Steven Universe Future (and Movie) - Doug Reviews

13-Yan, 2021
59 402 Ko‘rishlar soni

Doug finally finishes Steven Universe (kinda). After watching a recap of the show he finally watches the final series and movie of the series.
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Steven Universe Future is an American animated limited series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. It serves as an epilogue to the 2013-2019 original series Steven Universe and its follow-up 2019 animated film Steven Universe: The Movie.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • Hellboy ( 2019 )

      Jonathan PeteJonathan PeteOy oldin
    • Critic you need to watch and review Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts. Holy crap its easily the best show of since maybe steven. Would love to hear your thoughts

      MrCottosMrCottosOy oldin
    • @Jeanine Zanika I want him to review 'Sausage Party'.

      Vishal KalicharanVishal KalicharanOy oldin
    • No sweat, Doug. You've been doing Nostalgia Critic for years now. Your true fans should understand if you need or want to take some time off. You're a human being, not a magic review machine, and there's an entire backlog of NC episodes that fans can re-watch. Heck, you shouldn't even feel pressured to have an NC episode every week anymore at this point. You could cut the NC episodes down to only one or two episodes per month if you really wanted to.

      Jason PollittJason PollittOy oldin
    • Review the latest Doom movie

      Jeanine ZanikaJeanine ZanikaOy oldin
  • I'll summarize it for you better: completely unnecessary and adds nothing to the overall story and plot.

    Tracey McLaineTracey McLaine11 soat oldin
  • The last episode of the original series is by far the best piece of Steven Universe tv/film, a must watch

    alphajake217alphajake2174 kun oldin
  • He's still thinking Steven is kinda his mom, because he didn't watch Change Your Mind...

    Vilmu BluesVilmu Blues11 kun oldin
  • who are the gems?

    Wednesday Night BusinessWednesday Night Business13 kun oldin
  • hey wow thanks thatsnice bro thanks i mean yeah its a good review i liked the movie it was more like opera in a way hehe...

    Wednesday Night BusinessWednesday Night Business13 kun oldin
    • thanks

      Wednesday Night BusinessWednesday Night Business13 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate this and you sharing the good things about the series. Thanks to hiatuses I grew up alongside steven universe from childhood to recently and it's incredible how much the show taught me how to handle pretty emotional stuff. Yea it's flawed but it did a good job at teaching great lessons.

    Hope MHope M17 kun oldin
  • Going into an epilogue for the end of the show/movie made me think it was probably going to be something calm and light-hearted, just to tie up some loose ends or give us some goofier episodes again. So never in my LIFE did I expect this epilogue series to be about soft, empathic, Steven slowly spiraling into emotional and mental despair, experience an identity crisis-attempt murder-and actually KILL (and resurrect) holy cRAP. I THOUGHT WE WERE JUST GONNA SING SOME CUTE SONGS OR SOMETHING-this whole epilogue is ANXIETY.

    Doodle MunchkinDoodle Munchkin17 kun oldin
  • I think MLP did also an epilogue on its final episode, but all i remember was how freaky the characters looked all grown up

    Eybel 3rdEybel 3rd19 kun oldin
  • Steven Universe Future is CRINGE Steven universe is depressing and BORING Steven universe is overrated and SUCKS Steven universe movie is also CRINGE W-why.... is it sooooo popular...???!?

    LTT 2121LTT 212121 kun oldin
    • Because opinions are subjective. Not everyone is going to have the same take-away and experience. I’m sure there are things in life you really like that someone else thinks is stupid or overhyped.

      Doodle MunchkinDoodle Munchkin17 kun oldin
  • While I'm glad Doug is finally reviewing SU again, It's REALLY sad to hear he skipped the 5th Season. Too me that was by far the best Season with Some Absolutely Mind Blowing Episodes. The first Homeworld Arc was one of the most intense arcs I've seen in a cartoon and put SU as my favourite animated show and really showed how genuinely incredible this show had become. The Pink Diamond Plot twist episodes was also mind blowing and Reunited and the Finale were Insane. If you're reading this Doug you HAVE to watch the Final Season, it's Easily got some of the Best Episodes of the Series, and in Any Western Animated Show. PS. Also apparently the show got cancelled originally at end of Season 5. The Final Arc of the show on Homeworld was supposed to go for Wayyy Longer, so the ending was pretty much rushed into 4 episodes.

    James GaleJames Gale22 kun oldin
  • 11:52 "In some alternate universe..." Weeeeeeeell....

    Mystic2760Mystic276023 kun oldin
  • very unpopular opinion that may or may not get me killed: i hate spinel. she is a overrated character

    the artist demonthe artist demon24 kun oldin
  • I feel you on the clone wars.... so many episodes I got to the end of season 5 before I decided to take a break. Turns out you can have too much starwars

    Max JacksonMax Jackson28 kun oldin
  • Future was ok and had some meh episodes. I will say it had a better ending then the final for the first series even though the hug kind of made me roll my eyes. Overall Steven universe became one of my favorite shows but to be honest it kind of petered out a little for me. Its still good just with some rough spots. Also dam you starting clone wars yea have fun with those really rough beginning seasons.

    Saloz94Saloz9429 kun oldin
  • I wish he watched A Single Pale Rose before going to the recaps but oh well.

    Grant LauzonGrant LauzonOy oldin
  • Tbh I kinda enjoyed the movie but kinda rolled my eyes when another song came on. And Steven Universe Future was basically the "Dealing-With-Trauma." epilogue which was needed for the characters. It was bit slow but enjoyed it a lot overall.

    Captain MarvelousCaptain MarvelousOy oldin
  • I didnt k ow Doug saw Steven Universe the movie!

    BJamAnimationBJamAnimationOy oldin
  • All I know about this is that it's fan base are the most psychotic and deranged people on Earth. They make the show synonymous with being a loser.

    bashpr0mptbashpr0mptOy oldin
    •’s kind of sad how the fanbase has tainted the show’s appeal for some people. It’s kind of the problem with being on the internet a lot, whereas if someone barely looked into or cared about fanbases and just came across the show on their own with no former bias and decided to watch it, it would be way easier to enjoy. Reading a book by it’s cover may be an overused moral message, but it’s clearly something that some have yet to put into practice. Toxic fans just so happen to unfortunately be that cover.

      Doodle MunchkinDoodle Munchkin17 kun oldin
  • I really loved the movie but I also love operas lol!

    Angelicwings1Angelicwings1Oy oldin
  • instead of skipping the end of the show, NC should've skipped 90% of season 1 xD

    AnanasbringerAnanasbringerOy oldin
  • I actually had a really hard time watching Future. The things steven dealt with (depression, your loved ones not needing you, not feeling wanted and dealing with trauma) are things that at least I know I struggle with as an adult. It was...hard to finish it. I will say that it wasnt really the hug that solved Steven's corruption. It was the gems and the diamond's acknowledging steven's pain and that they are part of if not *the* problem. And that he had to leave to heal, along with seeing a therapist. Which people seem to miss, cause i saw people complaining that "Steven's mental health problems where solved with a hug!" no? He had to leave, he had to get help? He tells connie he got medical help.

    Mooop BebooppMooop BebooppOy oldin
  • Really???? Ok while it's clear I have no clear understanding on what's Doug day to day daly life is like but he was able to watched a weekly series like eg The Mandalorian to make a review, how hard is it to watched a 10 minutes cartoons? He couldn't just view it as a thing to reviews, watch and make notes for the reviews?

    Ren CenRen CenOy oldin
  • Stop review shit that nobody sees and review Cobra Kai Season 3!!

    Lynx939Lynx939Oy oldin
  • I like the fact that it shows how all the trauma you deal with as a kid can give you PTSD as an adult , and how you can deal with it. Basically Future was all about PTSD. Which can also help kids understand the adults in their lives too, or their friends/peers.

    Big CBig COy oldin
  • Hey critic, I got an idea for an episode of "Was that real": it's about a 2019 Disney cartoon show that was hired in european TVs but never in america until now that is on Disney+, it's called 101 Dalmatian Street, it does have a cult following but it seems that not may people talk about it. Could you please review it has only 1 season and it last less than 10 hours, it will make me happy and maybe give the show a popularity boost. Thank you.

    MidoFoxMidoFoxOy oldin
  • Steven universe was good for about 2 seasons before the ruined it .

    DyingNotDefeatedDyingNotDefeatedOy oldin
  • He... he stopped WHERE!?!?!?!?

    BoobrieBoobrieOy oldin
  • I have to disagree with you on the Mr. Rogers show, Doug, I don't think it's timeless. He's a wonderful lovely person.... but even as a kid (and I'm similar age to you) I thought it was shot too slow and old. I think you had to grow up with it in the right time and you happened to be the exact right time for it. I mean I love Muppets/Puppets in general and even as a kid I was thinking "...those look really cheap."

    carlotta4thcarlotta4thOy oldin
  • take a shot every time he says 'uh' garantee that you'll be passed out drunk on the floor

    Gallaxy tacoGallaxy tacoOy oldin
  • Gay support 👎👎👎

    نواف علي ناحي الحربينواف علي ناحي الحربيOy oldin
  • Oh hey Doug, here’s a nostalgia based piece for u to do of for Nostalgiaween: Fungus The Boogeyman

    Mason MichaudMason MichaudOy oldin
  • An opera is a musical completely in song, no speaking. This very much was a musical more than a movie, but most fans knew that going in. I just wish it brought more to the movie than what we’ve seen before. The music was great, but we’ve seen these characters go through their problems before.

    Abstract_AddisonAbstract_AddisonOy oldin
  • 🐱🐭 tom and Jerry shirt lol

    ouo is not back!ouo is not back!Oy oldin
  • Your talking like Jeff Goldblume

    DevilPoopMasterDevilPoopMasterOy oldin
  • I had similar feelings about the movie after I first watched it. However, it continued to simmer on the back burner of my mind for a while afterward. I kept noticing clever/creative/significant details in retrospect, so I watched it again and adored it! I think that the movie just wasn't what I was expecting it to be. While it's definitely imperfect in places, it grew on me quite a bit after a mediocre and somewhat negative first impression!

    Sarah BarronSarah BarronOy oldin
  • you know why

    Artifical Review ProjectArtifical Review ProjectOy oldin
  • It is just a gay show.

    TheRapper10000TheRapper10000Oy oldin
    • Agreed the worst animation show ever

      نواف علي ناحي الحربينواف علي ناحي الحربيOy oldin

    TheRapper10000TheRapper10000Oy oldin
  • Do Babe Pig in the City (1998) and Balto 3 for the Nostalgia Critic. Please.

    Jeffrey ZankerJeffrey ZankerOy oldin
  • A lot of the same reasons I like Avatar the last airbender. The message hits as a kid and hits as an adult.

    Black BiroBlack BiroOy oldin
  • Nostalgia Critic Do it Star Wars return of the jedi please please please please.

    Piotr SiporskiPiotr SiporskiOy oldin
  • Hey, Doug! Please review "Racing Stripes"!

    Lena StormLena StormOy oldin
  • I recommend you try the Owl House, maybe for your next Disneycember, Doug.

    Andrew MathewsonAndrew MathewsonOy oldin
  • I don't like this guy. Just came to his videos to dislike.

  • Wait was he always bald

    Death LockerDeath LockerOy oldin
  • Steven Universe, the show quickly forgotten and few people remembered. For your average person doesn't want to be beaten to death with gender politics or wishy washy characters.

    OuterRaineOuterRaineOy oldin
  • I love both so much

    Josiah RussJosiah RussOy oldin
  • The movie was ok, future was wack

    Ryonin3627Ryonin3627Oy oldin
  • There’s a movie that came out recently called *Run Hide Fight* that would be cool to get your honest opinion on as a movie

    Ghostly SpaceGhostly SpaceOy oldin
  • I was really apprehensive going into this video because it really is a show that got me and loads of others through some really hard times, and I didn't want to see just another "Steven Universe Future is garbage and here's why" kind of video.

    Paradox FreeParadox FreeOy oldin
  • If you're taking vlog requests, I recommend The Dragon Prince. So far there have been three seasons, nine episodes a piece, so nice and short but the main draw here is that it's written by two of the main writers from Avatar: The Last Airbender. There's in-jokes about Avatar, and entirely new magic system with new rules, tons of subversions of annoying cliches, and Jack DeSena (the voice of Sokka) is in a staring role that holds _so_ many parallels to his former role. Think about it. Word of warning, the animation in the first couple of a seasons is a little wonky (my personal theory is that someone lost a bet), but the animation does get better by the third season.

    Fable the WolfFable the WolfOy oldin
  • The thing I love most about SU Future is that people who have had to parent their parents or have had abusive/neglectful parents can really relate to Steven and how lost he feels. All that trauma to process and not really knowing where to start or maybe not even realizing it's because of that unprocessed trauma that makes you feel that way. Perfection.

    KagamineProductionsKagamineProductionsOy oldin
  • I bet you took the week off to recover from the trauma that was the goddamn will smith fish

    Ali BrennanAli BrennanOy oldin
  • I liked both a ton & I think Steven Universe will be super influential. I didn't feel it wrapped things up as perfectly as I wanted if that was truly the end of Steven Universe for Good. I still Loved it though

    Alex SpoonerAlex SpoonerOy oldin
  • Every time I think about SUF and how it handled depression I keep thinking about that Danny Phantom episode My Brother's Keeper. As someone who went through depression myself, to the point where I seriously thought being six feet under was lookin' pretty good, I feel like that tackled that waaaay better in just half an hour than Steven Universe Future did in an entire mini series. They don't outright SAY Danny had depression, but the way Danny talks and acts is more than enough to realize he's going THROUGH it. So when in the end he's able to BRING HIMSELF out of his funk I always found that inspiring.

    Ribotto StudiosRibotto StudiosOy oldin
  • SU: at times too slow, but colorful fun SU: Movie, the musical SU: 'Future' is - The *Traumata of Steven Universe* Watched it in one rush and by god, it was about time and quite frankly: EVERYONEEEEE f*ed it up!

    Miguel SanchezMiguel SanchezOy oldin
  • OPERA? wat it's just a musical

    TheKijibTheKijibOy oldin
  • Your lord and saviour likes this

    Waluigi The godWaluigi The godOy oldin
  • *inhales* I did not like Steven Universe Future. *waits for angry fans to attack*

    Nick MahoneyNick MahoneyOy oldin
  • I honestly kinda hate this show that's mainly based off the season 5 finally where they redeem the diamonds but I did like the movie and I liked that they gave Bismuth a song because she is seriously the best gem.

    Jennifer is my nameJennifer is my nameOy oldin
  • Future is kinda meh and the Movie is great

    Josh NunyaJosh NunyaOy oldin
  • Hey Doug, Love your videos. Would you consider doing a review of Ducktales 2017 full show since its about to end? I know you did a video for the pilot which is one of my favorites videos in your channel but I really would like to know your opinion on the rest of the show. Personally I feel season 2 is the best one.

    ZMasterRobZMasterRobOy oldin
  • If you ever can make more time for Steven Universe, you should watch "Mindful Education" (Season 4 Episode 4). It goes a great delve into self loathing and overcoming your failures and the "little things" that might bother you. Also, Steven Universe Future (as a whole) was amazing.

    therealkuzokuntherealkuzokunOy oldin
    • He already watched it.

      Vilmu BluesVilmu BluesOy oldin
  • This video REALLY confirmed my theory on Mr. Walker....

    Alpha Manny thooAlpha Manny thooOy oldin
  • The Clone Wars? That's gonna take you a while.

    PKMN Trainer MarkPKMN Trainer MarkOy oldin
  • Wait, does that mean Doug missed the finale of SU? He *missed* the reveal of White diamond and how dark it got? Dang.

    theflotingheadproductheflotingheadproducOy oldin
  • The show is great, but I wasn't really into the movie.

    PKMN Trainer MarkPKMN Trainer MarkOy oldin
  • I always hear people complain about the end to Steven Universe Future with how hugging is the answer, and crying and what not. But here's my question: What would have been a better way to end it?

    TheLazysketcherTheLazysketcherOy oldin
  • rose quarts/pink diamond was the equivalent of that dad that goes out for smokes and never comes back.

    ToxicMonster5ToxicMonster5Oy oldin
  • I will let you barrow my DVD copy of The Jungle Book 1994 if you will review it, seriously the movie is actually really good

    Rift ShredderRift ShredderOy oldin
  • Hi Doug! A rare comment of my thoughts. I know you missed basically all of this but I'll drop this here anyway. Personally, especially during the last season of SU, I feel like the story and animation was very rushed both in pacing and in production quality. Compared to other seasons (like 2) there was so much more exposition thrown at us, and theories confirmed, that it was difficult to let the emotions sink in. Kinda like how you talked about the crying fatigue! There was also the feeling of, oh, I've been waiting forever to see this happen and it only took up a few minutes of screen time and then *poof* gone, so I was pretty disappointed. I feel like if they were able to make the last season twice as long or even three times as long it would have been much more impactful. (also, I catch myself singing the songs alllll the time it's so great) Thanks! -S'ret

    S'ret MoramS'ret MoramOy oldin
    • It was rushed actually, because of Cartoon Network. As far as they knew they only had 6 episodes to wrap up the story.

      Vilmu BluesVilmu BluesOy oldin
  • Did you ever get around to finishing Adventure Time? Miss those vlogs you did, and _a lot_ has happened from where you left off, including the series ending, and the specials being put out on HBO Max.

    Atari DadAtari DadOy oldin
  • Hey Doug hope your doing well. I’ve been subscribed for so long and yall always make me so happy when i watch yalls videos

    IncogTurtleIncogTurtleOy oldin
  • Nostalgia Critic video begins: "Hi, I'm Doug Walker. Let's talk about Steven Universe ." Well, I'm out. I'll be back in a week.

    Bug HoneyBug HoneyOy oldin

    Dexter The Nostalgia ToonsterDexter The Nostalgia ToonsterOy oldin
  • Even though I didn't watch alot of Steven Universe, I would've loved to see a sequel series and have him team up with other Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network characters. "Steven Universe All-Stars" should be a thing. Just saying.

    Dexter The Nostalgia ToonsterDexter The Nostalgia ToonsterOy oldin
  • He should try doing a review of the movie with Thomas Sanders! That'll be quite a cool and funny collab between Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic and Thomas Sanders.

    Dexter The Nostalgia ToonsterDexter The Nostalgia ToonsterOy oldin
  • Doug, if you want something else to review, you should watch The Owl House. It’s made by the significant other of Alex Hirsh.

    Thomas RogallaThomas RogallaOy oldin

    Kazuichi SoudaKazuichi SoudaOy oldin
  • Does he not know what a musical is? does he think they arent movies?

    animefreakshjoanimefreakshjoOy oldin
  • It’s more like a really long episode really 😅

    CrimWolfCrimWolfOy oldin
  • The answer was not a hug they were showing that they could bury their emotions and support him. Later in the episode, you see he gets therapy and stuff.

    Jade ClabornJade ClabornOy oldin
  • I see the last two episodes on Steven Universe as the actual movie and you should go check it out. The animation and story telling is sooo moving. IT is well worth it.

    Jade ClabornJade ClabornOy oldin
  • This vid needs Rob. Its not the same without him when its steven Universe

    Ong Huey Wern OngOng Huey Wern OngOy oldin

    Little EnderLittle EnderOy oldin
    • But that's the point

      Little EnderLittle EnderOy oldin
    • Even if it sucks

      Little EnderLittle EnderOy oldin
    • Lol my version of other friends

      Little EnderLittle EnderOy oldin

      Little EnderLittle EnderOy oldin

      Little EnderLittle EnderOy oldin
  • Do a Harry Potter month and a Terminator month. Reviews of the Terminator movies and the Harry Potter movies. Please.

    Jeffrey ZankerJeffrey ZankerOy oldin
  • Steven Universe future was an interesting tale especially for Steven himself. I would have liked to see a little more of corrupted Steven though

    Tyler EnsmingerTyler EnsmingerOy oldin
  • you half ass vew the show so you give us a half ass critic, better delay it than lower the quality

    Alberto OlveraAlberto OlveraOy oldin
  • You should do a fanscription for Steven universe future

    awesome wolfawesome wolfOy oldin
  • I dont know when you stopped watching steven universe, but man you shoud not watch what was left, they dropped the ball hard in the last arc, stay with this epilogue, its muchi better

    JulianRWR1JulianRWR1Oy oldin
  • I like that in Steven universe future dived deeper into Stevens mental state and his trauma

    Elijah BakerElijah BakerOy oldin
  • 1:09 that’s how I watched agents of shield also me when he stayed he didn’t watch the whole show 🙃

    stormystormyOy oldin
  • I think Steven as a monster should've been in a kinda void and sees a version of himself thats upset, angry, anxious about people leaving and it be pink steven. he figures out that he can't fight him(self). slowly he hears his friends and family calling out to him and telling him how they love him, and will be there when he needs them and he doesn't have to do this alone and convinces pink steven to let him in and goes back to being human. And the rest would be as it was. He leaves and talks to a therapist and he just tries to find ways to cope with everything. But I loved the show all the same. I cried so much bc I related so much to Steven. I wanted to give him a hug so badly.

    roxel millianroxel millianOy oldin
  • The movie was good but the epilogue series just wreaked everything there was to like about Steven's character and the side stories.

    emilyscloneemilyscloneOy oldin
  • When can we expect you to cover Season 3 of Cobra Kai, Doug?

    Patrick LearyPatrick LearyOy oldin
  • I thought the movie and the new show were just a little too different way too much singing and the villian was very odd in the way it looked and moved a little too old cartoony

    Caleb JohnCaleb JohnOy oldin
  • Frozen 2 and Toy story 4 titles are fine, Doug. I don't think it would have been better if they focus on Elsa and Woody without the supporting characters.

    Gabriel ZayasGabriel ZayasOy oldin
  • I don’t know the movie is near perfect to me and Future is great. I’m glad you finally finished the show.

    High VoltageHigh VoltageOy oldin
  • I would love to see a Doug Reviews of the 4 original Peanuts movies.

    tinoticatinoticaOy oldin