn't bother me.

      Klone RuneflowerKlone Runeflower28 kun oldin
    • I watched it back then and It was pretty corny but funny.

      Miles RobinsonMiles Robinson28 kun oldin
  • This was a classic of my and many of my friend's childhoods

    Andrew CarnbornAndrew Carnborn48 daqiqa oldin
  • its tolerable ok it could of been a hell of a lot worse

    Joseph ClaytonJoseph Clayton17 soat oldin
  • This movie is a lot better in persian version. They changed the jokes and character voices are so good. But will smith's fish is still scary...

    Shahryar FunPlayShahryar FunPlay17 soat oldin
  • 2:59 The nightmare returns!

    Lucas MackeyLucas MackeyKun oldin
  • 6:26 Yeah, umm excuse me Mr. bash on marvel films for not being cinema but umm one of the most popular films of 2004 was Spider-Man 2 and that came out approximately 5 months before this came out. So so let me get this straight so you’re saying that this kids films you yourself were in is better than what is clearly more mature. I am sorry I know it’s your opinion but, you’re an idiot.

    Jon SilhaJon SilhaKun oldin
  • What was the robin willaims movie?

    Axlphish MAxlphish M2 kun oldin
  • 9:50 We're not gonna question how the horse tripped underwater?

    gamewizard2008gamewizard20087 kun oldin
  • 420

    Adizabeth TorresAdizabeth Torres9 kun oldin
  • his ads are getting longer with each uploading video

    sweetblackblood1sweetblackblood110 kun oldin
  • Now I feel bad for still liking it...

    OVERDRIVE73OVERDRIVE7312 kun oldin
  • Charles how are you doing with those wonder woman comics- I think I'm into everything now 🤣🤣🤣

    Knochie CAMPBELLKnochie CAMPBELL13 kun oldin
  • It is a great movie! I LOVED the talking, the gangsters, Renee Zellweger and Angelina Jolie and everything about it! I don't see what is wrong with it! For once you are wrong, Nostalgia critic! (:

    Ксения КоринецКсения Коринец13 kun oldin
  • I loved this movie, loved the gangster references, loved the dramatic twists!

    Ксения КоринецКсения Коринец13 kun oldin
  • Is it weird that the "jump normal" worked on me?

    Adventures of PanAdventures of Pan13 kun oldin
  • 5:50 Nah, if I raised it wrong it would be dead, which now that I think about it, would be better than this

    Mon HunterzMon Hunterz14 kun oldin
  • god damn will smith fish is literally the villain of the story

    Desktop GooseDesktop Goose15 kun oldin
  • You can diss on this film all you want but my uncle had completely disowned my gay cousin until he saw this movie. Never underestimate the power of children's cartoon telling you it's okay to be gay

    Alexander ChippelAlexander Chippel15 kun oldin
  • so guess what movie i grew up with

    Ariana ZeemanAriana Zeeman15 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that actually loves this movie? It's silly and fun, even as an adult. I totally understand how others hate this movie, but you know, not everything has to be made as cinematic genius. Let us bathe in blissful ignorance and 2000s hip hop in fish form!

    Doodle BugDoodle Bug15 kun oldin
  • Прикольный мультик я по касете смотрел критик пасаси

    RUINERSRUINERS16 kun oldin
  • 11:14 Nasty shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Nasty shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Nasty shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Nasty Shark.

    Ulises HernandezUlises Hernandez17 kun oldin
  • I don't care who Will Smith is: fish, pigeon or genie. This dude is overloaded with charisma

    Drake DarkstarDrake Darkstar18 kun oldin
  • I watched the first part off this "amazing movie" at school. The animation is enough to make me hate it, just the giant lips.

    Lema CatLema Cat18 kun oldin
  • Would I be wrong in noticing that the faces are VERY human. The fish in Nemo at least look like fish

    Miss MoxieMiss Moxie20 kun oldin
  • The eight year old in me will never stand for shark tales slander that being said great vid

    Samuel KingSamuel King20 kun oldin
  • Starting it with cartoons that traumatized you and not even mentioning courage the cowardly dog?

    Chance MorganChance Morgan21 kun oldin
  • Yes a great white shark can actually bite through a steel chain. Those jaws are that damn powerful. They probably have the strongest bite force of any animal. But you said Sharknado so...

    DavisDavis22 kun oldin
  • I had forgotten how bad this movie was.

    Amber StottlemyreAmber Stottlemyre22 kun oldin
  • I never found those fish scary, ugly maybe but not scary. And i got annoyed by him repeatedly saying Goddamn Will Smith Fish when his name is Oscar. OSCAR!!!

    AztecelotlAztecelotl22 kun oldin
  • can you review the 2017 movie "HOUSE" starring will Farrell and Amy poeler it's the movie where they open a casino to pay for their daughters college tuition. just in case you didn't know about it. it's so bad that it's even worse than biodome.

    Neptune GuardianNeptune Guardian23 kun oldin
  • wait is a shark not eating fish, a trope, it is just Lennie and Kenny the shark , as far as i can tell

    Luke BrunettoburdLuke Brunettoburd23 kun oldin
  • This movie did to Dreamworks what Batman And Robin did to DC.

    Alex FloresAlex Flores23 kun oldin
  • All of the characters are ugly and unlikable. I'd say that fucking Vegan Shark is the only character that's even just remotely sympathetic at all.

    Dxs4allDxs4all23 kun oldin
  • My wife and I both fell asleep to the movie in the theater. We woke each other up snoring and decided to leave soon after in the middle of the movie.

    Ron SappingtonRon Sappington24 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: he already review this movie 7 years ago on dreamworks-uary. On thatguywiththeglasses

    gassin gamesgassin games24 kun oldin
  • Will Smith fish is just "The Incredible Mr. Limpet".

    Joseph FranekJoseph Franek25 kun oldin
  • Bro am I the only one who actually loves this movie???,

    Chim NissaChim Nissa26 kun oldin
    • I love it too

      Lively lopunnyLively lopunny17 kun oldin
  • 10:52, didn’t “despicable me” come out after “Shark Tale”?

    Austin UrbanAustin Urban26 kun oldin
  • the fish bend their body's as though hey are a neck to make them look more human but fish don't have necks one reason why they are so scary

    adam checkadam check26 kun oldin
  • At 4:40 you can clearly see it's Times Square New York city.

    YodaYoda26 kun oldin
  • 19:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    100% Beef100% Beef26 kun oldin
  • Anyone know the music at 9:24?

    NXSP GamersNXSP Gamers27 kun oldin
  • “Is there a version of that with boobs?” Rule 63 + Rule 34 Do not doubt the internet’s desire to go down on it.

    Gossiper ZoroarkGossiper Zoroark27 kun oldin
  • Amybody else watch the NS episodes with unfunny skits at double speed?

    Thomas LamsonThomas Lamson27 kun oldin
  • I was scared of the squirrel from ice age

    Crazy MonkeyCrazy Monkey27 kun oldin
  • I couldve sworn blind that he reviewed this years ago but apparantly not.

    thesupersonicstigthesupersonicstig28 kun oldin
  • I remember the dvd to this movie broke and I literally did not care at all. Even back then I realized it was shit

    StephySonStephySon28 kun oldin
  • Is it weird that I was never freaked out by how the fish look?

    Conor TacopinaConor Tacopina28 kun oldin
  • 17:56 Will Smith fish and Lola Kiss😘

    Miles RobinsonMiles Robinson28 kun oldin
  • Ohh Yess Shark Tale the movie with Will Smith as a fish and that Lola was sexy looking. I remember the part they kissed on the big screen made the other female fish jealous. 🤣🤣🤣 Good times!

    Miles RobinsonMiles Robinson28 kun oldin
  • 6:55 The only funny part of the entire movie is Mr Sykes face when he looks behind the chair as Big Buts ruins the mood.

    MidnightDarkness666MidnightDarkness66628 kun oldin
  • Smith made Suicide Squad because he love the Deadshot character

    MabuseXXMabuseXX28 kun oldin
  • This is... no... just... no... I have been reminded of all that is terrible... I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

    Renegade Media GroupRenegade Media Group29 kun oldin
    • This movie made me hate film as a kid

      Wkerr WkerrWkerr WkerrKun oldin
    • @Nick Dorenkamp I don't know what that had to do with what I was saying

      Sam CaplanSam Caplan27 kun oldin
    • @Sam Caplan when dreamworks was trying to be hip and cool.

      Nick DorenkampNick Dorenkamp28 kun oldin
    • Ha! I found it! Came here right after watching the reaction of it. And I actually enjoy this film by the way.

      Deshawn EdwardsDeshawn Edwards28 kun oldin
    • this review also gave me false hope that Doug was gonna do Bee movie.

      Sam CaplanSam Caplan28 kun oldin
  • Can't blame that guy that's into cat Clover

    Angel GonzalezAngel Gonzalez29 kun oldin
  • They should have cast Eddie Murphy instead of Will Smith.

    Jack PennJack Penn29 kun oldin
  • I like watching someone bullying movies

    Lehle QwebaniLehle QwebaniOy oldin
  • Do shrek 3

    Mia thorntonMia thorntonOy oldin
  • It has been so long since I have seen the Will Smith Fish in high definition.

    No ConsistencyNo ConsistencyOy oldin
  • 1:41 I'm dying (:

    Shanta cShanta cOy oldin
  • I can't believe this movie was nominated for an Oscar. This was one of DreamWorks worst movies.

    eslurpeslurpOy oldin
  • 11:14 Seth Rogen: Was that a fart?

    Joseph RoweJoseph RoweOy oldin
  • The gosh darn Will smith fish

    Underyan StudiosUnderyan StudiosOy oldin
  • I love the idea of NC going to group therapy, everyone tells their story and then he just segways to a review like... Hey, dude, we're in group, it's Samantha's turn to share

    Cody Ingram-MooreCody Ingram-MooreOy oldin
  • I saw this movie as a kid and thought it was good... Fight me

    Juago GuagoJuago GuagoOy oldin
    • I take that back. I want to now pretend like I never thought this film was good :):):):):)

      Juago GuagoJuago GuagoOy oldin
  • shark tale is good

    aliceangelplusaliceangelplusOy oldin
  • It's scarily strange how much the Will Smith Fish actually fuckin looks like Will Smith I hate it-

    Plain MilkPlain MilkOy oldin
  • I’m surprised you didn’t make a gay fish joke

    Samuel KSamuel KOy oldin
  • Huh. I just noticed what looks like the GUN logo from _Sonic_ behind Doug on his wall there at the end. Odd.

    Redwood RogersRedwood RogersOy oldin
  • Hey Doug, you should review We can be Heroes. It's a Sharkboy and Lavagirl Sequel

    Ben BriefsBen BriefsOy oldin
  • What mahas always made me avoid this film was that hideous Angelina Jolie fish. Her design is terrible, ugly and I never wanted to see parts of this film because I thought she'd show up. At some point I saw the film and enjoyed it. She's the only thing I truly hate in this film.

    busterbusterOy oldin
  • My eyes are burning

    Tasha ParmeleeTasha ParmeleeOy oldin
  • Even as a kid Oscar grossed me out.

    MrDisneyfan101MrDisneyfan101Oy oldin
  • The original title for the movie was "Sharkslayer", but it was changed to "Shark Tale" about a year before release, because Jeffrey Katzenberg thought the title might scare families away (the title still appears in some early promotional material). The change is clear in the movie, as in the song before the credits, the singers interlock between calling the movie "Sharkslayer" and "Shark Tale".

    Xo_amber 133Xo_amber 133Oy oldin
  • I hated when this movie came out on DVD. I was working in retail selling electronics and we had to play this damn movie on repeat for months.

    SlaXSlaXOy oldin
  • "Goddamn Will Smith Fish" sounds like an accurate name for Oscar.

    Mandy HillikerMandy HillikerOy oldin
  • Sorry if I say this but I like shark tales so freak you all I don’t care

    Super weird Mario Bros 64Super weird Mario Bros 64Oy oldin
    • @birblover3000 hmmmmmmm

      Super weird Mario Bros 64Super weird Mario Bros 64Oy oldin
    • @Super weird Mario Bros 64 can you imagine this in 2d animation like Prince of Egypt?

      birblover3000birblover3000Oy oldin
    • @birblover3000 true

      Super weird Mario Bros 64Super weird Mario Bros 64Oy oldin
    • I like it too. It looks hideous, but the rest of it is good.

      birblover3000birblover3000Oy oldin
  • totally spies TOTALLY did something to him...can relate.

    CheezusCheezusOy oldin
  • The game inspired from this is even more frightful...

    anik monetteanik monetteOy oldin
  • I’m obviously in the minority but I enjoyed this movie I quote that shrimp speech where he was telling his struggles all the time lol.

    Ross SappRoss SappOy oldin
    • *Trying to sob his way out of being eaten* It's true, it's true! and the other thing is, my sister had a baby and I took it over after she passed away and the baby lost all its legs and arms and now it's nothing but a stump but I take care of it with my wife and... and it's growing and it's fairly happy... and it's difficult because I'm working a second shift at the factory to put food on the table but all the love that I see in that little guy's face it makes it worth it in the end. True story.

      birblover3000birblover3000Oy oldin
  • Jesus fuck, I liked a lot of terrible movies as a kid!!

    Matt RingMatt RingOy oldin
  • This is DreamWorks’ equivalent to “Chicken Little”

    MintStarVideoMintStarVideoOy oldin
  • 7:45 same Tamara... same.

    AlcadiorAlcadiorOy oldin
  • food wars and sausage party traumatized me

    AlcadiorAlcadiorOy oldin
  • To answer that “electricity underwater” question, I guess it’s like how electrophoradae (eg; Electric Eels) exist.

    The Circle of T.E.DThe Circle of T.E.DOy oldin
    • So... Electric eels are slaves? If every house has electricity, then every house has an eel that has to " turn on" for the electricity.

      birblover3000birblover3000Oy oldin
  • I actually like this movie

    Young LincYoung LincOy oldin
  • I genuinely love this movie. It was from my childhood so DUH of course I love it. It's SO dumb but it's a fun movie to me

    Drew SauerDrew SauerOy oldin
  • "scallop poll" isn't so bad

    ghariiscoolghariiscoolOy oldin
  • Im the only Person WHO Likes this movie

    Vitalis KernVitalis KernOy oldin
  • But somehow tiktok cosplayers has been cosplay human version which worked better for some reason is that odd

    Pink-A- PalouzaPink-A- PalouzaOy oldin
  • Man... This guy gives me nostalgia.

    Thegreatestgeeks AdventuresThegreatestgeeks AdventuresOy oldin
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    AnnikaAnnikaOy oldin
  • ha ha ha and thats not so funny

    Pablo Hernánde RodríguezPablo Hernánde RodríguezOy oldin
  • Stamps. com is a friggin scam. I signed up because I figured the NC wouldn't represent them so much if they weren't legitimate, the moment i connected my card (they wouldn't let me make an account without it) they auto charged me AND signed me up for a membership I didn't agree to & they didn't mention. Never returned my money.

    Arya StarkArya StarkOy oldin
  • Golden age Wonder Woman comic nothing sexual there laughing my ass off

    Ben BurkhardtBen BurkhardtOy oldin
  • I now have the face of lola from big mouth stuck on lola from shark tale.

    The ReaperThe ReaperOy oldin
  • loved this as a kid, bored to tears from it as a result

    Shandi CrabillShandi CrabillOy oldin
  • I enjoy it because Martin Scorsese voices the puffer fish. I thought that was clever.

    Sean PultzSean PultzOy oldin
  • To be honest when I was a kid I didn't really mind this movie.

    Anna NimmityAnna NimmityOy oldin
  • Damn am I the only one here who liked this movie. 👀

    PeachesRGreatPeachesRGreatOy oldin
    • No I still like it

      Lively lopunnyLively lopunnyOy oldin