The Mummy Returns - Nostalgia Critic

27-Yan, 2021
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It has one of the laughably worse cg effects ever, but does The Mummy Returns entertain on the same level as the first one? Nostalgia Critic looks at the laughable insanity.
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The Mummy Returns is a 2001 American action-adventure horror film,[2] written and directed by Stephen Sommers, starring Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Oded Fehr, Patricia Velásquez, and Dwayne Johnson. The film is a sequel to the 1999 film The Mummy. It was distributed by Universal Pictures.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • 9:24 That's the first legitimate question through out this movie..

      Kenrick EasonKenrick Eason10 kun oldin
    • can you shootout ASAN? also the Trevor Project?

      Lloyd Dragon He they faeLloyd Dragon He they fae10 kun oldin
    • @Jermaine DeBerry And remember Johnny Nero Action Hero arcade light gun game released in 2004 by ICE.

      Brady ReinBrady Rein11 kun oldin
    • 15:46 So this device on the boy's arm is the key to succeeding in the goal of the movie/plot and if he doesnt do something soon, it will explode. I know this movie came out in 2001, but this feels like some Ben 10 stuff but instead of aliens and kid centered, it's mummies and basic stuff

      Jermaine DeBerryJermaine DeBerry11 kun oldin
    • Third movie was 💩, and Tom cruise mummy should’ve never been made.

      MaDnaNMaDnaN15 kun oldin
  • The saddest thing is that opening bit with Dwayne getting shafted over and over was still better treatment than the WWE gave a lot of its wrestlers

    Danny CaraccioloDanny Caracciolo11 soat oldin
  • Anything with Brendan Frasier I will consider a corny classic

    KevorkaKevorka12 soat oldin
  • Wait until you you get to "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". It makes this look like a best picture winner.

    Ryan BlancheRyan Blanche22 soat oldin
  • What did people expect? I wouldn't call all CGI in 2001 "amazing".

    Ryan BlancheRyan Blanche22 soat oldin
  • My siblings and I love the movie just for our favorite animated abomination, CGI Dwayne the Rock Johnson

    Silver BulletSilver BulletKun oldin
  • I recognize the biggest difference between this and the first. Evelyn has actual eyebrows.

    DarkL0rd St0rmagedd0nDarkL0rd St0rmagedd0nKun oldin
  • The cartoon was more fun

    Dn RDn RKun oldin
  • 25:29 hey Monse rían de la PS2

    Sara Saori PalaciosSara Saori Palacios2 kun oldin
  • Lol...the end of this movie always reminds me of Act III of Diablo 2 (Kurast). Those rotten little guys with the blowguns. Can't stand them.

    Herb SuperbHerb Superb2 kun oldin
  • I don't care what anyone says--the scene with Alex screwing around with the henchman was great.

    DarkL0rd St0rmagedd0nDarkL0rd St0rmagedd0n2 kun oldin
  • Strange. When i was a child and watched it I kinda understood that CGI was bad. But I didn't feel that something was wrong. For me it is classic but not because it is smart movie. I just have good memories about my feelings being child watching it.

    Dyas DarkDyas Dark2 kun oldin
  • did you actually just compare the mummy returns to rise of skywalker hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha atleast the mummy returns you didn't have to be a 7 year old moron or a 30 year old kid fiddler playing fortnite to know imhotep was going to be in it

    jack cogijack cogi5 kun oldin
  • This pleases Imothep

    Dope92Dope926 kun oldin
  • 4:58 - NO YOU'RE NOT!!! 26:41 - does ANYONE know what the direction was on this?! Like - did the director PURPOSELY tell the Mummy's actor to delay by almost THREE FUCKING SECONDS before doing an Egyptian Darth Vader scream?!

    2Scribble2Scribble6 kun oldin
  • This is a great guilty pleasure movie

    Matt GuyMatt Guy6 kun oldin
  • Watched this review over again just because of the opening. That "The Rock"-Skit at the beginning is golden.

    En beEn be8 kun oldin
  • “She’s the reincarnation of the daughter of the pharaoh and sister of imotep’s love” “Wasn’t imotep’s love also the pharogh’s mistress?”

    Bo CowanBo Cowan9 kun oldin
  • For the love of God please do Scorpion king

    Jacob r MosesJacob r Moses9 kun oldin
  • I like this movie you scumbag, if you really wanna talk about a REALLY bad Mummy movie, go watch Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

    AztecelotlAztecelotl9 kun oldin
  • That's it, i had enough of these prequel haters. I swear that if i find anybody who hates one or all Star Wars prequels, I'm gonna kill it!

    AztecelotlAztecelotl9 kun oldin
  • This movie is pretty dumb, but I think that actually works in its favor. If you're after a good action movie, a good horror movie, a good comedy, or a good romance, you won't find it here. If you're looking for dumb b-movie cheese about on par with Freddy Vs Jason, Batman and Robin, Independence Day, Ice Pirates, or pretty much any given Tremors movie, this is exactly that. It's a great movie for when you've had a mentally exhausting day and just want to completely turn your brain off. Plus the soundtrack is actually really good.

    Live From The AsylumLive From The Asylum9 kun oldin
  • using the arrow keys it took 34 taps to skip the adds. 🤣

    timburtonfan 1timburtonfan 19 kun oldin
  • someone pls tell me he's going to be doing the third one soon its my favorite even though I know he;s going to hate it

    Nicholas GearNicholas Gear9 kun oldin
  • 9:24 😂😂😂

    Kenrick EasonKenrick Eason10 kun oldin
  • They’re not sisters, she’s the mistress to the pharaoh. Eve is the pharaohs daughter

    NightmareBansheeNightmareBanshee11 kun oldin
  • honestly i enjoyed the sequel, even if it was a bit too outlandish, my only real gripe was that CGI Scorpion King, they could've just had The Rock fight them both and it would've been a fantastic battle. edit: scratch my only gripe, i now see what your problem is with it, it's like they felt the first movie was enough for you to know the main characters and they didnt even feel like we needed to know the new ones.

    The Gaming PaladinThe Gaming Paladin11 kun oldin
  • Whoa how the hell did you guys get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

    CormacThe MCormacThe M11 kun oldin
  • i think games had better cg then this movie had at that time

    Rens SchuurkesRens Schuurkes11 kun oldin
  • did anyone already point out that the female ancient counterparts weren't sisters, they were step daughter and step mom? just a random useless fact ;)

    Keilynn De LaFrancKeilynn De LaFranc11 kun oldin
  • 26:40 I like this movie but even I laughed at this scene and still do

    Mr. Skullface GarciaMr. Skullface Garcia11 kun oldin
  • Yeah. They were not sisters, in the movie it clearly states that Evie was the Pharaoh's daughter and the other was the Pharaoh's wife/mistress(plus Imotep's Lover). I don't know why Doug is saying that they were sisters. But people make mistakes.

    Mayu2009Mayu200912 kun oldin
  • Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was way worse. Can't wait for that review.

    TrunkJunkyTrunkJunky12 kun oldin
  • I’ll say this, it’s a great film to watch when ur high with ur buddy’s

    mistadangerzonemistadangerzone12 kun oldin
  • Wait they were sisters?? Wow, I completely missed that.

    Asha GordAsha Gord12 kun oldin
    • They were not sisters, in the movie it clearly states that Evie was his daughter and the other was his wife/mistress. I don't know why Doug is saying that they were sisters. But people make mistakes.

      Mayu2009Mayu200912 kun oldin
  • This movie does have bad cg effects but the design of the jackals and the monstrous scorpion king are pretty good.

    GreenDinoRangerGreenDinoRanger13 kun oldin
  • I love this ridiculous movie 😭😂😂

    maatimaati13 kun oldin
  • now its time for part 3

    The ImperiumThe Imperium13 kun oldin
  • Great review.

    Blaze The Movie FanBlaze The Movie Fan13 kun oldin
  • they did give the scorpion king a solo movie already

    Prince William Uchenna Ifeanyi OkpalaezechaPrince William Uchenna Ifeanyi Okpalaezecha13 kun oldin
  • How they did the Rocknis so funny 😂

    Anthony Blacknall Jr.Anthony Blacknall Jr.13 kun oldin
  • Joe Dirt may be gone but not forgotten

    Potato PiPotato Pi13 kun oldin
  • You’ll never be forgiven for the pink Floyd thing !!!

    elijah pinkelijah pink14 kun oldin
  • I love this movie, but I also agree with you, it's a corny classic.

    Prince BloodgravePrince Bloodgrave14 kun oldin
  • First time i have seen this - i was a kid. And i liked it a lot. A was sure it is good. Then, i became adult, and i like it a lot. Because it is so bad...

    Всеволод ГречухаВсеволод Гречуха14 kun oldin
  • Unlike The Mummy review, where I disagreed at points vehemently but I'm not a child so I disagreed amiably, I completely agree with this review. I saw this movie in theaters opening weekend and even as a dumb 14 year old, I KNEW this movie sucked. It just didn't have the spirit, commitment or charm the first Sommers The Mummy film had. I mean... The Mummy wasn't high art- I don't care about that anyways, because I watch movies to be entertained, not to get some deeper meaning out of them- but it was a fun pre-9/11 "every goddamn big-budget film is now a stupid superhero shitshow" romp and I enjoyed it for what it was, a big dumb action film. This? Yeah no, it was absolutely terrible.

    Reborn KusabiReborn Kusabi14 kun oldin
  • They weren't sisters...

    lythex1lythex114 kun oldin
  • I wanna know how the Scorpion King went from being a hero to being the villain he fought to stop in his first movie. In the Scorpion King he fights and risks his life to stop a man doing the exact thing he is doing in the start of this movie.

    Davey JonsDavey Jons15 kun oldin
  • 10:10 SHAMWOW!!!

    scantronbeatsscantronbeats15 kun oldin
  • Compared to the first one it was a total letdown, but if you just want to have some mindless fun I would say this is an OK type of movie to watch. It's not the 'BEST' ok movie but you can watch it and have a laugh or enjoy some decent fight scenes.

    j_curt23j_curt2315 kun oldin
  • I won't lie - I genuinely enjoyed Joe Dirt, especially the moral of rising above your origins and persisting in the face of adversity.

    The Frugal VideogamerThe Frugal Videogamer15 kun oldin
  • still better than Rise of Skywalker!

    vynat dracovynat draco15 kun oldin
  • Note that this is the "improved CG" for the Rock's Scorpion King. We got the VHS when it was released, and that CG face was a lot worse. looked really blocky.

    ScryderScryder15 kun oldin
  • i just realized. They kept the romance between the two main chars but in doing so the kid became superfluous. (i know it's obvious but bare with me a sec) I think that if you take away the kid (so they're still childless. You know, maybe it's for waiting, maybe it's because it didnt happen yet, etc etc) then it works not only ok but better because the kid seems to offer a "free kidnapping card" and thats' it. (the train scene was funny tho) So you still have the drama/romance between the two without having a "oh yeah, we're parents" in the way of the mood and having the kid being a constant third wheel (and not in a "oh, kids kill the mood for parents when they wanna get frisky" way but in a "this is awkward, maybe i shouldve stayed home instead of joining a couple's date" way)

    fr801fr80115 kun oldin
  • First render of a bad video game with a couple classic-ish moments (I confess I actually do really like that fight scene between the ladies in the past, I thought the choreography was pretty cool, even if it is purely for the purpose of having two hot chicks fight)

    Sally BethSally Beth16 kun oldin

    Sally BethSally Beth16 kun oldin
  • They weren't sisters!!!!!

    Jake ClevelandJake Cleveland16 kun oldin
  • Funny thing is some VFX artists recently tackled this and made it like 80% better

    RTL JonahRTL Jonah16 kun oldin
  • I guess I need to get my eyes checked because I saw nothing wrong with the CG in the movie

    thetattooedyoshithetattooedyoshi16 kun oldin
  • yet another missed opertunity for a bald cap...

    shawn desmetshawn desmet16 kun oldin
  • Its awful

    BigNerd George9000BigNerd George900016 kun oldin
  • You should do an episode about "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein", by Kenneth Brannagh. That's one hell of a trainwreck.

    Lucas GagliardiLucas Gagliardi16 kun oldin
  • Say what will about this mummy movie, but I'd rather watch this than the Tom Cruise one.

    Len Keogh-DomingoLen Keogh-Domingo16 kun oldin
  • Do the third one! Pls...

    Joshua BoxJoshua Box17 kun oldin
  • Haha the WWF Smackdown Just Bring It cameo. Somebody did their research 👌🏽💯

    Dante95nycDante95nyc17 kun oldin
  • Yeah, but I'll always appreciate the fact that Rick and Evie are still together, and not a stupid source of conflict.

    Laura BaptistaLaura Baptista17 kun oldin
  • Gotta do scorpion king next right?

    Wolves GaitWolves Gait17 kun oldin
  • Critic! They’re NOT sisters - they’re step family. Miya is the reincarnation of Pharoh’s wife and Evie is the reincarnation of the Pharoh’s daughter.

    Aisha LeeAisha Lee18 kun oldin
    • Well this was ancient Egypt. Family being with family was kind of common practice back then. For all we know they was fighting to see who would be his mistress.

      Davey JonsDavey Jons15 kun oldin
  • I can't be the only one who wants to know what was number one on that top 10 list

    Paul RowlandsPaul Rowlands18 kun oldin
  • The mummy 1 and 2 was way better than the mummy with tom cruise i mean dr Jekyll and mr hyde

    • Can soooooo agree with that.

      Lively lopunnyLively lopunny17 kun oldin
  • How can one sister be the pharaoh's daughter and the other his mistress? Moron. Did any of this information register while writing this review? Yeah, no. No wonder there isn't a "1st viewing" - because you didn't even bother......

    Preskata.JPreskata.J18 kun oldin
  • Dude, they were never sisters. Ak Su Na Mun was the Pharos MISTRESS.

    Vinny C.Vinny C.18 kun oldin
  • 28:00, Who else thought those were pot leaves?

    Sam ChristensonSam Christenson18 kun oldin
  • It is not that bad of a CGI if you blur your eyes a little bit the rock.. the scorpion scene... still looks like shit

    mm KAYmm KAY18 kun oldin
  • Suggestion for a movie review: buzz lightyear.

    The cute YoshiThe cute Yoshi18 kun oldin
  • Love dat opening! Great rock impression😭

    JGAMES OGJGAMES OG18 kun oldin
  • No mention of the inverted sunrise in the third act? 😐

    RM RadcliffeRM Radcliffe19 kun oldin
  • I DID MY BEST! that was way funnier than i think they intended it to be

    Brovid-19Brovid-1919 kun oldin
  • Google is listening to me. I watched this movie last night and said there should be a review

    SIGUYSIGUY19 kun oldin
  • Favorite line from the movie was when the kid was like “look reading material!”

    jshoedinthefacejshoedintheface19 kun oldin
  • But wait, what is the #1 worst cg effect on Sophie's worst cg fx list

    john feliciajohn felicia19 kun oldin
  • And you never mentioned the momie many moment of just saying the name Anaktsunamune... that’s probably the only thing I remembered of this flick... that name is grind into my memory for ever.

    JD PCJD PC19 kun oldin
  • This review is missing penguinz0 defending this movie

    thatdepressedgamer566thatdepressedgamer56619 kun oldin
  • My favorite line from the review is my dad’s gonna kick your ass I hated the audience I’m pretty sure they hated me people do like to hate you and I understand but I love your sarcastic personality mimics my own

    James StangeJames Stange20 kun oldin
  • I love this movie as a kid I still love it as a bad movie but most of all I love your inner duction it hit the nail on the head so hard I wish I had CGI because now my finger is broken because it wasn’t a nail it was my finger

    James StangeJames Stange20 kun oldin
  • Honestly I love this movie BECAUSE its effects were so bad. As one of your previous reviews song once pointed out............*sings* Guilty Pleasures! Everybody has a few!

    ladyvenusdragon Andersonladyvenusdragon Anderson20 kun oldin
  • Awww, you didn't like this?? This was the better of the two movies for me. (I REFUSE to acknowledge that TERRIBLE 3rd movie!)

    Kimberly LatriceKimberly Latrice20 kun oldin
  • His Dwayne Johnson voice is perfect! And the teeth flashing ^_^

    EnderZ13EnderZ1320 kun oldin
  • I wore out my DVD replaying that dynamite scene as a kid

    Jack LegionJack Legion20 kun oldin
  • 1:44 15 Years later.... SO WHAT CAN I SAAAAY EXCEPT YOU’RE WEEELCOOMEEE!!! Pd: Hehe Welcome, Wel Come, WELL CUM

    Franco SFranco S20 kun oldin
  • Starts at 2:54

    Donald BybeeDonald Bybee20 kun oldin
  • Stephen Sommers thought THIS was better than the 1999 movie

    ericherich20 kun oldin
  • The kid actor may have been British but somehow his acting made the accent seem fake to me.

    Lilith CalbridgeLilith Calbridge20 kun oldin
  • Nostalgia Critic. Review the Queens Corgi or else I will spam this message thx 😊

    Mike ManciniMike Mancini20 kun oldin
  • Actually. The first thing Evelyn said in this movie is "go away", which was towards a snake that was passing by. This was to show how much she's changed since the first movie. She went from a bookworm who needs to be saved to a fighter trying to protect her son. Yes she still got kidnapped in this movie, but she went down fighting in the process.

    DaysCGSDaysCGS20 kun oldin
  • I think dof

    Rabbit? TricsaurusRabbit? Tricsaurus20 kun oldin
  • Wait a minute!!! 10:05 Marisol from SSX Tricky?!?!😍😍😍😍

    hdelmas1hdelmas121 kun oldin
  • Okay I'm out... "not every kid in a sequel is bad" shows John Conor from T2 he was the shittiest part of T2...; I always thought T2 was the better terminator movie but it's not.. The kid is soooo annoying! like really, really, reeeeeeeeeeally anoying. T2 had a bigger budget and more action, T1 is the better movie story and acting wise.

    Netram CNetram C21 kun oldin
  • I don't speak 15 second ads. Ugly freek stick to 5 seconds. Don't be pretentious.

    HerculesHercules21 kun oldin
  • I miss Brendan Fraser. Say what you want, but the man did have a certain charm about him.

    colton moorecolton moore21 kun oldin