Soul - DisneyCember

31-Dek, 2020
166 295 Ko‘rishlar soni

Let's wrap up DisneyCember with the first Pixar film to be released on Disney Plus! Doug takes a look at Soul.
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Soul is a 2020 American computer-animated fantasy comedy-drama film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by Kemp Powers, the film stars the voices of Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton, Rachel House, Alice Braga, Richard Ayoade, Phylicia Rashad, Donnell Rawlings, Questlove, and Angela Bassett.
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  • What a great movie to end DisneyCember 2020 on! What did everyone think of Soul? Also, what would you like to see on a future DisneyCember? Let us know in the comments! Thank you for watching & supporting us throughout all these years! Happy New Year!! Watch more DisneyCember 2020 here -

    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome2 oy oldin
    • I would like to see the Gravity Falls shorts next Disneycember, since Rob didn't keep his promise on doing vlog on that

      Митяй ВоронцовМитяй ВоронцовKun oldin
    • My hopes for Disneycember 2021: -Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie (2008) -Star Wars: The Clone Wars series (2008-2014, 2020) -Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018) -Star Wars Resistance (2018-2019) -The X-Men movies from 20th Century Fox/Studios -Cinderella (the 1997 version with Brandy and the late Whitney Houston) -Free Guy -The Mandalorian Season 2 -Star Wars: The Bad Batch -Raya and the Last Dragon -Treasure Island (1950) -Luca -Black Widow -Shang Chi -Mary Poppins Returns -Aladdin (2019) -Beauty and the Beast (2017) -Falcon and the Winter Soldier -Loki -WandaVision -Swiss Family Robinson

      TMX1138TMX11386 kun oldin
    • In terms of ranking ever Pixar film, this is a solid #4, in between Finding Nemo and the Incredibles. I wouldn't say I was surprised by the film's quality, but I was impressed.

      A JA J10 kun oldin
    • 8:45 I think everything you said about Joe's life is correct. *AND* I think they made the correct decision. The last question of his resurrection is directed at the audience. He's someone who's stared death in the face and was given back his life; what is he going to do with that life? We could be dead tomorrow, maybe not stepping into a manhole but it could be anything. Now every morning we wake up is a chance like that. I have that same chance he has to truly live my life. What an I going to do with it?

      Stephen SchaeferStephen SchaeferOy oldin
    • Starting and ending with death would be fitting especially the birth of 22 is ultimately the point of the film. Then again please don’t kill a black man, joe living with the spark that made his mama jump with joy is the best things in life!

      brandon pangbrandon pangOy oldin
  • I really like this moive, I thought it was funny emotional and fun, I really like Jamie Foxx performance, and the characters are really relatable, the only problem I had with the moive is (spoilers) I thought 22 was kinda kinda cliche, I thought she was the odd one out cliche, I still like the character, she just wasn't my favorite (please dont be mad at me) I really liked it and i can't wait to see what pixar does next

    Preston WitbeckPreston Witbeck10 soat oldin
  • Doug, I felt the SAME way about the ending. It's honestly the worst part of the movie for me. I was so disappointed that he didnt become a mentor or just accept the Great Beyond. It felt like the whole thing just...stopped. The idea that there's no consequences and, as you said it, they frozen 2'd it, really ticked me off. I will give this one more brownie points since you can take it as a Its a Womderful Life type film about appreciating life so he should get a second chance, but idk I really felt it wasn't the right ending. It felt like an executive came in and said "well we cant kill him, The Chart Says..." and they decided to give him the second chance. Again, not a horrible ending but I really didnt like it. The rest of the movie felt really solid, though, and yeah, it felt like Pixar finally came back for real.

    Lisa WisniewskiLisa Wisniewski2 kun oldin
  • Just a thought from someone who didn't saw the movie, but (SPOILERS) could it be they decide to not let the protagonist die because they feared Pixar would be blame for making audiences more suicidal?

    Nido HimeNido Hime5 kun oldin
  • I thought what you thought Doug. It felt like a bit of a cop out when he didn't die at the end. It changed the tone of the film noticeably when that happened. Even though it had fantasy elements, most of the film had me thinking 'this is what life is like' and when the universe bailed him out of his fate I thought 'this isn't what life is like. This is what a Disney movie that has to have it's happy ending is like.' Didn't ruin it, but it was a very noticeable tone shift at the end.

    Sam MartinaSam Martina6 kun oldin
  • So basically this is an animated version of Mr. Holland's Opus's baby with It's A Wonderful Life. Interesting.

    Chris ThornycroftChris Thornycroft7 kun oldin
  • Ya like jazz?

    Luna EnserricLuna Enserric8 kun oldin
  • For me the idea wasn't new at all. Watch "Delivering Milo", 2001 witch is also about a child that didn't wanted to born. The story is amazing and sweet, also little Anton Elchin is so cute in this movie

    KASSANDRA NevermindKASSANDRA Nevermind10 kun oldin
    • That film sucks ass

      Joe BrooksJoe Brooks7 kun oldin
  • I saw the ending as perfect. The movie isn’t about excepting death. It’s about embarrassing life

    Clair RyanClair Ryan11 kun oldin
  • The charcter models aren't my favorite part of this movie but I love the rest of it

    UmbreonTwinkleUmbreonTwinkle12 kun oldin
  • My husband and I are also on different sides regarding Joe being allowed to come back: Husband: It ruins the emotional impact for the audience since it took away the stakes. Me: It doesn't ruin the emotional impact for him, the character. And, more importantly for me in my life, *I* would want a second chance if I ever forgot to be grateful for the little things. I am a first-grade teacher, and I tell my students constantly, "Little happiness-es add up to big happiness."

    Elizabeth BurnsElizabeth Burns13 kun oldin
  • I 100% agree with everything Critic says about this. The movie was great but could have been even better.

    Joe VJoe V16 kun oldin
  • The animation is way to realistic nowadays

    Porter IjsseldijkPorter Ijsseldijk17 kun oldin
  • I know i am going to hate the movie, because of that ending... A kids movies talking about death, but not being able to kill the character is a big problem for me! Lets not get into spiritual visions either, cause i am far away from that afterlife notion the movie is showing. But i also think the movie is one of the best made recently, it is just not for me

    nauth123nauth12318 kun oldin
  • Honestly, I think him going to the great beyond would also work or being a mentor to others but I'm glad it ended the way it did as well. No complaints

    FallenShonen VAFallenShonen VA18 kun oldin
  • I think two thinks could've happened to give the movie an extra punch 1) I also think he should've died. He accepted his fate because he realized how much of life he loved and had been missing out on by being so focused on what he thought he wanted, and then to give that up in sacrifice for 22 to go to earth would have been so much more meaningful (not gonna lie, I actually started to cry at the end, until they came and offered him his life back and then I was angry at first) 2) and this is not so much on the fault of Pixar because the movie had its own runtime, but I honestly think they should have shown a brief clip of him returning to the school. Through 22's antics, he realized how much of an impact he had on the students. His one student went on to perform with the musician that he himself had idolized! And yet he was so consumed with what he thought he wanted, he didn't even realize the impact he had on that student. Or the other young girl in his class, who was going to quit school but decided to stay (in part because of her conversation with 22 and also in part because of the influence he already had in her life). I think a better ending would have shown him returning to the teaching position, but with a renewed attitude and they really could have shown him interacting with the students but with less of a focus on the music itself (what he thought he wanted) and with more of a focus on teaching and encouraging (what he realized he wanted)

    Kelsey MardlinKelsey Mardlin19 kun oldin
  • I agree with everything you said about the movie

    Steven MoscoSteven Mosco20 kun oldin
  • The problem with narrative, its that if ur message doesnt end well, all the movie fall apart. I believe that he HAD to die, because that would give a stronger meaning of "Had it good" But it is Disney, so they have to end like everything its fine... i guess it i alright, but loose it all the sence and meaning. Have a nice day sir Sorry for my bad english.

    FF21 kun oldin
  • A black person is only the main character of this movie for only 20 minutes.

    Naram-Sin of AkkadNaram-Sin of Akkad21 kun oldin
  • Tina fey was this movie's biggest mistake.

    Naram-Sin of AkkadNaram-Sin of Akkad21 kun oldin
  • I honestly felt same I thought Joe should have died or it’s maybe because I don’t like how end up ‘living’.

    s mcphees mcphee23 kun oldin
  • Nope. Completely with you Doug. Yous is a better ending

    nowwilldo Pnowwilldo P25 kun oldin
  • I think Terry is hilarious. There wasn't a whole lot I laughed at duing Soul, but the Jerrys and especially Terry made me laugh out loud. The last scene where they distract Terry from counting the numbers made me laugh even though I was crying. He seemed super generic as a "villain", but the fact is he isn't played as one. He's not the "villain", more of a comedic relief that also advances the plot.

    NightRainPandaNightRainPanda26 kun oldin
  • This movie isnt about accepting death, it is a celebration of life, so his second chance ties up everything

    Gabriela Híjar FrancoGabriela Híjar Franco26 kun oldin
  • Next disneycember please do Tangled the series it is one of my favorite Disney shows I think it is better than the movie it was based on

    Molly FischerMolly Fischer29 kun oldin
  • Hey kids can understand these themes, if a 7 year old can understand animal abuse theme they can understand this, their are pressure on kids to figure out how they are like 22

    Imani IslanderImani Islander29 kun oldin
  • I watched this movie today and I fucking loved it

    Sean chukwueziSean chukwueziOy oldin
  • They should make a post-credit scene with Joe becoming a mentor after death and maybe meet 22 as another-style mentor

    Митяй ВоронцовМитяй ВоронцовOy oldin
  • This movie was incredible. I just finished watching and it was so well done. The characters were interesting and conplex, the settings were beautiful and different, the creativity was their, the music was beautiful, the ideas were creative and the message and theme was beautiful. This message is personally one of my favorite messages in any kind of entertainment because its great to have dreams and its great to have dreams come true, but if you just put your life around your dreams, you wont have time to appreciate your life as much. Life is special, sometimes, you just got to enjoy it. I have been wanting to be a pro wrestler because i love pro wrestling but their was a time where wrestling was all i was and everything else, i put to the side, i didnt have much friends because my friends werent as much wrestling fans, i was not doing good at school, my family thought i was a pain in the ass. It wasnt until i joined taekwondo that everything changed. Of course, taekwondo made me a better martial artist but also made me a better human being. I have friends that i enjoy being with and they are not wrestling fans, i been doing better at school because i explored my horizons and actually enjoy some subjects, i have never seen my family so proud of me before but they are now and i am happy. I am actually interested in other things other than watching wrestling and thinking about wrestling 24/7. I still love wrestling but i am now able to balance my love of pro wrestling and my enjoyment of life. What i am trying to say is that, its great to have dreams but dont let your dreams be your obsessions or you will miss the good things in life, like the movie said. This movie is so incredible in my opinion because its not just show how great life can be but also its a showcase of my life in a way and how far i have come. I love this movie and you guys should probably check it out for yourself if you didnt see it, you wont be disappointed.

    PopCulture AsylumPopCulture AsylumOy oldin
  • @Channel awesome so you liked soul but didn’t like Shrek 1 lol it’s funny how you look at movies

    Kali HattenKali HattenOy oldin
  • I'm glad to see you really like this movie, Doug! When I first saw this movie, it left me in such a state where I pondered over what is possibly out there that bridges life and death, like comas or out-of-body experiences. And, it left me wondering about what's worth living and why we do what we love. As for your two complaints, here's my two cents: With regards to the, I liked it as is a little more than you do. Two, I really enjoyed the surprise factor behind this humor; being that this was a Pixar film, I knew it would have some humor, but what we had, I didn't see coming. And three, I like how it allowed Joe and especially 22 to explore other facets of life even they knew knothing about beforehand. And this leads me into the ending. I can see where you're coming from, Doug. But me, personally, I liked how it ended because I saw Soul as being more about opening up to other parts of life that you might not have acknowledged enough, whether it's in the past, the present, or even the future. So seeing Joe get a second chance at life, while 22 got her first chance at hers, felt just right. Once again, that's just my two cents.

    Joseph DannivitzJoseph DannivitzOy oldin
  • I thought the movie was about learning and accepting life, not death.

    Night MareNight MareOy oldin
  • I think the fact that he already accepted his death makes up for the 2nd chance he got. Cuz the message is still there; life sucks sometimes.

    Ceph_Ceph_Oy oldin
  • You are definitely not alone! The ending is great, but it could be more poverful if he died, I think

    storytownstorytownOy oldin
  • To be honest I thought this would be perfect in my opinion however the ending is what made it average. It took a really serious and really deep movie and ended it with Disney logic

    Will BurridgeWill BurridgeOy oldin
  • I have to say the whole stairway thing was menacing because of the zapper. Has anybody else had the feeling that those souls are destroyed like bugs hitting a bug zapper? Joe certainly had this idea, this is why he escaped and was surprised no one else isn't doing anything. If those souls just went into the light and we don't know what happens next, fine. After all atheists and people of all faiths are watching this. You don't want to irate anyone. But that zapper thing is a little too much. Then again Joe cheated the system twice and he gets no punishment -why does he get to live again and not other mentors who succeeded with their pupils? How is that fair? A lot to think about.

    Z ZZ ZOy oldin
  • Soul is about the beauty of living, what's the point of Joe realizing what it really means to live if he isn't going to live it?

    Becuase I'm boredBecuase I'm boredOy oldin
  • In case you didn't watch the video, Spoilers... I would have considered it a great story if he had died at the end, exactly for the reasons mentioned, but I also found the choice they made uplifting as a happier ending. For most of the movie I was expecting him to learn that his real purpose was mentoring and inspiring others and expected him to choose a fulfilling life as a teacher, but instead he made a selfless sacrifice and was unexpectedly rewarded for it with a chance to do more living with renewed appreciation for it. They left it open whether he took the teaching job or pursued his art because the message was about enjoying life, and everyone will do that differently.

    Hiccup HufflepuffHiccup HufflepuffOy oldin
  • Alternative ending joe stays in the cat

    LatiosLatiosOy oldin
  • I really feel like not many do as well as Pixar when it comes to making movies that kids and adults and appreciate.

    MeMeOy oldin
  • Frozen II had consequences.

    Sara SamaletdinSara SamaletdinOy oldin
  • Like CallSpex said, this isn’t a movie for small kids but we should not say it’s not a movie for any children. Watch her video.

    Sara SamaletdinSara SamaletdinOy oldin
  • I specifically loved the interactions the main characters had with the residents of New York; it just felt so genuine to me.

    Nerdzilla 2002Nerdzilla 2002Oy oldin
  • I would like to see a soul part 2 showing joe living to be old and dying and his exploration of the great beyond if they can do the great before they could do the great beyond

    john aplinjohn aplinOy oldin
  • Spoiler Just a thought, maybe they could have left things ambiguous? It might be harder to pull off though. I didn’t hate the ending but you do make some good points its just interesting to think about

    Emily ClarkEmily ClarkOy oldin
  • If he died. Realisitc? yes. Pixar/Disney themed? no

    Narom NginNarom NginOy oldin
  • The best joke was when Joe kept trying to jump back to earth and reappeared in the soul world, so he picked up one of the soul babies and jumped with him. 🤣🤣

    mightywizardmightywizardOy oldin
  • 0:39 I think what you are looking for is: it has Pete Docter.

    Stephen SchaeferStephen SchaeferOy oldin
  • Second chance

    Noah DownsNoah DownsOy oldin
  • I think the premise that he died is wrong. 22 said the whole thing isn't real. Seems like he was in a hospital under anesthetics or a coma. Whether he recovered or not is actually unclear since he didn't return to the hospital.

    SiKai FuSiKai FuOy oldin
  • Yes, I'll be talking a few spoilers here, too, anyone who doesn't want spoilers, I recommend not reading my comment until after you've seen the movie. LOL I think either ending would have been acceptable, Joe going into the Great Beyond, or him returning to his life. Or if he became a mentor, which is where I thought the story was headed, too, that would have been great as well. Maybe he will when his time actually comes. :D I personally like that Joe got to go back to his life, because now he gets to live his life to the fullest, and get to improve some things in his life. I didn't like the idea of him going into the Great Beyond so much at the end, because if he did, his life wouldn't have been as fulfilling to him. There were many times where it showed that Joe loved his life, but now he knows how to really live it to the fullest instead of at partial capacity. The life he had before was pretty good, but the life he can have at the end of the movie can be so much better now. So I'm glad he got his second chance. :) The only thing I would have loved to have seen was what/who 22 became when she decided she wanted to live. At the end, that was something I was just dying to see (no pun intended)! If Disney never makes a sequel to this movie, I'll be fine, but if they do, I'd love to see 22's journey, and how she might run into Joe later, and how they'd get to rediscover each other all over again, that would be fun! Great movie. :D

    Blue Feathered CubBlue Feathered CubOy oldin
  • MMh, I still didn't truly understand this movie... I was thinking it will go to one direction, but it took the opposite direction. First, I didn't understand why Joe died in the end. he was playing, go into the zone, and what? he died? Just like that? What happened? he had a stroke? a heart attack? All the ending was truly weird for me, because he went from totally fine to "i'm dead". Second... About the meaning of the movie. Joe's life was all about his passion, his music. But in the end, being alive alone was enough. Well, for me it felt like "i'm never satisfied". He did realize his dream and then felt unsatisfied, disappointed. Well, you gonna say "that's the meaning of the movie, his passion wasn't his meaning of life" well, sorry but i don't buy it. He noticed life was more than his music BECAUSE he actually managed to be a musician. If he didn't, then he would have stay depressed. Feels like the artists of the movie were like "art is not everything, look at all your life", yeah, but bro, you got what you always wanted, what about people who will never reach their dreams? It means they will never be able to be happy or enjoy truly their life. Don't know... That's why i didn't truly like it. For the first time ever, i didn't like the morale of the story. In inside out, i totally get the feeling Riley got in the end, the depression and all. Here? I finished the movie and was like "well, my life is as shit as usual, i didn't learn anything except that if one day i will reach my dream, then i won't be happy". In Tangled, Rapunzel reached her dream, to see the light, she was happy, then scared and sad because she though she had no purpose anymore. And she found a new one. I liked this ending more.

    HydeKunagaHydeKunagaOy oldin
  • Okay, this is a hot take, but it is definitely top five Pixar movies for me. The narrative, the animation, the acting all make it amazing. Sure the pacing does get a tad choppy in the second and third acts, but the emotional payoff is more then worth it. This movie almost brought me to tears, it was truly breathtaking

    BillyJYTBillyJYTOy oldin
  • I agree. I thought the ending would have made more sense if he had died at the end.

    Diamond DiazDiamond DiazOy oldin
  • The animation was phenomenal and the acting was great too. However I gotta be honest, I wasn't a huge fan. Here's what bothered me- SPOILERS For one, I agree that Joe should've accepted that he lived his life and learned to be content with the little things he had and enjoyed and giving hope for someone new to experience it themselves. While I respect the idea that he now realizes this and has a second chance to now look at things in this new view, to me it kinda ruins the impact of the impermanence of life as well as the acceptance of it. Moreover, there's just a lot of little things that bothered me. For example, I wasn't a fan of him being a cat for a third of the movie. I felt it was just an excuse for humor. I thought it was confusing that he died from a fall but had no visible injuries or effects from it. When he entered in his body, he just got up and left like nothing happened so how did he die? I thought the pacing of dialogue was off with the trombone player coming to his apartment. She literally just went from "I'm quitting. I hate playing this." to "Ok I might not quit. Here, listen to this.-" in a matter of seconds. Lastly, 22 in Joe's body also kept mentioning a name from his memory he's embarrassed about, it sounds like it's an ex, but they never dive into it. Why? Relationships could be an important part of people's lives whether bad or good, so why mention it if you're not gonna go into it? Idk, I guess it's little things like that that bothered me about this movie. I can't say it's bad, far from it, but I didn't much like it.

    Jolt237Jolt237Oy oldin
  • I agree with your idea of the ending, doing so I think would have given the decision more weight, and with a movie that actually goes into some pretty big questions and issues it would have been a pretty good final life lesson. I also agree that I kind of felt like the idea was that he had already had a good life, and just didn't realize it. He was searching for this grand meaning of life, but it turned out that he didn't have to become this big shot musician or anything to have already lived a good life. I would say that he also learnt to have done things and appreciate things a bit different though, like with his barber. But I think that part of the story also had other purposes, such as demonstrating that life can still be good and enjoyable, even if at times it takes turns you didn't expect or even want originally.

    Nickel DimeNickel DimeOy oldin
  • I'm with you, Joe should've died at the end. I would see it could be dark for kids, then again this movie had babies say hell.

    The Double X PrinceThe Double X PrinceOy oldin
  • I remembering feeling a bit confiused at the end. As if the realization did not matter, so it threw me off. but on second tought, it was his own mericle getting that chans and apriciate what be have.

    Timeeater200Timeeater200Oy oldin
  • SPOILERS: They actually had multiple endings that they tried, including him accepting death, including him meeting soul 22 after she's been alive etc. They wanted to leave it more open and he's also a very special case in that he helped a soul live in which literally 100's of other mentors failed so the quantum universe constructs thought he deserved a second chance. I loved this movie. I thought it was so well made. Nothing was superfelous or lowbrow.

    Vixx CelaceaVixx CelaceaOy oldin
  • I loved this movie as well, but agree the ending wasn’t quite right. I thought he should have died but become a mentor

    Jem Gray LamarreJem Gray LamarreOy oldin
  • Also, at the end, he wasn't even dead, he purposefully was in a music trance to try to find 22 back in the other dimension. I don't know why everybody in the film acted like he was still fated to die, when he literally survived the coma and was alive at home playing piano by that time. I never thought he was gonna die for one second.

    Akatsukileader9Akatsukileader9Oy oldin
  • I loved this movie. My favourite scene is the one where 22 in Joe's body is getting a haircut, and speaks to Joe's friends, and we start to begin to see 22 slowly find her spark, and we start to deconstruct the idea of being born to do something specific and a soul's purpose. Not to spoil, but we see that the barber never intended to be a barber, and that his dream was to do something else, but he picked up hairdressing, and found that he loved it, he connected with people in a way he never thought he could before, and now he couldn't imagine life being any other way for him. I have seen a lot of videos where people talk about who 22 would be born as, where they would be born, and what they will do. I just love the mystery that we never find out what was her spark. It could have been the moment she ate pizza for the first time, the moment she a student of Joe's give up, but then perform some improv in the stair well and decide she wants to continue, the moment she discovered that one of Joe's friends, despite being talented at something, never intended to pick it up, the moment she listened to someone busking, the moment she saw how much Joe's mother loved him, and that even though she was angry, all she wanted was Joe to be able to look after himself, or it could be the moment she sat on the step by the jazz club and took in all the simple things. Part of me wants to know what gave her a love of life, but another part would be content not knowing, because then it preserves the mystery of where her spark came from, because life is unpredictable, but that's part of the joy behind it - the small things that we never plan for. Maybe Joe goes back to the land of the living and tries to balance the new job with his performing role, but maybe he uses the latter as a way to enter the Zone and help lost souls who have become obsessed and need grounding back in reality. He was able to enter the Zone and then save 22, even though most other souls cannot do that, so maybe he has found himself the ability to reach the spiritual plane and help others find their focus again, making it tie together his personality, being a mentor and a musician.

    Giovanni MagnusGiovanni MagnusOy oldin
  • 0:30 it's good to have you back 0:45 but the story was a little off0:58 not only did it take this a long time to put it togetherb1:33 all of this kind of doesn't matter though because Joe suddenly dies 1:57 they come across weird places and colorful characters and crazy shenanigans and maybe discover the meaning of life 2:12 yeah I think that's fair, taking stories that honestly have been done before but adding a new spin to it 2:37 leaning towards adults 2:55 there's a lot you can read into this 3:10 and for the most part it really really works, the ones that don't I'll admit are a bit more of a personal preference I really want to talk about the stuff that's great in this first, incredible textures and lighting, and it still looked amazing3:44 a lot more simple but it doesn't mean it's lazy look at these designs I love how they combine 2D and 3D together they're just amazing, a lot of thought went into 4:00 the acting is also top notch4:30a big speech talking to his mother that's great he does it wonderfully, that wouldn't have worked as effectively if his performance wasn't so solid

    Artifical Review ProjectArtifical Review ProjectOy oldin
  • I seriously thought the film was going to end with his accepting his death and appreciating the life he did have. I’m fine with his living-in fact I wouldn’t have minded if they showed a post-credits scene of an old Joe meeting a young woman who looks and sounds exactly like 22 and remembering her-but I wonder what it would’ve been like if things had gone differently

    Salad Fingers ASMR PartySalad Fingers ASMR PartyOy oldin
  • When first seeing the trailer, I thought that 22 was gonna end up becoming Joe's child, daughter or son. That his girlfriend/wife is pregnant and has a child while he's in the coma and when he wakes up, 22 will be born some time later.

    Black XerxesBlack XerxesOy oldin

      Stitch LoverStitch LoverOy oldin
  • Jamie Fox did amazing he's one of my favorite actors but I'm sorry but this movie doesn't feel real to me it's "cute" but i prefer the old movies and there cheap sequels back in the Disney renaissance but I'm glad Pixar made a movie that other people can enjoy 😊

    Nana The Spinel ink demon hybridNana The Spinel ink demon hybridOy oldin
  • I agree with you Doug; Pixar, its great to have you back! Soul was wonderful I personally enjoyed every moment of it. There were some jokes my daughters didnt get, most jokes my parents cracked up at too. but I personally loved this movie. I am like you however at the ending. But personally, I am glad Pixar ended it like this. there are a bunch of theories about who 22 ends up as or if 22 and Joe meet up again. But I am glad Pixar ended it like they did, I guess to me, it feels right.

    AutumnStarrAutumnStarrOy oldin
  • The freak out moment on the conveyer belt is a real thing that souls experience

    Essential ListeningEssential ListeningOy oldin
    • like 1 percent

      Essential ListeningEssential ListeningOy oldin
  • I can remember before I was born and the reincarnation process, this movie has its inaccuracy's about that process but surprisingly a lot of the afterlife rebirth process is accurate, I was incredibly uplifted and wondered where they got the inspiration to write the script

    Essential ListeningEssential ListeningOy oldin
  • I just saw this movie, and I ADORED it! I can't say I cried, but I got so many emotions out of it. And the animation is so gorgeous. SPOILERS As for the ending, I don't think Joe should've died, because...well, it feels like everything and everyone is trying to teach the message "Life sucks, and you're going to waste it, deal with it", and honestly, it's just so damn depressing. The most standout example I can think of for this is Bojack Horseman, which is amazing, don't get me wrong, but it's nice to have optimistic messages as well to balance it out and tell people there are good things about life. Seeing so many stories and people talk about how life sucks and how being an adult is Hell has honestly made me so afraid of the future, as if the second I become an adult, I waste my life and die. And my God, this was so refreshing amidst all of that. I think it would've been a happy medium if Joe had become a mentor at the end, but honestly, it's just a nice feeling having Joe be able to get a second chance at life, and it fits with the theme of the story of having Joe find his real spark.

    Laura BirdwellLaura BirdwellOy oldin
  • I finally watched the movie today, so I can finally finish this review.

    PKMN Trainer MarkPKMN Trainer MarkOy oldin
  • I absolutely adore this movie. But I also think Joe should’ve died in the end. I think it would be more impactful

    Shot in the HeartShot in the HeartOy oldin
  • Oh come on! It's the same Pixar formula ad nauseum. How is people not fed up with this? geez.

    El Rincon de BobEl Rincon de BobOy oldin
  • "I think Joe should've died at the end, or at least become a mentor' Don't those two go together? I mean I thought there was a way people who are dead sign up for mentoring in the Great Beyond. That's why there were a bunch of name tags there for mentoring but only Joe's soul was missing.

    Pary CartoonsPary CartoonsOy oldin
  • Spoiler warning. I definitely agree with you Critic, he should've become a mentor at the end. Especially since he kind of was a mentor in life even if he didn't know it at the time. Or even if he didn't become a mentor he still should've died. Like you said, his journey in the movie seemed to be discovering that he actually did live a good life and he was now willing to let 22 experience life for herself. Letting Joe go back to his life at the end after he discovered the meaning just feels cheap. I know it's a Disney film, but I don't think kids would've had a problem with him staying dead because the film handled the transition so well. I really feel like the ending was a big missed opportunity.

    ForlornDrifterForlornDrifterOy oldin
  • I thought it was really good film but my problem with the pixar films they feel a little forgettable but it was very well made animation is very beautiful.

    Prehistoric LifePrehistoric LifeOy oldin
  • You’re not alone on him dying being a better ending. I also think he should have faced the consequences of his choice and find peace with it

    Марина ПавловецМарина ПавловецOy oldin
  • This is my favorite Pixar movie

    Zombie GuyZombie GuyOy oldin
  • Idk why but it made me cry a bit. This is so such a good movie it reminds me a bit on inside out

  • Next year he needs to review: - Teen Beach Movie - Let It Shine - Teen Beach Movie 2 - Raya and the Last Dragon (once it’s released of course) - Anastasia - the Tinkerbell movies - Godmothered (aka godawful)

    big mcthankiesbig mcthankiesOy oldin
  • SPOILER OMG I totally agree with the ending! I remember sitting on the edge of my seat, thinking “oh my gosh are they going to go through with this? Are they ACTUALLY going to let their main character die? That’s so mature and ground breaking! Showing death in a positive life so that kids can understand the peacefulness of-“ Then NAH. The sacrifice was meaningless. It’s just....UGH can you imagine if they did that?! Such a let down! Still a good movie though!

    Blueflower1594Blueflower1594Oy oldin
  • If anything, if there's a special features DVD of Soul, i want the full set of that band Joe plays in. also as soon as that first note hit when he starts playing with 22's memorabilia near him all i thought was "Oh no.... im going to cry and cry hard"

    warloxwillwarloxwillOy oldin
  • The movie could have worked with him dying, but I enjoy a movie that is about second chances. As someone with anxiety and depression, I feel the need to kinda have new days and to realize 'living life is beautiful. So embrace it.' I prefer the ending they went with. PS- No mention of Terry? One of the best characters ever?

    Equus21-AaronEquus21-AaronOy oldin
  • what is the fox kids cartoon?

    Jakub OwczarekJakub OwczarekOy oldin
  • Apparently there were numerous endings to this movie and how they wanted to end it and it was a real challenge to pick this one. I like this and I would've liked the other ones but for all different reasons

    Badger McWafflesBadger McWafflesOy oldin
  • I feel like in the ending Joe goes back to earth, is what your friends said, because he finally understood what it means to live because from what we know most of his life was just jazz but not he may focus on things besides jazz. Like that girl 22 mention a couple of times through out the movie

    King GudakoKing GudakoOy oldin
  • 8:55

    Jane GarnessJane GarnessOy oldin
  • The jerry and terry characters have the old school Mac faces from the 90s.

    SpinySpinyOy oldin
  • Next year, can he do more sport movies?

    Esther MillerEsther MillerOy oldin
  • SPOILER: According to the director, the reason they didn't kill Joe at the end was because they thought it was denying him a chance to live his life with a new perspective. Personally, I'm inclined to agree with that, because I interpreted the movie more as saying that life isn't about devoting yourself to one singular purpose, it's about a bunch of little things that come together to make it worth living. That's my opinion anyway.

    nagaking07nagaking07Oy oldin
  • I believe a second change is a good ending, it make feel that I also have a second opportunity to enjoy every single aspect of life :)

    Carlos BazanCarlos BazanOy oldin
  • I think it should have ended in more of an inception type of fashion. Hear me out. This was a movie that in my opinion was meant to spark conversation between parents and children. I remember watching movies like that when I was a kid and having long conversations about life and so on with my parents and grandparents. It brought me closer to them and nurtured my fascination with life as a whole. So having the end of the film be a cliffhanger of a choice for the main character would have been perfect. Do you want a second chance to live life or do you feel satisfied with the life you had now that you’ve seen it ? Life is beautiful, painful, and scary. I hope this movie did spark conversations at home between parents and children about why 22 didn’t want to live yet. Life is about chances and you may get hurt along the way and that’s something I think a lot of families should talk about with their kids. Kids intuitively love a lot of the simple things and I think having a family philosophy talk about why they shouldn’t ever stop like the main character did is important. It’s easy to wonder about life and feel like answers and motivations should be complicated but really it shouldn’t have to be. It’s the whole worry about your happiness and your purpose will fulfill itself. (: those are my thoughts hope critic doesn’t mind my paragraphs haha.

    The SrygThe SrygOy oldin
  • I had a feeling Pixar wouldn't kill one of their main characters but I really wanted him to pass away in the end as well. It almost cheapens the end of it for me because yes there is no repercussions to his action. He escapes death because he did one nice thing in helping a soul.

    princekelsey95princekelsey95Oy oldin
  • Your right Doug. Disney likes to represent hope, freedom, and horrific practices that destroy both as well as taking advantage of slave labor whenever it suits them. Oh. Wait.

    VlaDDrakkeNVlaDDrakkeNOy oldin
  • I think the ending was kind of a subversion of a subversion, a lot of pixar movies end in ways that are contrary to the cliche happy endings that Disney usually offers, like how Inside Out turned all the happy memories sad or the guy from Onward didn't get to see his father, so going into Soul we were ALL expecting him to have to go to the great beyond at the end, so it was actually a subversion that he gets to go back to his life, I can tell you I didn't see it coming.

    wakeangel2001wakeangel2001Oy oldin
  • i agree with you. the ending should have been different, with him passing away. otherwise his sacrifice doesn't have the needed impact on the viewer. it ruined the movie to me a little. but overall it is undoubtedly very powerful film.

    EcleteEcleteOy oldin
  • I thought he should’ve passed away. It would’ve weighed more as a sacrifice. Him sacrificing himself to go back to save 22 and give up his life so she can live her life

    Aaron WilmothAaron WilmothOy oldin
  • Next year, I really would love to see you do Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin

    David ChurchDavid ChurchOy oldin
  • Why were they so worried about getting that little soul a pass to the human world when so many characters, including the crazy homeless guy can just take souls to the human world at will

    Darc Hart94Darc Hart94Oy oldin
  • I think Joe learned his lesson and he deserved a second chance.

    IceMaster972IceMaster972Oy oldin