Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4 - Doug Reviews

17-Apr, 2021
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Darth Maul is back?!? Does he have more than two lines of dialogue? Doug gives his thoughts on The Clone Wars Season 4.
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The fourth season of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, marketed under the subtitle Battle Lines, began airing on Cartoon Network in the U.S. on September 16, 2011 with a one-hour season premiere and ended with a season finale on March 16, 2012. Like all previous seasons, the fourth season comprised of twenty-two episodes.
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  • I can't wait to hear his thoughts on the final 4 episodes on Season 7.

  • Honestly, this series should have been done between 2 and 3. It would have been so much better.

    Robert FalkRobert Falk5 soat oldin
  • I don't know if this is an easy setup for you or not, but this camera angle would be great for your Dark Toons videos, something you might want to look into!

    NefnojNefnoj8 soat oldin
  • Well, we got him, he is into it. Now we just gotta make him watch Wakfu XD

    Naru-kunNaru-kun3 kun oldin
  • You should watch it’s sequel show star wars rebels

    Abdullah BesharaAbdullah Beshara5 kun oldin
  • The prequels were new when he was young and he hated them. Everyone now hates on the sequels now. 10 years from now we will be the grumpy old people hating.

    coye9rcoye9r6 kun oldin
  • Will you watch Bad Batch once you've finished The Clone Wars (either before or after Rebels) Actually will you watch Rebels and if so will you do it before the final Clone Wars season? Rebels had its entire broadcast sandwiched between the final two seasons of the Clone Wars. I guess it doesn't hugely matter but imo authors make art expecting them to be consumed in the release order, so I wonder how it would work watching Maul's arc chronologically vs the 'intended' order. (I know they technically wrote the story before Rebels, but it was ultimately filmed and changed after Revels)

    Haaris QureshiHaaris Qureshi6 kun oldin
  • What I find impressive about Mauls character in clone wars is that they used the fact he was developed so little before he was immediately thrown away as the core for as Doug put it Shakespeare level of character.

    Flame ReaperFlame Reaper6 kun oldin
  • Umbara and The Siege of Mandalore arcs are the series at its best.

    yoshiyoshi6 kun oldin
  • Soooooo where's season 5 lol

    Mathew WilliamsMathew Williams8 kun oldin
  • is he planing on watching rebels too?

    Flame ReaperFlame Reaper8 kun oldin
  • Dathomir and the Umbara Arc - That's what gets people hooked on Clone Wars )))

    RoninMidzuRoninMidzu10 kun oldin
  • You will love season 5

    Ethan DalyEthan Daly10 kun oldin
  • Rewatch Solo after Clone Wars Season 4

  • Watch anime.

    Daniel LuDaniel Lu12 kun oldin
  • I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I wish Krell hadn’t turned out to be on the side of the sith. To me it feels like an easy way out to say “oh he was big evil all along” instead of exploring the complexity of someone who views clones as nothing more than canon fodder meat shields with guns. I think if Krell was still on the side of the republic and the Jedi but just dehumanized the troopers in a way we’d never see from our Jedi protagonists but might be the prevailing view of most higher ups, it could’ve been a lot more interesting and morally gray

    Shoulderpads-mcgeeShoulderpads-mcgee12 kun oldin
  • I think the hardest part of the slaver arc was how beaten down Obi-wan got when we was enslaved by the Zygerrians. You could just see the frustration settle into helplessness when he eventually realizes he can't help anyone. He basically raised Anakin and was aware of the emotional baggage he carried from being a slave, but he never UNDERSTOOD it. He didn't get the psychology of it, the way it shapes your outlook and behavior. It was a great, albeit painful, character moment.

    vulcanhumorvulcanhumor13 kun oldin
  • Doug. You really need to talk about the Duchess of Mandalor. I love her character and I want to hear your thoughts on her. Especially after the next season.

    Sifu BSifu B13 kun oldin
  • Are you an Aspie?

    scorpius319scorpius31913 kun oldin
  • Darth Maul is an very interesting figure

    Fermioncool FermioncoolFermioncool Fermioncool14 kun oldin
  • This is the best season of the series imo. It changed the ballgame so much.

    Arkham SquireArkham Squire15 kun oldin
  • Definitely liked the longer stories

    Stephen KzStephen Kz15 kun oldin
  • What I'm finding interesting here as Doug watches these is that you can see him starting to take the nostalgia goggles off and see the misconception that plagues so many Star Wars fans: the prequel trilogy was never a black-and-white morality story; it was black-and-gray. The Republic HAD become bloated and unwieldy, the Jedi HAD become dogmatic to the point that they had lost touch. Anakin's story is that of an idealist who sees the deep flaws in a system he believed in, and has no one in his traditional support systems who can help him square the round peg. It's why the dark side becomes attractive in the first place, because its goals are at least easy for him to understand, poisoned as they are. In my experience, people who see the whole scope of what was happening in this era tend to love the prequels for the masterpieces of storytelling that they are, while people who see all of Star Wars as a basic "underprivileged rise up against dictators" morality play get frustrated with the prequels for refusing to play into the storytelling style of the originals they're familiar with. Clone Wars seems to be a good gateway into helping people understand that the Republic era and the Empire era are two completely different worlds and need to be taken as their own pieces to the greater whole.

    Sean JaramilloSean Jaramillo15 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia critic for dawn of the dead and day of the dead plz

    douk erhdouk erh15 kun oldin
  • I do enjoy the space multi-episode arcs give the team to tell more engaging and complex stories. However good the Mon Cala, Umbara, Obi-Wan Undercover and Darth Maul arcs in this season are, though, I do get the feeling that four episodes are often too many and drag the plot out a bit without adding anything substantive in terms of story or character. I think three episodes is the sweet spot, as in the Slavers of Kordavo arc. A few more of individual episodes like A Friend in Need or shorter arcs like Nomad Droids would have markedly improved the pacing of the season, taking it from very good to... very, very good.

    Luka DreyerLuka Dreyer15 kun oldin
  • Well, after you're done with the series, maybe the NC would like to do top 11 Clone Wars Episodes or Top 11 Clone Troopers

    DanSolo0119DanSolo011916 kun oldin
  • Remember Forest Whittaker's character in Rogue One? Saw Gererra. The character makes his first appearance in season 5

    Angry JawaAngry Jawa16 kun oldin
  • I remember all the sweaty neck beards online calling me a stupid kid for enjoying the show while it aired. Now I’m an adult and those same autists call the show I grew up loving a masterpiece. The same thing happened with the prequels. I guess some things take time for the masses to appreciate

    Brandan MillerBrandan Miller17 kun oldin
    • @Luka Dreyer I don’t care

      Brandan MillerBrandan Miller15 kun oldin
    • @Brandan Miller Using autism as a tool to insult someone else for their behaviour reinforces negative stereotypes and misconceptions about people on the spectrum, especially by making a link between autism and anti-social behaviour like bullying. It's not really a cool thing to do for the same reason that it isn't nice to use "gay" or "retard" as insults. I'm sincerely not trying to cause a UZworld ruckus or "cancel" you or anything like that. Just pointing something out that I thought might be helpful. Make of it what you will. :)

      Luka DreyerLuka Dreyer15 kun oldin
    • @Luka Dreyer the thing about an insult is it’s supposed to offend. If I get called a numbnuts, it means nothing. If someone says I have a severe neurological disorder based on how I acted, then that’s gonna sting a bit more. I WANT to hurt someone’s feeling when I insult them. That’s the point. Especially if it’s a greasy nerd bullying a 12 year old

      Brandan MillerBrandan Miller15 kun oldin
    • At the risk of opening a can of worms, I don't think it's very cool to call people autistic as a pejorative. Autism does not equal being mean or judgemental. Some better alternatives off the top of my head include "mingesquirts", "prickpustules" or "cracknuggets". :p It is pretty cool to feel vindicated in what you love. The Clone Wars is the very best kind of kid's show - smart, mature and artistic enough to be appreciated by adults as well. Part of me regrets being turned off the series by the awful movie debut and rocky first season and not sticking with the show when I was at the perfect age to enjoy it the most, but I'm really glad that it remains accessible and appreciable to me now in my twenties.

      Luka DreyerLuka Dreyer15 kun oldin
  • 13:30 I like it more all or nothing. Either have a good self-contained episode or if you're going to do a longer story really go into it and give it the time it needs.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • That train escort mission is awesome. Ventress being at her best and showing all those bounty hunters. Bounty hunters were always the thing that interested me more than jedi since all jedi fight roughly the same. Bounty hunters though all have such different designs, fighting styles, mannerisms and more. The big battle on Dathomir really is the best big battle of the show. Surpassing even Geonossis. Season 4 and 5 was the height of Clone wars. Season 6 loses a lot of momentum though it does still have some good episodes. My favorite was the Baldatta arc with Mace Windu and Jar-Jar Binks. They really are great together. Jar-jar can be really cute and funny if he is given proper motivation and has the right characters to bounce off of. The issue with him in Phantom Manace is that a lot of times the other characters don't really react to him and he also doesn't really have a purpose. Him being clumsy at the big battle on the plains just shows he doesn't belong and he's never anything but a hinderance. On Baldota while he is clumsy he fixes his messes and is determined. He just is fairly childlike which makes for some really great interactions with Mace. Please don't dismiss it just because it focuses on Jar-jar.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • 10:30 I do still prefer Savage Opress. I just like his brutal simplicity. He is a brute who smashes things and today villains like that are really rare.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • 8:50 Dooku is clever and so Obi-Wan figured the only way he would believe it is if Anakin, who's closer to Obi-Wan than anyone would believe it as well. My favorite moment of that arc though is when Ashoka comforts Anakin. It really made her feel needed and how strong their bond was. If anything I think the show could have used more moments like it.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • Season 5 is my favorite. The Mandalore arc is super interesting and emotional, the Ashoka accusing arc is deep and gripping and the youngling arc is just really cute. My favorite is actually the youngling arc. Something about it just clicked with me. The kids are cute but also still capable yet not outshining the adults. That droid instructor is really funny yet not a joke character. I just like his passive aggressive way of stating the obvious. Hondo also feels more like a pirate than ever and he's just as much fun as always.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • 6:30 I got that sense earlier with the mind worms. When Anakin tortures Poogo. Just that sense of dread and absolute confidence. Anakin is going to get what he wants and nothing is going to stop him.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • 6:10 I do like how the queen is actually quite likable and they are also clever in how they break the slaves. Random acts of cruelty usually doesn't break people, it just makes them more angry and more determined to fight. However seeing other people suffer usually does break them. I'm into BDSM a lot and it's a lot more than just tying someone up. It's about that sense of power, helplessness and even intimacy and I did get that feeling from the queen. She has that love for Anakin, she likes dominating him but she does genuinely value him. Both his opinions and his feelings. Of course it's not GOT so they can't go all the way but it is so rare I get those warmer BDSM vibes from something like this. Not to mention those outfits look gorgeous and the species is really interesting.

    marinus18marinus1817 kun oldin
  • I just have one question will you be watching rebels after clone wars?

    George StefanouGeorge Stefanou18 kun oldin
  • Got into The Clone Wars late in 2015, and it became one of my favorite things in Star Wars. Doug got into Avatar: The Last Airbender that year. Now, I binged all of Avatar: The Last Airbender this week in 2021... and it's really awesome to see Doug now watching The Clone Wars!

    Dale KampDale Kamp18 kun oldin
    • Fun fact: Dave Filoni, the supervising director of The Clone Wars, was also a director of several episodes of Avatar. A talented dude, it would seem.

      Luka DreyerLuka Dreyer15 kun oldin
  • The thing is, this show isn't that deep when you look at the comics and stories that came before. In the comics, it didn't shy away from worse things than what they show here on screen. As an animated series compared to other animated series, Clone Wars is pretty Damn great. But, as someone who read the source material and comparing it to this show? It's not as good. Dave Filoni didn't properly adapt Expanded Universe stories as well as people think.

    Nick the PickNick the Pick19 kun oldin
  • That thumbnail pretty much told me exactly where in the series you were (cause I can't remember at times which is what season) but that was pretty clearly Maul's return and 'how to get the attention of the Jedi'. I remember the first time I was watching the season was on demand or the like, I had to rewatch certain parts cause I was like 'wait did they really just do that?'. Cause I mean - as it is the pretty clear setup that Maul does what Anakin does later is dark, showing the PG rated version of Maul executing civilians complete with bodies falling and making it clear they have no heads - damn. This season and the next - it pretty much shows you what you need to know when you get to Rebels what is Filloni doing his thing, and what is basically company order episodes. Cause much as Filloni can do light and funny, it's a certain style that works with the darkness around it.

    AnthonyAnthony20 kun oldin
  • Doug, after you are done watching Clone Wars, rewatch the prequels. Clone Wars completely gave me a new outlook on the prequels. While they are still flawed, the Clone Wars show gives you sooo much to work with and adds so much to the story. I wonder if you’ll appreciate it more. Also just a heads up, Lucas was the co show runner with Dave Filoni. Dave Filoni did most of the day to day stuff but Lucas came up with a lot of the stories, approved every single story & script, the final edit was his call. Lucas was VERY involved with the show. It wasn’t like he said to Dave Filoni “Ok. Here ya go. If you have any questions call my secretary”. The Mortis Arc came directly from him.

    GuyX 1GuyX 120 kun oldin
    • it’s all one story. That’s how I look at it. I don’t separate the series from the movies. Even though one is animated and the other live action, I view it as a single entity. One story told over 6 films and however many episodes. It’s not suppose to be two separate things. I mean, if you want to watch it that way that’s fine but the way it’s intended is as one story. It’s the same way with a book that’s considered canon. I would view that as the same story. I mean, films, get “fixed” all the time. Either by extended editions or directors cuts or remastering.

      GuyX 1GuyX 115 kun oldin
    • @GuyX 1 Yip, I will preach the virtues of the series all day long with you, but draw a distinct separation between that and the films. For example, the clones are great characters in the series, but their betrayal of the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith still feels limp because none of their interactions with the Jedi in those films even allude to the type of characterisation of the series. If it isn't in the movie, it isn't in the movie. I personally think the narrative of one story "fixing" another is a weird way to discuss art and does a disservice to the The Clone Wars as its own entity. But I honestly love that it makes the experience of watching the movies even better for you.

      Luka DreyerLuka Dreyer15 kun oldin
    • @Luka Dreyer Because Clone Wars delves into these characters in ways that the movies didn’t or couldn’t due to runtime. Order 66 feels all the more tragic now that we know some of the Jedi better & the Clones. They aren’t nameless nobodies anymore. The Clones aren’t mindless puppets. It’s clarifies story points like what the deal with Syfo Dias is. Anakin & Obi Wan’s relationship feels more earned. Anakin’s turn works better. The war feels like an actual war that the republic could lose. Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed the prequels but CW gave me a new appreciation & took away some of the issues I had. It specifically helps Revenge of the Sith the most but also retroactively makes Attack of the Clone better too. There’s this Greek tragedy element to the prequels that was always there in small doses (since we know the ultimate fates of Anakin & Obi Wan going in) but now it’s prevalent in the entire prequel trilogy. That adds a lot of dramatic weight & narrative heft to the movies. Plus you get all the stuff that was awesome about them in the first place, the unparalleled imagination on display, terrific action beats like the Pod Race, great light saber duels, John Williams doing his John Williams thing. Is the acting still wooden at times? Yes. Is the dialogue cringe at a times? Yes. But it’s the *story* I’m mostly invested in. Story & characters. Ewan McGregor knocks it out of the park as Obi Wan, Liam Nesson is also really underrated. He brings this mysterious noble quality to the role. Christopher Lee as Count Dooku! Jango Fett! And I know some rag on his acting but I love Hayden Christensen as Anakin, especially in Attack of the Clones. He really sells the slow simmering rage & boiling resentment. The CW also really help sell Anakin as this legendary Jedi General.

      GuyX 1GuyX 115 kun oldin
    • Not to take away from your new-found appreciation of the prequel movies at all, I am a little perplexed to hear this experience.I don't really understand how knowledge carried over from one story can compensate for the failings of different stories. If anything, the artistic success of The Clone Wars makes the prequels that much more frustrating for me to watch, to the point where The Clone Wars serves as my preferred alternative telling of the backstory of the original movies, hitting the same story beats as the prequels, but more competently. I'm really glad that George Lucas had this creative team to collaborate with in honing and doing justice to his imaginative stories.

      Luka DreyerLuka Dreyer15 kun oldin
  • Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

    MrSpiceMrSpice20 kun oldin
  • If Disney was smart instead of pumping out 3 shit movies back to back they would have brought the CW team back to flesh out the characters inbetween movies. Give it an expanded universe tie up.

    Nathan KNathan K20 kun oldin
  • Poor Admiral Ackbar. Gets a mini-series dedicated to his backstory and then gets killed off screen for purple bitch. #firekathleenkennedy

    Nathan KNathan K20 kun oldin
  • The Clone Wars and The Mandolorian have convinced me that the last two movies of star wars should have been broken up into a short Tv show I feel their is just to much lore to break down in star wars for it to work in the movie format anymore

    Spencer JacksonSpencer Jackson20 kun oldin
  • The one downside to the arcs in Clone Wars is when they start with a bad idea you’re stuck with four episodes of R2D2 and the spydroids or Jar Jar Bunks’ affair with an alien queen -_-

    TolkienologyTolkienology20 kun oldin
  • Anakin: TIME TO COMMIT WAR CRIMES!!!!!!!

    KingTort979KingTort97920 kun oldin
  • Can't wait for you to get to season 7 if you like this that much

    Waffles From NowhereWaffles From Nowhere20 kun oldin
  • I don't understand why do people need slaves in SW, aren't droids cheaper?

    grkpektisgrkpektis21 kun oldin
  • Maul's dynamic with Obi-Wan is very similar (maybe purposefully done) to the dynamic with Khan and Kirk in Star Trek. They start out as rivals then one of them is bested in battle and banished (metaphorically or literally) and spend years nurturing their hatred against their foe and eventually escape to seek vengeance.

    JonathanJonathan21 kun oldin
  • In the upper right corner, above the picture of the arrow-head kid, another dimension is trying to sneak in through a small square in the wall. But only in that one square.

    Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson21 kun oldin
  • if you like Ray Park so much, why don't you review GI Joe 1&2 in one video

    Vigor The CharacterVigor The Character21 kun oldin
  • Are you the guy from the meme

    Strike The Valstrax UTTPStrike The Valstrax UTTP21 kun oldin
  • I think the overarching plots were nice and refreshing at the time. It's always my favorite when you have a normally episodic show but then inbetween they give you these mini arcs to slow things down, get you more immersed and invested, do things that wouldn't work with just one episode.

    Leon from Kingdom HeartsLeon from Kingdom Hearts21 kun oldin
  • that bunch of pixels in the top right freaking out is really annoying me

    JamesJames22 kun oldin
  • Maul's brother is named Savage (pronounced Sa-Vaaj) in case you're wondering :)

    Erik StensaasErik Stensaas22 kun oldin
  • As if he wasn’t pathetic enough given how he was eviscerated over the wall review, but this fragile egg shell of a coward deletes comments too. Lol forget bottom of the barrel, he’s dug under the barrel 😂😅

    sirdaveysockrockersirdaveysockrocker22 kun oldin
  • can you do Tenacious D the pick of destiny

    boxing trainerboxing trainer22 kun oldin
  • Season 4 is probably my favorite season.. Cuz i found the arc with the clones and Pong Krell so interesting. And seeing Krell get what he deserved at the end.. so satisfying

    TheDisneyNerdTheDisneyNerd22 kun oldin
  • Fan Scription Idea What if Fiona made the deal with Rumpelstiltskin in Shrek Forever After

    Josh WilliamsJosh Williams22 kun oldin
  • Is the movie you can review it's on Netflix it's called a Bigfoot family I'm not going to spoil it but just know it seems like a movie that you would review

    Nobel-O Bailey-TaylorNobel-O Bailey-Taylor22 kun oldin
  • You realize this show is 9 years old right? What's next? Review the Clone Wars Trilogy?

    Tom FTom F22 kun oldin
  • Fuck prong krell

    choraochorao22 kun oldin
  • Please review the banana splits movie and trolls world tour as nostalgia critic

    Stefan MuleStefan Mule22 kun oldin
  • We want a video on Dougs morning workout routine. We want some of them 💪GAINS🦵

    James GatzJames Gatz22 kun oldin
  • Cad Bane needs more love. Dude is criminally underappreciated. I like him better than Boba and Jango

    Mr JuseMr Juse22 kun oldin
  • 600th

    Taí-Shawn BowmanTaí-Shawn Bowman22 kun oldin
  • Holy fuck he still uploads? What? AND HES REVIEWING THE BEST SHOW EVER?

    JohmJohm22 kun oldin
  • He looks like Cigars Daily Tim

    SuperEman500SuperEman50023 kun oldin
  • Wait until Doug gets to the Sidious fight next season. He won't be laughing at Palpataine's hamminess anymore, that's for certain.

    Ben WassermanBen Wasserman23 kun oldin
  • Hey Nostalgia Critic? There’s a list of movies that I would respect like you to do videos about for Nostalgiaween. The movies are: the Hotel Transylvania franchise, the rest of the Underworld movies, Blade Trinity, Dracula Untold, The Wolfman 2010, Hellboy, Hellboy 2 The Golden Army, and Hellboy 2019. I’ve been a big fan of yours for awhile now and I was just wondering if you could do a review of these films because I know you would get a kick out of them. Well, maybe not the Hellboy reboot. 😅 But seriously, I love your videos and I love your serious and hilarious reactions.❤️ Please consider. Yours truly, Ty the Animan

    Ty the AnimanTy the Animan23 kun oldin
  • 9:16 the line was "you are in this cuncil but we don't grant you the rank of master" and it had nothing to do with trust, he was in the middle rank, a jedi knight, but he wanted the rank of master but he clearly did not qualify, to be a master you must had a certain ammount of the mastery of the force and swordsmanship or trained a certain number of padawans into kighthood.

    Omar ReyesOmar Reyes23 kun oldin
  • tbh I'm shocked he didn't have more to say on Umbara

    Reagan DillonReagan Dillon23 kun oldin
  • 8:30 I agree!!! This series does a better job with Anakin Skywalker 💪

    Magee AaronMagee Aaron23 kun oldin
  • Anakin becomes Darth Vader over the years by completely losing his humanity into the suit ( in the 80s I thought he was a robot until Empire) at the end of Revenge of the Sith he's still Anakin and hasn't lost all his humanity.

    Mr. O 2Mr. O 223 kun oldin
  • Lol just wait for season 5. I want to see tears. ACTUAL TEARS.

    Caracal 429Caracal 42923 kun oldin
  • I dunno if anyone noticed or am I just thinking that I’m special for noticing it. During umbara Arc they refer to clones as being in platoons. And they used that word a lot. I don’t think we ever heard the word “platoon” before or after umbara arc. Squad, group, battalion, never platoon. Maybe I’m looking too much into it but I think it was intentional. Since one pretty popular Vietnam war movie is called “platoon”. Which makes your mind to associate umbara with Vietnam.

    Danzan SandeevDanzan Sandeev23 kun oldin
  • Привет Критик ! А как на счёт посмотреть Русское кино ? Между прочим у тебя в России огромная аудитория. Ну хоть что-то. Было бы очень круто! Удачи тебе мужик:)

    Михаил СвояковМихаил Свояков23 kun oldin
  • The Return of Maul was a genius move by Filoni. Maul is easiest one of my favorite(current) Sith characters. Savage Opress and Maul are so bad ass “BROTHERS” they are

    Ivar NjallIvar Njall23 kun oldin
  • I will be forever grateful that they actually made Darth Maul a character in this series

    BluestemBluestem23 kun oldin
  • Go play Republic Commando that game is a lot of fun and also has an ending which highlights the nature of war in all of it's ugliness

    Vamroc SylarVamroc Sylar23 kun oldin
  • We liked the consistently longer arcs most

    RustyhoundRustyhound23 kun oldin
  • doug walekr

    NamoristNamorist23 kun oldin
    • dug walkr

      NamoristNamorist23 kun oldin

    Slowburn_89 7104Slowburn_89 710423 kun oldin
  • One thing that doesn't get enough credit is Dee Bradley Baker's voice performance as the clones in the Umbara. That man's screams fully convinced me that clones were dying horrible, gritty deaths, which served the story all the more.

    Matthew JonesMatthew Jones23 kun oldin
  • When you finish season 5 there are some darth maul comics you should read

    Max BurtonMax Burton23 kun oldin
  • Sam Witwer as Maul is one of the best voice performances I have ever heard. The Umbara arc where Krell takes over command of the clones is amazing.

    antiseabearcircleantiseabearcircle23 kun oldin
  • I recommend doing Rebels after. It's got a rough start but it's so good

    Wyatt BechtoldWyatt Bechtold23 kun oldin
  • Glad to see you enjoyed Season 4. This one has several good arcs. The four part Umbara episodes, the Obi Wan undercover missions, the slaughter of the nightsisters at the hands of Grievous as a true killing machine, and of course the return of Maul. As far as the episodic vs narrative arc thing goes, I feel it's a risk/reward thing. I think the arc based episodes are more satisfying overall since they give more time to expand on the characters and story. However, this is only a good thing if the arc is interesting. If you get one that's not as captivating, (the water world) then you know you got at least three episodes worth of what you got. Fortunately, most of the Clone Wars arcs are really good. I think the series would be at its best by having three or four arcs per season with a handful of one off episodes peppered in between said arcs. Some of the one off episodes can be really good and concise. Cloak Of Darkness, Lair Of Grievous, The Hidden Enemy, Trespass, Assassin, A Friend In Need, The Lost One...etc. So yeah, I think a mix of both with more of an emphasis on the arc storytelling is the way to go. Anyhoo, good review!

    Joshua WestonJoshua Weston23 kun oldin
  • We got you lol. Thanks for checking out this amazing show. You’re such an amazing man 😍

    Robert MaceRobert Mace23 kun oldin
  • HELLOOOO AAndd your websites gone.

    TheNumberLastTheNumberLast23 kun oldin
  • You can thank Sam Whittwer for Maul’s voice in clone wars and Rebel’s (sorry. Spoiler.) The Nightsisters and NightBrothers are from the Planet Dathomir. Also after you finish Clone Wars and before you watch Rebels there are a couple books you should read. First one you need to read is Star Wars Dark Disciple which is an unproduced and much darker storyline for Clone Wars and the other is Star Wars Ashoka which is about what happens with Ashoka after she leaves the Jedi order and she survives Order 66.

    Shawn ReevesShawn Reeves23 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to see what he thinks of Rebels

    E. NigmaE. Nigma24 kun oldin
  • Aw man everytime i hear someone talk about Maul coming back all i can think about is Lightsaber-Quickdraw in rebels( if you know you know). I really hope even if he doesnt end up continuing to rebeks he watches that scene.

    gabriel giorgigabriel giorgi24 kun oldin
  • Lol i honestly forgot how many times i watched the Umbara arc i always loved the longer episode arcs

    Western StudiosWestern Studios24 kun oldin
  • I’m so happy you have this video uploaded. Season 4 is freaking incredible. One of the best shows I’ve ever watched. My childhood haha Umbara was my favorite arc of all time. Absolutely gave me chills.

    SkyHighGuysSkyHighGuys24 kun oldin
  • Will you be reviewing the 2003 Clone Wars cartoon now that it's on Disney+?

    Keith ReclawKeith Reclaw24 kun oldin
  • Doug on Maul - "To see this tough character suddenly reduced to this quivering... hiding in the shadows" "Far above, far above, we don’t know where we’ll fall. Far above, far above, what once was great is rendered small"

    Dr. VoidDr. Void24 kun oldin
  • Maul is awesome.

    Indiana OlsonIndiana Olson24 kun oldin
  • Probably my favorite season. My favorite arcs come later but this one was the most consistent.

    KayKoKayKo24 kun oldin
  • 14:30 these are his ideas. All of it is him, Dave and etc. That’s why I love Ep1-Ep6

    The Second Son’sThe Second Son’s24 kun oldin
    • @The Second Son’s It doesn't matter if the TV show has multiple hours, they should be be able to stand tall all own they're own as films and there was ALOT of time wasted on those stupid plot of episode 1. The original trilogy didn't need a tv show or comic for it all to be understandable. The "A lot" that George had to due was time wasted with those stupid gungans and all the nonsense was of time with the most uninteresting politics of all time.

      Gadget-WalkmenGadget-Walkmen23 kun oldin
    • @The Second Son’s No they prequels DID have massive problems, that's an objective fact from too much CGI in episode 2, wooden acting, terrible dialogue, lack of proper character development/arcs for the first 2 films, horrid romance, and horrible aliens (the gungans). IF you're really gonna say with a straight fact that the prequels were flawless and have no problems than there's no talking to you because now that's just being beyond bias as the prequels films have been critized for YEARS everywhere from all sources as there are objectively clear cut flaws with them, even with the film I love, episode 3 has issues and now you're going to pretend to say they're pitch perfect and there was nothing wrong with them to begin with? Yes the prequels have a bigger world and better world building and designs but don't act like the criticism agains them are all invalid, that's going into blind fanboy territory and refusing to see MASSIVE issues with them that are valid.

      Gadget-WalkmenGadget-Walkmen23 kun oldin
    • @Gadget-Walkmen the prequels were so much bigger than the Originals ever came up with. I’m not saying that in a negative way, just that it was A LOT for George to do in 3 films, and he tried. At least it’s cohesive.

      The Second Son’sThe Second Son’s23 kun oldin
    • @Gadget-Walkmen what your forgetting is that this is a TV show with multiple hours. And Arcs Compared to George’s 5h long movies with 2 or 3 arcs that get cut down to 2h.

      The Second Son’sThe Second Son’s23 kun oldin
    • @Gadget-Walkmen they weren’t but that’s just my opinion. Literally other than clunky acting and CGI , their SW at its purest form, and I’m sorry you don’t see it that way. Anakins turn Qui Gons importants Family The thing ST threw in the garbage.

      The Second Son’sThe Second Son’s23 kun oldin