Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1 - Doug Reviews

11-Fev, 2021
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Doug is looking at the most popular Star Wars show (no not Droids) season by season. What will his thoughts be on the first part of the hit series? Let's take a look at Season 1 of The Clone Wars.
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an animated television series set between the events of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The series aired on Cartoon Network for five seasons from 2008 to 2013, while an abridged sixth season was released through Netflix in 2014. On July 19, 2018, it was announced that twelve more episodes would be produced for the Disney streaming service, which were released beginning in February 2020 and ended on May 4, 2020.
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  • What's everyone think of the first season of The Clone Wars? Watch more Nostalgia Critic here -​​​​ Follow us on Twitch -​

    Channel AwesomeChannel Awesome22 kun oldin
    • easily the worst season of all the change between this and where the show ends is incredible

      The SenateThe SenateKun oldin
    • Good but not yet great. Greatness can be gleamed throughout the first two seasons and is achieved by season 3.

      J DoeJ Doe9 kun oldin
    • Amazing!

      Mastered Ultra Instinct LucarioMastered Ultra Instinct Lucario11 kun oldin
    • Just hope you know that the show is not told in chronological order

      jkiturejkiture14 kun oldin
    • In fact, I have never watched any televised or online Star Wars shows whether spin-off plot threads of the movies or the expanded universe of them, nor read of the expanded universe books or comic books and don't have any particular interest to consume them, I only watch and own the theatrically released episodes I (1) through IX (9) (yeah I'm sure you know from Roman to more normally commonplace Arabic numerals), on my Blu-Ray and DVD disc various combo sets, just saying.

      Mikhail the TenorMikhail the Tenor15 kun oldin
  • In the clone wars the Confederacy of Independent Systems are fighting for independence against the republic

    Ok YeahOk YeahKun oldin
  • FYI the chronological starting point is episode 16 of season 2. Look clone wars watch order.

    JonathanJonathan2 kun oldin
  • My favorite parts of that series is only focused more on the clones and people that don’t have the force power. And you can see the struggle that they have and your deals that they’re dealing with. The clones like Rex and the other ones.They deal with Their characters develop more than most. It’s funny when you get an episode that it’s just one voice actor doing everyone at the same time and those are the best ones.

    BrewHound 13BrewHound 133 kun oldin
  • jarjar gets better in later seasons but can still be annoying.

    KentaroKentaro6 kun oldin
  • Ok lets get one thing straight before you continue on to following seasons, they are not all in order in fact some of the later seasons are so out of order that some of the events in the beginning seasons happen after some of the events in the later seasons but unless you are paying close attention you probably wont notice. they actually have a list on the net somewhere that does tell you the timeline order of the episodes but you don't have to care about it to enjoy the show. it is still an amazingly well done show.

    KentaroKentaro6 kun oldin
  • “The body count is insane” Oh you have no idea! Not only do the battles have high body counts. But the individual kills are really inventive and graphic!

    Owen SmithOwen Smith7 kun oldin
  • I really like that The frist season dont hold back on The brutalness of war, The later ones is definently more brutal, but in The first season sets a good standart for The next ones. I was actually shocked and impressed at The same time when griveous murdered The jedi. Didnt expect that.

    Impossible MoviesImpossible Movies7 kun oldin
  • Heads up; the episodes are definitely NOT in order. In fact, there's an actual page on the official Star Wars website that shows the correct canonical viewing order of the episodes. If I remember correctly, the canonical first episode is all the way in the middle of season 3. Even in the final season that aired on Disney Plus, they were pulling this. Yeah, I have no idea what was going on with that either.

    chimerschangchimerschang7 kun oldin
  • Oh God, PLEASE watch the Clone Wars series done by Gendy Tarkovsky at some point if you haven't watched it already! It's another great (albeit comparatively shorter) piece of Star Wars content and even features the first ever appearance of General Grievous.

    Sandwich MonsterSandwich Monster7 kun oldin
  • keep going the show get better.

    Philip keltonPhilip kelton7 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry, Matt Lanter and Hayden Christensen do not sound alike!

    Jared NavarreteJared Navarrete8 kun oldin
  • My favorite episode in season 1 is episode 5 Rookies. The reason why is that for me it shows how adaptive the clones are with out Jedis help

    KongaroKongaro8 kun oldin
  • I mean ultimately the war is just manipulation by Sidious so in some regards it doesn’t really matter what the war is about.

    yoshiyoshi9 kun oldin
  • After Clone Wars, watch Rebels! \o/

    The SeleufThe Seleuf10 kun oldin
  • I’m really looking forward to further reviews of the next seasons.

    _ Byzzer_ Byzzer10 kun oldin
  • I don’t actually think the Clone Wars Movie was that bad!

    Nathan SuttonNathan Sutton11 kun oldin
  • "good guys and the bad guys" are you sure the republic are the good guys Mr nostalgia critic?

    RoboLobster3000RoboLobster300011 kun oldin
  • The first 2 seasons are still great with many highlights, they're not that bad in comparison, if I were to give all the seasons a 0-10 grade they would be Season 1: 5 Season 2: 6 Season 3: 8 Season 4: 8 Season 5: 9 Season 6: 10 Season 7: 8

    D GCD GC12 kun oldin
  • Watch The Owl House

    Ghost ZombiesGhost Zombies12 kun oldin
  • Oh, watching Doug's reactions to season after season will be a treat!

    Heru SolaresHeru Solares12 kun oldin
  • The movie was bad? Who the fuck said that? The action in the movie was great

    polterghostpolterghost13 kun oldin
  • I enjoy the prequels, love the originals. The prequels worked and the the Clone wars is fantastic and love it!

    Joshua HartJoshua Hart14 kun oldin
  • Dave Filoni we thank you for caring about us the real fans of Star Wars and George Lucas's legacy of Star Wars.

    Joshua HartJoshua Hart14 kun oldin
  • As far as I know Star Wars the Clone Wars was one of Matt Lanter's first major roles. Him being Anikan's VA. Because of this he does start out a bit poor, but you can see the DRASTIC improvement of his performance throughout the show. By the end he was fantastic, and definitely, INFINITELY better than his Live-Action counterpart.

    Andrew CoeAndrew Coe14 kun oldin
  • You know Lucas wasn't hands off with the Clone Wars right, he just prefers to be the behind the scenes guy like on Empire and Jedi that's why he hired Foloni. That why he asked other to direct the prequels they just turned him down cause he likes to direct through the director which his top choices like Ron Howard bulked at. Foloni not only didn't mind Lucas's style but wasn't afraid to add his own input which is why he became Lucas's Padawan. Hell one of Lucas's kids (Katey Kucas) wrote some if the best episodes.

    Fenris30Fenris3014 kun oldin
  • Me: Jesus give me the grace to not write a mean comment about Doug's criticism of Ahsoka. lol She was supposed to start out like that, it was planned from the very beginning and she has an INCREDIBLE character arc that Ashley Eckstien voices so beautifully. And her being young was planned too, to be a role model for young girls who kind of grow up with Ahsoka as she grows and matures and learns valuable lessons.

    Tirzah AdcockTirzah Adcock14 kun oldin
  • The clone wars movie isn't that bad actually.

    The Pete Sassafras showThe Pete Sassafras show14 kun oldin
  • I'm watching it for the first time now too. On season 4 or 5. Some really great 3-4 part episodes that really would have been better movie plots than any of the sequels or prequels.

    bubblehulkbubblehulk15 kun oldin
  • ”Hopefully they’re in order” oh... oh no 😂

    TigrovicaTigrovica15 kun oldin
  • Considering how much you seemed to like this show, you should take a look at Transformers prime. It looks good, has a great plot and is quite frankly not made by Michael Bay

    OneBillionTacosOneBillionTacos15 kun oldin
  • I highly recommend watching the 2d Clone Wars even if you just see the clips of general grievous as he quite Franky was just very cool in it. It made him a lot more threatening and it overall was just very cool.

    OneBillionTacosOneBillionTacos15 kun oldin
  • Yeah, the androids have personalities but their pretty much all suppressed

    OneBillionTacosOneBillionTacos15 kun oldin
  • the war in a nutshell: the separatists want to leave the republic and form their own government and they invade planets to forcefully recruit them to their side to do this, while the army of the republic wants to stop them from doing that and keep the republic united.

    Zoomer UnionZoomer Union15 kun oldin
  • Just wait till you get to the droids cartoon homage to gulliver's travels.

    Smashing PotsSmashing Pots15 kun oldin
  • I loved the Cartoon Network version because the Netflix version cut off a lot of epic scenes and episodes. And in Star Wars there was no true good guy or bad guy, it made you think a lot.

    Qwerty CrusaderQwerty Crusader15 kun oldin
  • Wait, did he just said that he's including Disney games into Disneycember?

    SneakysneakyraccoonSneakysneakyraccoon15 kun oldin
  • I've had never seen this particular show.

    Mikhail the TenorMikhail the Tenor15 kun oldin
  • 5:32 *laughs*

    dDeckondDeckon15 kun oldin
  • "what a terrible shot oh well its my programming"

    Ross NapierRoss Napier15 kun oldin
  • Just to point out keep a mental image of the clones armor styles and how they act. A lot of clones who get a few episodes under their belts really become a part of the cast so to speak. Like in the beginning we just see a lot of rank and file shinier but by the end you'll notice that the officers, squad leaders and squad members are clones who you've seen and watched have been around since season 1

    Robert FRobert F15 kun oldin
  • God he is going to love Rebels at a certain point. You know what I mean.

    KikBlavaKikBlava15 kun oldin
  • Heres a fun idea! Everytime Doug says um we drink a shot. Man that would be leathal.....

    Tobbe LundTobbe Lund15 kun oldin
  • I watched the Clone Wars tv show before I watched the movie; I wish I'd done it the other way around because in season 1 we don't really get an introduction to Ahsoka, that was all shown in the Clone Wars movie; so for me I was like 'who's this lil girl and when did Anakin get a padawan of his own?' obvious questions someone would have if they didn't watch the movie 1st. So in short, my advice is to watch the animated Clone Wars movie 1st, then start the show

    Keilynn De LaFrancKeilynn De LaFranc15 kun oldin
  • It's been a few years since I watched Clone wars from the beginning so i can only recall general feelings rather than specific things. (I ended up watching it just around the time Rebels started airing - for context). I remember being kinda meh on season 1. I was watching it with someone and there were times I was like GO GO GO! and then we'd hit a point where I was there something else we can watch? I don't think I found Ahsoka as annoying as others, from the jump, but that may have just been because I was pre-invested in her journey so I knew she was going to grow up and get better and therefore I probably let a lot slide. I also don't remember thinking the VAs sounded like their RL counterparts at all....but maybe that's just me...

    soshiangel90soshiangel9015 kun oldin
  • oh you need to watch the show on chronological order and not the realese ^^'

    Dimitri henryDimitri henry16 kun oldin
  • Listen ima need to hear you say at least a single ass thing about Cad Bane. C'mon now.

    Rage CasanovaRage Casanova16 kun oldin
  • Every season has some kind of pointless filler episodes, and the first couple of seasons are just worse because they have more and the voice acting and animation improves later on. But the character development and battles are really good. And the series is patient in addressing some of the questions you raise about the clones and the war

    Trevor HoffmanTrevor Hoffman16 kun oldin
  • The first few seasons fluctuated from ok to moderately good until that last season when it starts getting great. Haven't watched the new season that came out on Disney+ yet, hoping it picks up right where the last one left off quality wise

    Lane GamesLane Games16 kun oldin
  • You suck. This video sucks.

    elif altınelif altın16 kun oldin
  • Obviously, as a mega fan of all this star wars stuff, seeing him get these things wrong and not understand certain things drives me insane, but its nice seeing a fresh take on things.

    paladinofthelostdayspaladinofthelostdays16 kun oldin
  • “Hopefully they're in order” Answer: Eh?

    Spaceslime21Spaceslime2116 kun oldin
  • Actually alot of people hated ashoka at first lol

    RobocopdudeRobocopdude16 kun oldin
  • If you think the death count is high just you wait

    downnicedownnice16 kun oldin
  • Doug, the show is NOT in order. The further you get, unless you look it up, the more you'll get confused on when things actually happen.

    Joe VJoe V16 kun oldin
  • You can find lists online with the exact chronological order of the episodes funny thing, episode 16 of this season happens before the Clone Wars movie, and then in season 2 there's an episode that comes before Season 1 Episode 16

    Weik-293Weik-29316 kun oldin
  • I would love to see a Doug Reviews of Young Rock. As a huge wrestling fanatic, when I saw the first episode I loved how they portrayed such larger than life charecters as regular people and a regular family out of the ring. I also love how genuine it all feels. I would love to hear what you thought of it Doug

    Quill WriteQuill Write16 kun oldin
  • I would like to see a bakugan review for both the past and the present bakugan series

    Shirley MooreShirley Moore16 kun oldin
  • Can't wait to hear your thoughts on season 2!

    Laura BLaura B16 kun oldin
  • Hey critic!! You remember the Joker movie? Well this is Disney's joker

    Yellow DevilYellow Devil16 kun oldin
  • *Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return* WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REVIEW THIS MOVIE?? YOU DID THE FIRST ONE!

    N1qq FuryN1qq Fury16 kun oldin
  • Doug pls Droids not androids

    PACmonPACmon16 kun oldin
  • Can you make a review of "Willy's Wonderland"? Nicolas Cage is starring ...

    DizzRosDizzRos16 kun oldin
  • To be fair the battle droids from the clone wars were made by the lowest bidder there are drugs that are much much better

    bigreaderpikebigreaderpike16 kun oldin
  • Dark toons-adventure time no one can hear you

    Kevin NeutzlingKevin Neutzling16 kun oldin
  • I know it will be controversial. But still, I'm gonna say it. The Clone Wars from middle of season 3 onwards are, in my opinion, the best Star Wars media ever. Even better than the original trilogy.

    Aman M SAman M S16 kun oldin
  • "Anakin gets better through the show" his development is one of the strongest points of this show, makes his actions in RTS actually make more sense, I love his constantly revealing his darker nature while still being charming and heroic to most people. EDIT: I actually prefer watching it in chronological order, I found a list online and made some changes myself that made more sense to me.

    Minor CharacterMinor Character16 kun oldin
  • Watch star wars REBELS!!!

    MeowMeowDuckMeowMeowDuck17 kun oldin
  • If you like Clone Wars then you would really like Star Wars Rebels.

    Rebecca WilsonRebecca Wilson17 kun oldin
  • I do hate nostalgia as a starwars fan im utterly unable to get into any of the cartoons (i wouldnt mind if they had the graphics of the cinematic trailers for starwras games)and i just nitpick on everything in it which is crazy cuz even if i hate something in starwars like a game or movie(i hated all the sequels and still watched em in theater and probably will again just cuz) ill still play/watch it i didnt like fallen order from the get go but still loved playing it and would again just cuz its starwars but because of nostalgia im unable to enjoy the cartoons without getting mad cuz im so used to either the video game universe or the live action universe aesthetic that the cartoons end up just looking corny to me and it sucks cuz i wanna be part of the fun i wanna see Ashoka’s story and be able to enjoy her more in the live action world but my nostalgia just wont let my brain get passed it im starting to see how prequel haters feel i for one loved 1-6 but that’s because i was born in 96 so im used to it but the way i see it is the prequel haters are in the same boat the change from the originals to the prequels then the sequels is just too far apart when it comes to aesthetic so it makes them just hate it

    Rude Anime villainRude Anime villain17 kun oldin
  • WW2 DOUG!!!! WW2!!!!

    Sketchy GetcheySketchy Getchey17 kun oldin
  • Can you do willys wonderland movie next for your nastalga critic

    Five nights at PokemonFive nights at Pokemon17 kun oldin
  • It's funny that you just started watching this - I literally just started watching it today. I got about half way through Season 1. I already really like it so if it gets exponentially better after the first couple of seasons then that makes me that much more excited to keep going.

    Gare Bear's Gaming GroundGare Bear's Gaming Ground17 kun oldin
  • The show was great, and so was the movie! You need to see it!

    HerowebcomicsHerowebcomics17 kun oldin
  • Hey Doug? Ever notice you totally do that Goldbloom thing? So uh, the uh, clone wars uh, something separatist uh. Not a bad thing, just noted lol

    chris culbertsonchris culbertson17 kun oldin
  • The wooden dialogue wasn’t Hayden Christiansen’s fault it was down to the writing and directing of George Lucas, I mean did we forget how great of a job he did an episode III

    A.J. ReidA.J. Reid17 kun oldin
  • What i really liked is that Clone Wars took the war seriously. It wasnt sugarcoated, they gave the „evil“ faction depth and didnt make it a childs play just because its an animated series

    MediadosMediados17 kun oldin
  • If you want the true experience, I recommend watching the 4 Hour Revenge of the Sith cut and instead of the solo final episodes of Season 7. It really enhances the finale.

    Josh -The Spooky Bastard-Josh -The Spooky Bastard-17 kun oldin
  • Holy shit It’s happening! He’s reviewing Clone Wars! Fucking YAY!

    Casper GarciaCasper Garcia17 kun oldin
  • I’m just here to say your Pink Floyd the wall review was a slap in the face to Pink Floyd

    Joaquin ImperialJoaquin Imperial17 kun oldin
  • In regards to Jar-Jar, I'll say while he was *far* from a favorite in the show, he did have his enjoyable moments. I think it's because they were willing to go further with his physical comedy, and actually make some of it entertaining. In comparison, his appearance in the movies tended to be half-done attempts at best and mostly just came across as annoying with no payoff..... Though to be fair, that's a problem most characters in the movies have, where they never truly justified or earned their character arcs or inclusion in the movies. Most just felt like they were there to serve as plot points or "because we need this character", rather than actually existing as people within that universe. The media other than the movies has generally been a lot better at character writing and development.....

    Gamer3427Gamer342717 kun oldin
  • Check out Star Wars rebels as well cuz the Mandalorian takes a lot from it as well.

    Hasan NaqviHasan Naqvi17 kun oldin
  • 6:41 The war has no point. The Sith are playing both sides.

    Andrew OrdersAndrew Orders17 kun oldin
  • The droids in Star Wars are fully sentient

    Andrew OrdersAndrew Orders17 kun oldin
  • Can you please do a review of the movie Remo Williams: the adventure begins? heh i think that is a very nostalgia worth movie. in the 80s or so, has Fred Ward, and a white old guy playing an asian old guy, and everything.

    Lupus MacbethLupus Macbeth17 kun oldin
  • The first few seasons of Clone Wars aren’t bad... they’re just very uneven. Even going into the later seasons there are still pretty bad episode arcs, but the good stuff far outweighs the bad.

    Henry HammondHenry Hammond17 kun oldin
  • Wait til you get to the later seasons. It's gonna be a wild, fun ride.

    CaptainRexCaptainRex17 kun oldin
  • It’s always fun to watch a new person get into clone wars.

    luckysixluckysix17 kun oldin
  • I'm a little confused, Disneycember is December, right?

    Wesley BrownWesley Brown17 kun oldin
  • Doug: Next Disneycember I'm reviewing video games. Bart's Nightmare: Hello old friend.

    jstarwars360jstarwars36017 kun oldin
  • The Clone Wars film is a three-four part pilot episode that was made into a film at the request of George Lucas. It's not bad but releasing in theaters but way too much weight on it. Similar to Return of Jafar, it's much easier to enjoy if you view it more as a tv pilot than a film. You're missing much just the introduction of Ahsoka and Ziro the Hutt.

    jstarwars360jstarwars36017 kun oldin
  • The show is just amazing. Loved the humor. Loved the drama. It just gets darker... And the fact that they redeem Jar Jar is great. And not to mention reintroduce Maul...his arc is just awesomely well done.

    Justin HollenJustin Hollen17 kun oldin
  • Do you think you could do a Nostalgia Critic review of the original Clone Wars micro-series that was created in 2003 by Tartakovsky (the guy who made Samurai Jack)? Since it was made between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith and it's become largely overlooked because of this The Clone Wars cartoon, I'd say it counts as "nostalgic" and I think it would be interesting to compare the two series that both tackled the Clone Wars in very different ways.

    Matthew St. CyrMatthew St. Cyr17 kun oldin
  • " No longer certain, that one ever does win a war, I am. For in fighting the battles, the bloodshed, already lost we have. "

    NeuromancerNeuromancer18 kun oldin
  • I've been a SW fan since 1977. I love the prequels. Love the Clone Wars movie and series. Fought for years to save the Clone Wars after it was canceled by Disney. So this is very weird to me.

    RobRob18 kun oldin
  • That guy without the glasses

    BLVDESBLVDES18 kun oldin
  • I have been rewatching them The animation (after seeing season 7) is waaaaay worse than i remembered I watched season 7 and i was like "yeah that looks like i remember clone wars" Nope its way better But season 1-2 are not as much filler as i remember they had great episodes And my least favourites (as i remember i havent rewatched that) are in season 3 xP

    Kun AkosKun Akos18 kun oldin
  • I usually don't get bothered by things this petty but I feel the need to point out in Star Wars they just call them Droids not androids. I believe in part it is because android implies they are humanoid and not all droids are. Also droid sound better than robot. Oh also with the battle droids they are kinda meant to be funny but I think it isn't because the technology is lacking it is just the big bad guys are cheap and build a ton. They are also terrifying enough in big numbers against anyone other than a Jedi the clone troopers who are pretty elite fighters. James Arnold Taylor as Obi-Wan was almost a voice duplicate and then moves into his own sound a lot too. Putting them next to each other later they don't sound that alike. Heck I even like JAT more.

    The Protean GeekThe Protean Geek18 kun oldin
  • He's adding video games to Disneycember now? Whooo boy, he's going to play Kingdom Hearts... Pray for this man's soul!

    Atari DadAtari Dad18 kun oldin
  • All I'm gonna say is that I'm really glad you are watching this show finally. Its rightfully earned its place among the best of Star Wars, in my opinion. And as others have said, it retroactively makes the prequels so much better, which is pretty damn impressive.

    Drax514Drax51418 kun oldin