The FREAKIEST Raggedy Ann Movie - Nostalgia Critic

20-Yan, 2021
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She may look like an innocent doll, but in the 70s the strangest version of Raggedy Ann made tons of people ask what the Hell they just watched. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the freakiest Raggedy Ann Movie.
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Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure is a 1977 American live-action/animated musical fantasy film directed by Richard Williams, produced by the Bobbs-Merrill Company, a publishing arm of ITT, and released theatrically by 20th Century Fox. A 1941 short film had previously featured the Raggedy Ann and Andy characters created by Johnny Gruelle.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • @David Onufrak he already did the Felix movie.

      TheAlihanoTheAlihanoKun oldin
    • I have some recommendations. Felix the cat the movie or the elm chanted forest.

      David OnufrakDavid Onufrak2 kun oldin
    • My absolute go-to bizarre movie is "Naked Lunch", but I don't know if you'd want to show that here...

      TjelfeTjelfe15 kun oldin
    • Jacob Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang (1978)

      TheAlihanoTheAlihano17 kun oldin
    • Angel's Egg.

      Windy TollettWindy Tollett22 kun oldin
  • if you think this is a bizarre piece of work, you NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to check out Rag Dolly, the Broadway Musical "adaptation" (its really more "inspired" by it) of this movie! Even tho it's considered lost media, there are recordings of the songs, and even an audio bootleg of the show!

    Toys With The KiddosToys With The KiddosKun oldin
  • "It's pronounced Ar-kansas" -A certain cyborg trucker.

    bas Fribergbas Friberg2 kun oldin
  • As someone who was a kid in the 80s I'm still amazed that all of us who grew up during that time aren't completely bonkers. I remember all the madness known as children's programs. LOL I assure I'm completely normal, I think. ;)

    Corretta gamejewelsCorretta gamejewels2 kun oldin
  • excuse me but can anyone tell what movies those images at the beginning of the video are from except 9 i especially would like to know what that image of that guy turning into a monster was from and what movie that freaky puppet in glasses is from to please thank you very much and i hope you all have a great day.

    Jeremy PerkinsJeremy Perkins3 kun oldin
  • This movie starts off normal, but then becomes an acid trip

    SeasonalGFilmsSeasonalGFilms5 kun oldin
  • 13:43 "Finnish" film?

    TheLazysketcherTheLazysketcher5 kun oldin
  • The Trumpet of the Swans, from the USSR I think, I just remember having a tape of it as a kid and the lip movements were clearly not originally English but it was a kind of weird story about a Princess who's 12 brothers get turned into swans by an evil stepmother-witch. It kind of goes all over the place, but it's really interesting as a story.

    Subby NienSubby Nien6 kun oldin
  • Yeah Mr. Greedy was one of my many childhood traumas. But I had a huge crush on Raggedy Ann. She was just so lovably sweet and pure.

    Mr MostyMr Mosty7 kun oldin
  • Wasn't that doll possessed tho?

    KO.KO.7 kun oldin
  • Why was mok from rock and rule in there? That one isn’t that creepy man

    angewomon143 Kirkangewomon143 Kirk7 kun oldin
  • Hey, take back your words on Swan Princess!!!

    AztecelotlAztecelotl9 kun oldin
  • Review padak. You will never recover

    cheriblossom983cheriblossom98310 kun oldin
  • Hey Rock and Rule was a awesome movie

    Mysteryplayer11 The Lord of DeathMysteryplayer11 The Lord of Death11 kun oldin
  • Me: (after watching the movie) A miracle, everything I’ve waited for! Now at last my lonely heart has found the shore! A miracle, all I’ve been (?) has come to me! My true love, I’ve found my heart’s no more at sea! Precious blessing from above! Ah, sweet mystery of love! A miracle, sharing paradise with me! Now at last, my love, the fates will intertwine! The miracle, all I’ve been has come to me! My true love, I’ve found my heart’s no more at sea! Sweet miracle, at last you’re mine!

    GremlinBaron2GremlinBaron211 kun oldin
  • You know I have to say I 78% with what your saying Doug but I going to say that this is still the best animated movie from the 70s which is saying a lot when we both agree that this isn't even a finished movie. Still nothing but love for this film.

    Moonstone UniverseMoonstone Universe12 kun oldin
  • I honestly never thought I’d hear critic recite the litany against fear from dune. I seriously hope there’s a review of the Lynch film either for freakshow cinema, or when the new movie comes out. Or even the 2 sci-fi miniseries

    tgiacin435tgiacin43512 kun oldin
  • Lionel Ville movie Review that

    Travis VanormanTravis Vanorman13 kun oldin
  • Those are supposed to be the penny dolls from the org. Raggedy Ann book. The scariest thing is the originally one of those dolls was a guy in the org. book.

    Megan ShawMegan Shaw13 kun oldin
  • Grandpa VS The Cat in the Hat

    Pasquale CiccarelliPasquale Ciccarelli13 kun oldin
  • 🎵I went through the Random Zone! Gonna take you right into the Random Zooooonnnneee🎵

    Catarina BleckCatarina Bleck14 kun oldin

    Yuuki TakemotoYuuki Takemoto14 kun oldin
  • I’m glad I didn’t watch this when I was a kid

    Chara CipherChara Cipher15 kun oldin
  • I am I was 3 when this came out and I remember it as clear as day. Plus this was shown a lot on television as a child so I have seen it multiple times. The Greedy was full on terrifying, like I would legit hide every time he was on the screen. That bit in Spaceballs where Pizza the Hut ate himself...totally stolen from this movie.

    hovermo74hovermo7415 kun oldin
  • I have gazed into the abyss and it is fucking horrifying

    Clay AndrosClay Andros16 kun oldin
  • if you could make a video about Rumen Petkov’s “The Treasure Planet” (1982) it would make my LIFE.

    Emma VitelloEmma Vitello16 kun oldin
  • Guys I think Critic is slowly losing his mind, his ads keep getting more chaotic.

    Sally BethSally Beth16 kun oldin
  • Nice Dune reference Critic!

    Sally BethSally Beth16 kun oldin
  • Could you please do The adventures of mark twain

    Sophie RicearoniSophie Ricearoni16 kun oldin
  • Jan Švankmajer - Alice . They used to play this on PBS

    scantronbeatsscantronbeats16 kun oldin
  • I personally love the movie. Unfortunately, I don't think they ever did a DVD and Blu-ray release.

    Louis TheNerdLouis TheNerd16 kun oldin
  • Remember when nostalgia critic Sayed raggy ann sraces me!

    Kajec RistowskiKajec Ristowski16 kun oldin
  • Hello! Oooo. "Rock & rules", trash xD

    Loft PtrolLoft Ptrol16 kun oldin
  • I love this movie so much I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN it's so dumb and weird I just love it

    Smelly sugarSmelly sugar17 kun oldin
  • We had this movie on VHS and my little sister and I watched this movie ALL the time. We still to this day sing "Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers" to cheer each other up. It's such a bizarre piece of animation and was a key element in my childhood. I'm so glad you reviewed this because no one I know has EVER heard of it!

    Paige BrattonPaige Bratton17 kun oldin
  • Not sure if it fits that well into this segment but the english dubbed version of Ghost Stories is comically demented.

    solblackguysolblackguy17 kun oldin
  • Simple childs toy no but a child's imagination during playtime.

    Mystery MaidenMystery Maiden18 kun oldin
    • Yeah.. maybe a child on bath salts lol

      О СкО Ск10 kun oldin
  • Try Dark Crystal,the house of wax 2, Critters, and Carnosaur

    Do0m3rdude1995Do0m3rdude199518 kun oldin
  • I do agree about bunch of the songs, I mean I haven't seen the movie, but soon as I listened to one of the songs (No girl's toy), it's stuck in my head for a while If I had to think of a film that is Bizarre, I say check out *The Incredible Mr. Limpet* played by iconic actor Don Knotts. A kind of Animated hybrid film about a guy who (get this) wished he was a fish No joke and it gets weirder as soon bam! His wish came true Not just that but he's a fish that can ROAR for god knows why and for more "God knows why" he decide to join the Navy to use his power as advantage It's that bizarre

    Mad-Hatter-isonMad-Hatter-ison18 kun oldin
  • Oh, so that's why it showed up in my recommendeds

    ShadowGolem86ShadowGolem8618 kun oldin
  • I recommend reviewing children of the sea. That movie was an acid trip

    The•Nomadic•MindThe•Nomadic•Mind19 kun oldin
  • I love how Chaplin wanted to leave durring your comershial break

    Kima Whitehawk JordanKima Whitehawk Jordan19 kun oldin
  • I always remembered the beginning of this movie with Babbet (sp) and the real child bringing her to the room.

    AdrianneAdrianne19 kun oldin
  • I loved this movie growing up. Never knew the name of it though. This and the one with the crying pumpkin are my favorites and only two I’ve seen.

    AdrianneAdrianne19 kun oldin
  • I don't know why the comment section is weirdly obsessed with Soviet films 2 weeks after the video being uploaded.

    Caleb PorterCaleb Porter19 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't really think this would go on Freakshow Cinema, but I do hope at some point in the future there's a Nostalgia Critic video talking about it. I'm talking about Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart. It's a weird movie that I used to watch as a kid, and now watching it again much older, I can't hep but think what my brain was on when I watched this movie. Even if it won't be on Freakshow Cinema, I would still like to see a Nostalgia Critic video on it. Hopefully you consider taking my request.

    Mr. JPGMr. JPG20 kun oldin
  • review the point from 1971

    MyOwnEmailShowMyOwnEmailShow20 kun oldin
  • "Better?" "woooOoOoOoo" "You'll never be better."

    Victoria GoodwinVictoria Goodwin20 kun oldin
  • Apparently this was a play first and people complained that the film wasn't as dark as the play, so, I don't really know what to do with that information

    Aaron CobbAaron Cobb20 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who recnized the insest chrisms

    Vivienne PremoVivienne Premo20 kun oldin
  • The creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy literally said that they're not related whatsoever. Everyone started thinking they were related because they look alike. There are plenty of old figurines that are official merchandise of them kissing. A cartoon made in 1940 directed by the creator's son has them getting married for god's sake. And here it is. Them being related was just a rumor that is thought to be fact and that's it. They are a precious wholesome couple damn it.

    Jen DrownedJen Drowned21 kun oldin
  • I love this video and this movie

    Toy Story And BeyondToy Story And Beyond21 kun oldin
    • But I prefer toy story

      Toy Story And BeyondToy Story And Beyond21 kun oldin
  • I swear. I had a nightmare about that movie Once

    cool Raptorcool Raptor21 kun oldin
  • Ok is this video why the algorithm recommended that Raggedy Andy fan video to me and now everyone is simping him including me? Everyone is a Raggedy Andy simp now?

    Cecily ErkerCecily Erker22 kun oldin
  • Here’s the greedy it make of candy of sweet heart!

    Pokemon ocPokemon oc22 kun oldin
  • I would like to see your reaction to The Princess and The Goblin. That was a movie I grew up with and still find really strange.

    Amber StottlemyreAmber Stottlemyre22 kun oldin
  • The books were really weird but they went whole hog with the animation.

    bladeofbattousaibladeofbattousai22 kun oldin
    • My dad started reading one of the books and was very disturbed. He kept asking me to explain things and went ranting to my mom when she got home, "What are our children reading?!?"

      bladeofbattousaibladeofbattousai22 kun oldin
  • You should watch Angel's Egg.

    Windy TollettWindy Tollett22 kun oldin
  • The best thing about this was the animation, I hope they do this Cuphead.

    Janelle NorthcutJanelle Northcut23 kun oldin
  • Do Jan Svankmajer's Alice

    sonofjafarreturnssonofjafarreturns23 kun oldin
  • Please do Fantastic Planet!! More freaky then this one! It’s like Yellow Submarine on acid

    HimeNoKuriHimeNoKuri23 kun oldin
  • NC: Need a break? I got you. Me:... StAmPs? :D ... ... fuck you, that's a /real/ ad. *NC Ad* Me: thaaaats better. Edit: ... I can't believe I was actually excited to see an ad for postal services by some guy that likes movies 'too much'. life is weird.

    Luna EnserricLuna Enserric24 kun oldin
  • I wanna see a "Pink Floyd's The Wall" review (an review that ACTUALLY good)

    Jack GrizzleJack Grizzle24 kun oldin
  • The songs indeed are catchy. I watched this for the first time yesterday, and CAN'T for the life of me get "I'm Just a Rag Dolly" out of my head!

    AnimaMandalaAnimaMandala24 kun oldin
  • Why is every comment telling him what to review next instead of talking about the actual video? :'v

    Shigurizu ChanShigurizu Chan24 kun oldin
  • How about the Banana Splits movie? They used the original characters in a horror-like setting. It came out a couple of years ago, and it's just crazy.

    MegaJamieV ReturnsMegaJamieV Returns24 kun oldin
  • Because of this review I went and found the movie on youtube and now I love it I cant explain exactly why I just do

    Madison gunnMadison gunn24 kun oldin
  • Can you do “9”and the history behind it.

    Agent of EntertainmentAgent of Entertainment24 kun oldin
  • My favorite freaky movie is definitely John Carpenter’s The Thing, though I know it’s probably been very heavily reviewed already.

    Martin HumphreysMartin Humphreys25 kun oldin
  • I grew up with this movie.

    HungryCatGamingHungryCatGaming25 kun oldin
  • This all happened because of that one girl who made the video "The only man I ever loved"

    Fought a PidgeonFought a Pidgeon25 kun oldin
  • Listen, I know you people want Doug to review some Soviet films, but the reality is that what he really needs to watch is this really insane adaptation of Treasure Island called "The Treasure Planet", and I'm not talking about the Disney version, I'm talking about THIS 👉

    Erich FiedlerErich Fiedler25 kun oldin
  • I loved this movie!!

    Nana&Popo IceClimbersNana&Popo IceClimbers26 kun oldin
  • Hi critic, I recommend doing a review on the cartoons of the USSR, which are more freaky. Such as "Алиса в стране чудес" and "Ух ты, говорящая рыба"

    Super JackSuper Jack26 kun oldin
  • Something is off... Who can tell me now where to go to fulfill all my stamp related needs?

    TheGukosTheGukos26 kun oldin
  • NC: 1:55 Me:

    Toa nuvaToa nuva27 kun oldin
  • I loved Gaye peri I watched it over and over again and I some what remember this film

    Serenity RainSerenity Rain27 kun oldin
  • Very excited to see you referencing Rock and Rule as a possible upcoming review, that's a film that needs more attention! As for other freaky bizarre movies, maybe tackle Legend, Imaginaerum by Nightwish (aka Imaginaerum- The Other World), or pretty much anything by David Lynch (I'd love to see you tackle Fire Walk With Me)

    Michael WelshMichael Welsh28 kun oldin
  • You know I always felt bad for Williams. It seemed like everything he wanted to do either went over budget or overtime, and then he’d get dropped. Imagine what we could’ve gotten from him had those factors not been a problem.

    Chen StormstoutChen Stormstout28 kun oldin
  • Critic is right those things are creepy af,!!!!

    Kyle Patrick HallKyle Patrick Hall28 kun oldin
  • "Give me the power I beg of YOU!!!"

    ジョーンズジャヤジョーンズジャヤ29 kun oldin
  • Oh please do Freaked! I saw some images in there from that movie and it is just a phenomenal and crazy film that I grew up with! I recently watched it again with my brother who never saw it and we both felt it was just as good now as it was then. It did things that Family Guy would later make a career on.

    Chris CarantitChris Carantit29 kun oldin
  • You should do the Jackson 5 Cartoon because it is so weird and it is not weird enough can you do it on your reviews I grew up in the early 2010s but on Hulu they had the show and I used to be a big Jackson’s fan when I was little but I rewatched it recently but I realized how dated is not in a bad way but unless you grew in the late 60’s and the 70’s or knew about the culture you wouldn’t get 90% of the show I mean they did a whole episode parodying Woodstock in the most seventies way possible and heck it even had a environmental message which was before it’s time since it came out in the mode and late seventies and the into is freaking drug trip so can you please review it at least on the nostalgia critic. Thanks Doug and by the way you can find I believe most or all the episodes for free on UZworld

    MaccarulesMaccarules29 kun oldin
  • Was I the only one who was legit terrified of the Express VPN commercial that played?

    Dan DanniDan Danni29 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia critic if you liked the snowman which I know you do then you’ll love “when the wind blows” look it up very nice film

    Blake GiuntaBlake Giunta29 kun oldin
  • I just which that movie 🎥

    Valerie EvansValerie EvansOy oldin

    Jay BloodworthJay BloodworthOy oldin
  • Here are 4 nostalgic gems that I’d love to see Critic review, with each having there fair share of wtf moments, though admittedly they probably aren’t the weirdest you’d find in this comment section. 1. The Last Unicorn 2. The Princess and the Goblin 3. Happily Ever After 4. Flight of Dragons

    Hexalys WalkerHexalys WalkerOy oldin
  • Please watch "The Plague Dogs"

    Длака ВолковДлака ВолковOy oldin
  • i highly recommen: Happily N´Ever After.Its---gold for how old it is in its animation

    Alex MachacekAlex MachacekOy oldin
  • This movie is the stuff nightmares are made of! When I was around 7 years-old, I remember waking at 6am to watch "Tales from the Cryptkeeper" (basically "Tales from the Crypt"'s animated version). And THIS movie scared the hell out of me when I first watched it a couple of years later!

    Evelyn ArhondiEvelyn ArhondiOy oldin
  • So for your next weird animated film, do Where The Dead Go To Die.

    zeenat khanzeenat khanOy oldin
  • Hi, I recommend the "bitter butter battle" animation from Ralph Bakshi. Most of it is the same as in the book, but there is a full section (the bomb making section) that is new, and realy freaked me out as a kid

    hali1989hali1989Oy oldin
  • I have to give a shout-out to Joe Raposo's character songs for Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy... which were written in RAGTIME! That's not just a bad pun; the songs themselves are IMO the best in the movie. Andy gets an uptempo "I'm No Girl's Toy" while his sister gets the beautiful "Rag Dolly" which calls back to Scott Joplin who was getting lots of notice in the 70s after his music was used in "The Sting".

    Patrick DrazenPatrick DrazenOy oldin
  • Please watch "Melonia" 🙂

    rebecca falkrebecca falkOy oldin
  • I'm so glad you did this one; I remember watching this so much as a kid. It's nuts but I love it. ^_^

    CaraDoughnutLady7CaraDoughnutLady7Oy oldin
  • The Elm Chanted Forest a creepy cartoon from Yugoslavia,I'm still afraid to review it

    Vargard OberonVargard OberonOy oldin
  • This pretty much sums up why the musical Cats never got animated.

    SantranquilSantranquilOy oldin
  • I grew up with this movie. I think I was maybe 4 or 5 when i watched it. I can't tell you if I liked it or not, but I remember feeling uncomfortable during several scenes. I loved the camel with the wrinkly knees though.

    Rei ZakRei ZakOy oldin
  • Freaky animated movies? How about Night on the Galactic Railroad? Early anime film featuring cats traveling through space and time as a metaphor for death.

    sirrlivsirrlivOy oldin