What If Tarzan Was Elsa and Anna's Brother?

26-Yan, 2021
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Tarzan being Anna and Elsa's long lost brother is a theory originally pushed by Frozen/Tarzan co-director, Chris Buck. While Frozen 2 officially shut the door on that prospect, it doesn't mean we can't ponder the possibilities. So what if these two franchises collided in one film? Let's take a trip into Disney Elseworlds and find out!
Concept art by - www.artstation.com/kuhleesee
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  • Let's dive into Disney Elseworld! Concept art by - www.artstation.com/kuhleesee Watch more FanScription here - bit.ly/FanScription Follow us on Twitch - www.twitch.tv/channelawesome

    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • I have some Disney ideas I'd love to see as fanscriptions: - What If There Were "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Sequels With Later Characters (in other words, incorporating TV cartoon characters or CG characters or otherwise having the sequels take place during animation eras later than when the original movie took place and incorporating cartoon characters from those eras) - What if Kingdom Hearts Was A TV Series - What If There Was A Disney Theme Park Attraction Cinematic Universe - What If We Fixed Descendants - What If The MCU Crossed Over With The DCEU? - adapting any of Doug Walker's ideas from his video "Disney Sequels We Want" - What If Phineas And Ferb Star Wars Was A Whole Trilogy (writing sequels to the "Star Wars" episode of "Phineas And Ferb" that incorporate the P&F characters off to the side of events from "The Empire Strikes Back" and "The Return Of The Jedi" just as the episode incorporates P&F characters off to the side of events from "A New Hope")

      Adam DavisAdam DavisKun oldin
    • Could you fix the Adam Sandler movie pixels

      Phillip and the Hound ShowPhillip and the Hound Show6 kun oldin
    • Fanscription suggestion: Rescuers 3 with Bernard and Bianca's children, a son and a daughter.

      Sebastian EmondSebastian Emond12 kun oldin
    • Okay, I got it! What if Della was a bit more harsher towards Louie before the end of Season 2 of Ducktales (2017)? Allow me to explain, in the episode "Timephoon!" Louie creates a hole in spacetime after accidentally taking multiple historic icons from their times. Once everything is fixed, everyone forgives Louie, except Della, who grounds him for his actions. Now, in the next episode, "Glomtales!" Louie tricks Glomgold & all of the other villains into giving depositing their money into his bank account & causing him (Louie) to become the richest duck in the world, Della doesn't even give a glance at this. Well, I have a proposition, hear me out, let's say that Della was not fine with this, she begins to become an over-strict parent. Everyone says it's fine, but Della doesn't think so. Even Ms.Beakley trys to settle down Della. This only would infuriorate Della more, the person who told her "It makes them a better person." is now endorsing these schemes? Not on Della's watch. Della begins to go on about how it'll make him a better person, & that what she's doing is justified. Louie butts in "Better? You think locking me up like one of Uncle Scrooge's dollars is better!?" Louie begins to go off on Della, telling her that he thought meeting his mom would be cool, but after today, doesn't want anything to do with her. "Why don't you go back to what you were doing before & disappear! That's all your good for anyways!" This comment makes Della enraged, causing her to gets red in the face, so much so that she gets... "Agressive". She begins to throw a tantrum of sorts, destroying anything near her & pushing anyone who tries to stop her away. Only for a slap on Louie's cheek to snap her out of her rampage. Ms.Beakley pushes Della to the ground & is very cross. "That is more than enough, Della! When I said what I did, I meant that a loss of something fun would make him shappen up, but now you've tooken it too far." Ms.Beakley says with a stern tone, something Della thought would never hear from her. Della sobs a bit for her actions. Scrooge is silent, for a second with his face also cross at Della "I think it's time for you to go." Scrooge states to Della. Della grabs Heuey & Dewey, when she tries to go for Louie, he cowers behind Uncle Scrooge. Della sighs & leaves Louie with Scrooge & runs off towards the Manor with Heuey & Dewey in hand, supossedly to get her plane & disappear from the public's eye. Scrooge tries to comfort Louie, whom is equally shaken. "There, there Lad! She'll be fine. Thing's'll get better! We always manage to get back together in the end!" Scrooge says with a smile. "I don't think we're gonna be able to fix this, Uncle Scrooge." Louie says with pity in his voice Scrooge & Louie walk off to the car, Ms.Beakley & Webby follow suit. "Aren't you gonna run off again?" Scrooge jokingly asks Ms.Beakley, trying to brighten the mood. "Well, I've used up all my break time, no use quitting either. But you're right, you'll make up in the end, you always do." Ms.Beakley says with a sigh. & that's where we'll leave things for right now... Maybe Fanscription'll take up my concept! Nothing too major. Maybe they'll change a few things. Maybe they'll make it that Glomgold technically won the bet, but after Scrooge gets his interest for the year, which happens a few seconds after Glomgold thought he won, only to pat Louie on the back for such a good try, only for this to cause Della to be upset. Who knows. All in all, I'd say this isn't much to look at.

      Daniel WallaceDaniel Wallace12 kun oldin
    • Disney Elseworlds: What if Quasimodo had met Belle from Beauty and the Beast? We've already seen her briefly in the "Out There" sequence. I totally would've given anything for these two characters to be friends. If Anna and Elsa could meet Tarzan, why not this?

      Sebastian EmondSebastian Emond20 kun oldin
  • Omg I want this trilogy! I would so watch this! 😁💙

    Cheyenne BlackCheyenne BlackKun oldin
  • If I may--I'd be MORE than Happy to make a request! Would I GIVE to see a Fanscription about Elsa joining Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants, basically--"What If Elsa joined the X-Men, & the Marvel Universe as a whole...?" I know this is a bit on the bizarre side; but it sounds like the right amount of crazy to make it fun and enjoyable! (I'll post this on Twitter, in case you don't see this one!

    Billy Blüd-BatBilly Blüd-Bat2 kun oldin
    • @M C omg! That would be both funny af & so badass at the same time!

      Billy Blüd-BatBilly Blüd-BatKun oldin
    • Or Nick Fury somehow time travels to Arendelle & recruits Elsa to the Avengers!

      M CM CKun oldin
  • Duuuude! This would've been an AWESOME AND JARRING twist!! It could've fit So Well!

    Billy Blüd-BatBilly Blüd-Bat2 kun oldin
  • THIS... MOVIE... WOULD... BE... LIT...

    Matthew Devon SerferaMatthew Devon Serfera2 kun oldin
  • 8:13 Now that’s what you call a title screen

    Harvey DanesHarvey Danes3 kun oldin
  • Gonna be honest, not a big fan of this. I like the idea of Anna finding Tarzan while exploring, but I don't like where it went. I wish you didn't take Jane out of the story for most of the story. She deserved more than what she got

    WolfRiderWolfRider3 kun oldin
    • I would've like to see more of Jane as well to be honest.

      M CM CKun oldin
  • I loved this theory when I was I pre-teen so I’m glad you made this video!

    Chloe SantosChloe Santos4 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't mind more crossover fanscription's like this one.

    Collided WorldsCollided Worlds4 kun oldin
  • Here’s an idea: What if Mulan 2020 was a better remake?

    The Cartoon ManThe Cartoon Man5 kun oldin
  • Veeeery satisfying

    HK FauksHK Fauks5 kun oldin
  • I would love all of this. Just wish Kristoff didn’t have to die.

    Ragan31687Ragan316876 kun oldin
  • My only problem with this timeline is Kristoff being dead and Tarzan losing his gorilla family. Other than that, if this were a real Disney movie, I'd totally watch it.

    princeofalbanyprinceofalbany6 kun oldin
  • you have to put phill collins in there somewhere

    MrGabeanatorMrGabeanator8 kun oldin
  • I know someone has done this but I would love if you did if the other half was snapped in infinity like if you agree.

    Husnain AHusnain A9 kun oldin
  • that was so cool

    Isabel ArmstrongIsabel Armstrong11 kun oldin
  • With all due respect, I probably would've enjoyed this more if it wasn't part of the "What-If?" Frozen trilogy. Also, Tarzan having powers is just way too weird for me and the timeline felt way too long and confusing and the Princess Diaries rivalry came out of nowhere. I hope you make a podcast on this soon and do something different with Frozen and/or Tarzan in the future.

    Monster HannaMonster Hanna12 kun oldin
    • That's it! Princess Diaries!! I knew there was something familiar about that whole outside fam wanting take over plot. But I didn't think it was too bad

      M CM CKun oldin
  • This is bs considering Tarzan and the ice queen are from two different authors and years

    Official Bruce WayneOfficial Bruce Wayne12 kun oldin
  • Frozen took place in 1842, while Tarzan took place around late 19th century to early 20th century...so the timeline kind of line up if you stretch it a bit (the age gaps of the siblings still doesn’t add up) Also, technology in Frozen seems a bit underdeveloped if it’s really in 1842

    Jinhunter SlayJinhunter Slay16 kun oldin
  • Frozen 3 would look great and this would something like this But disney would announce that The actual Frozen 3 look much worst or boring. Disney nowadays is not going to be the same as it was

    Offshoot CelticOffshoot Celtic17 kun oldin
  • Alright I wanna see Disney elseworld movies. It will be awesome to see them.

    Tahuaroa OhiaTahuaroa Ohia18 kun oldin
  • What about all Disney movies in the same universe

    Prince William Uchenna Ifeanyi OkpalaezechaPrince William Uchenna Ifeanyi Okpalaezecha20 kun oldin
  • Awesome

    Prince William Uchenna Ifeanyi OkpalaezechaPrince William Uchenna Ifeanyi Okpalaezecha20 kun oldin
  • Neat

    Perfecter CellPerfecter Cell21 kun oldin
  • Why is Tarzan looking like Christ 🤣

    Perfecter CellPerfecter Cell21 kun oldin
  • If we’re doing Disney fan stories, can you do Andy’s Mom in Toy Story is Emily, Jessie’s old owner?

    NerdManReturnsNerdManReturns21 kun oldin
  • What if bell and gaston were betrothed before the movie started, how would it change the film?

    Sylvia SchultzSylvia Schultz22 kun oldin
  • What if rapunzel grew up with anna and elsa? Or what if gothel kidnapped elsa by mistake?

    Sylvia SchultzSylvia Schultz23 kun oldin
  • Alright. Now we got the Spirits of Fire, Earth and Ice (simply frozen Water). Now they have to seek for the Spirit of Wind and the Spirit of Heart. And then they can combine their powers to summon CAPTAIN PLANET! :)

    AnthyrionAnthyrion24 kun oldin
  • I remember when this theory was confirmed by the director then frozen 2 happened and that theory was just gone

    livelaugh thrivelivelaugh thrive25 kun oldin
  • This is indeed 𝙵𝚊𝚗𝚂𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚙𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗

    FoxLord Art StuffFoxLord Art Stuff26 kun oldin
  • Hans has fire powers I’m calling it now

    MakueyTheDubMakueyTheDub26 kun oldin
  • Trust Frozen 2 to spoil the fun

    Whats This Then? Lucchi SupremesonWhats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson27 kun oldin
  • What if Chris Farley was in the Cable Guy?

    JohnEnigmaJohnEnigma27 kun oldin

    Joshua PieperJoshua Pieper28 kun oldin
  • READ ME: What is FROZEN was a SEQUEL to TANGLE? Based on the Film theory by Matthew Patrick

    Joshua PieperJoshua Pieper28 kun oldin
    • Not a bad theory, so it's possible

      Otar 3000Otar 300028 kun oldin
  • Cave of diamonds, cave of wonders? Aladdin

    The NailsmithThe Nailsmith28 kun oldin
  • This is really clever. At least it didn't have any _Contact_ plotholes

    KittenclysmKittenclysm29 kun oldin
  • animate it immediately plzzzzz. Holly crap you guys really are good, not just review this was awesome!

    Lukoshkin SashaLukoshkin SashaOy oldin
  • I like your title sequence 🙂👍

    Alex AllenAlex AllenOy oldin
  • I would like to see frozen and Tarzan3 the movie.

    Krista SmithKrista SmithOy oldin
  • The Prefect Trilogy doesn't ex-

    Emo Anime BoyEmo Anime BoyOy oldin
  • I don't believe in this "theory" for a second. For starters, Elsa has magical powers, Tarzan doesn't. Second, Elsa's and Anna's parents died at sea after a tide took them over; Tarzan's parent's ship caught on fire and they were killed by Sabor. If you're gonna have a fan theory, fine, but at least let it make sense and have concrete evidence to prove it.

    Monster HannaMonster HannaOy oldin
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs would have made a bodacious story out of this.

    wrybreadspreadwrybreadspreadOy oldin
  • if this was a movie. I would WATCH IT.

    Tyler ColburnTyler ColburnOy oldin
  • What if Gloria was pregnant in Madagascar. Based on the movie's trivia.

    Tyler ColburnTyler ColburnOy oldin
  • This is so entertaining

    The dreamer Ormezzano and mcdonaldThe dreamer Ormezzano and mcdonaldOy oldin
  • What if Aladdin freed Genie before Jafar got the lamp? (1992)

    Juan Enrique Flores Jr Jeannie OrtizJuan Enrique Flores Jr Jeannie OrtizOy oldin
  • Could you please do a FanScription on the super Mario bros movie

    Phillip and the Hound ShowPhillip and the Hound ShowOy oldin
  • Where is your Hollywood job?!?!?

    הראל גלמןהראל גלמןOy oldin
  • This would make an awesome movie!!! If there ever was a need to retcon, this would be the appropriate movie for it. I would wholeheartedly support you being either given credit for creating this sequel or, the studio hiringg you to write the screenplay. I would be so thrilled!

    Cameron CrawfordCameron CrawfordOy oldin
  • FanScription Ideas: What if Fantastic Four (2015) was apart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What if Wonder Woman 1984 was instead set in the present?

    Billy McCraryBilly McCraryOy oldin
    • Or like have Annihilus or Moleman in the movie

      SR StrikerSR Striker20 kun oldin
  • What If The Kamp Krusty Episode of The Simpsons was an actual movie like it was originally going to be? What If Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Was in Captain America: Civil War? What If Michael Keaton and Billy Dee Williams Were in Batman Forever? What If Fix-It Felix and Calhoun Had a Bigger Role in Ralph Breaks the Internet? What If Newt and Hicks didn’t die in Alien 3? What If Ahsoka Tano was in Revenge of the Sith?

    Agent PrimeAgent PrimeOy oldin
  • I recently think Tarzan(Clayton graystoke) where they could have the graystoke family from arendelle let say there grandfather king runeard had a sister where she would later marry Clayton graystoke sr so than they could have Tarzan related to the royal bloodline has a first cousin just an idea

    awesome lex227awesome lex227Oy oldin
  • Isn't he British?

    No NameNo NameOy oldin
  • This deserves to be the most viewed video on this channel and this should be a real movie

    Harvey DanesHarvey DanesOy oldin
  • Idea: what if in Robocop 1987 Murphy kept his organic arm what would that be like and I mean it would function like a human arm not like a machines like in 2014s Robocop

  • I wish we could hear Tarzan's traditional war cry and do more sick agility in front of his sisters. That primal side is so cool of his.

    Dragon LordDragon LordOy oldin
  • Теории зашли слишком далеко

    Archer KingArcher KingOy oldin
  • Hi there I got idea for fanscription how about lion king what if mufasa survives the fall and simba ran away after scar told them too it might be interesting fanfic

    Felicia Aubin-FrancisFelicia Aubin-FrancisOy oldin
  • Only one problem with this therory: TIIIMMME

    Daffy DuckDaffy DuckOy oldin
  • Now that’s a good one I enjoyed it I wish it was a movie please do more fanscrips

    Thomas tboneThomas tboneOy oldin
  • 9:16 That guy looks like Ikabold from "Headless horseman". Is it intentional? ;-)

    Światowid CieśślakŚwiatowid CieśślakOy oldin
  • Everyone here I think this is the best way to tell everyone: tarzan theory is now revised. First time frames can be managed, by frozen taking place in 1870s and tarzan growing up to year 1900s, and not trusted entirely. Bc same was said with rapunzel that her events take place decades earlier yet she appeared in frozen. Hair can darken or lighten as they age. Plus mustache grew and hair too. Iduna was pregnant but she did not know. She may have been for some time yet didn't feel it. Also theory is now revised, the ship in tarzam and frozen isn't the same bc while dark sea sank the ship the parents were washed far away, for hours maybe even days, somewhere close to africa to be picked by another ship. Their clothes were wet so they changed them and could've taken pic on the ship. Books are not Disney verse. In books Clayton didn't had a sister or any other relative than tarzan in books. And in movies parents weren't dropped by Africa but instead shipwrecked and never their names are mentioned

    Otar 3000Otar 3000Oy oldin
  • Brave exist in their world its very underrated

    Joshua GrahamJoshua GrahamOy oldin
    • True

      Otar 3000Otar 3000Oy oldin
  • There is another way to make a crossover. Only this time parents were washed away from Scandinavian waters by the waves of the dark sea and to somewhere close to African waters. So if Anna and kristoff departed to Africa in order to stop the poaching/slavery acts around there. Then it may work

    Otar 3000Otar 3000Oy oldin
  • review a bop it.

    Ac2333Ac2333Oy oldin
  • man what a rewrite I never get tired of these

    TheCreepyproTheCreepyproOy oldin
  • Seriously you went with Frozan instead of Tarzen? What a missed chance.

    fabian5002fabian5002Oy oldin
  • what if Vandal Savage was the main antagonist in Justice League

    Connor GehrkenConnor GehrkenOy oldin
    • Yeah

      SR StrikerSR Striker20 kun oldin
  • What if Kong & Godzilla swapped places in Godzilla (2014) and Kong Skull Island?

    Tristen WeaverTristen WeaverOy oldin
  • And also what if Bambi's mother never died

    Whitney CollinsWhitney CollinsOy oldin
  • And also do what if the Beast died in Beauty and the Beast or if Belle married Gaston or what if Alice had a daughter and her daughter went to Wonderland

    Whitney CollinsWhitney CollinsOy oldin
  • Please do in Disney elseworld story where it be a animated Disney princess crossover movie or do more Disney elseworld stories please to do if Elsa had a boyfriend or or if Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 was good or what if Little Mermaid II was good or what if Ariel went back home with her family and never married Prince Eric or what if Pocahontas went back with John Smith and get married to him or what if Dumbo's mother died Pinocchio and Geppetto's life after the movie when he becomes a real boy or what if Cinderella's evil stepsister Anastasia got married to the prince and not marry Cinderella and also what if Peter Pan grew up and married Wendy

    Whitney CollinsWhitney CollinsOy oldin
  • Wasn't this already confirmed? That Agnaar and Iduna were the survivors of the burning ship in Tarzan's opening? I could be mistaken, but this is one of the few times I might not be

    FirionelFirionelOy oldin
  • That was way more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Very nice work

    mark morrismark morrisOy oldin
  • Gretchen's Husband looks like Ichabod Crane (Ichabod and Mr. Toad)

    Andrew VarneyAndrew VarneyOy oldin
  • This Frozen Elseworld trilogy was amazing. Better than the original. Sorry to some fans of the original but, this story was just amazing in every way.

    Crystal Frost 7Crystal Frost 7Oy oldin
  • Elsa: becomes incarnate goddess Tarzan: Return to monke

    A man of no reputationA man of no reputationOy oldin
  • I like the way you presented the theory at the beginning, precisely pointing out where it originated and to what degree it was ever intended to be taken seriously. I feel a lot of people have a twisted understanding of fiction, where for some reason everything that the creators say and only the things that they say are taken as "canon", no matter if they make sense when related to the text of the work. Basically these people build a fictional universe in their head that is sometimes completely different than the universe described in the work, and that is a bit frustrating. For instance, Frozen is set in a world that doesn't fit with the early 20th setting of Tarzan; but because an author said they're siblings, boom, people instantly took this fact as "canon"... not realizing that if that was the case then basically either movie would have to not be canon since they can't happen as shown. On the other hand, no matter how plausible a theory is, or if something is open for interpretation, if an author makes an opposing statement then it's absolutely false, it cannot be. Thinking that way means willingly giving up part of the fun and fascinating aspect of fiction, that is speculating and analyzing the work, and shows a lack of understanding of how stories are written. Writers don't open a window to peek into a fictional universe and then report what they saw, every sentence is fabricated with the intention of telling a story, the writer has to decide if and when to reveal anything about the story's universe, knowing that when something is revealed then it exists, and when something is not revealed then it's left open to interpretation for the readers and it may be explored in a future installment.

    KrossoverGodKrossoverGodOy oldin
  • Here's a theory, what if Dash was the villain of Incredibles 2 or What if Tedashi was the villain in big hero 6

    Joshua kohlbacherJoshua kohlbacherOy oldin
  • Do a shared universe with the animated Disney movies that take place in London like Peter Pan the great mouse detective 101 Dalmatians

    Dman #5Dman #5Oy oldin
  • I've been thinking of some ideas What if Tamatoa from Moana was the main villain and used the heart of tefiti to turn the world into something shiny for him? What if Screenslaver from Incredbles 2 wasnt the pizza guy or Evelyn, but really a terrorist with a bizarre philosophy on media and consumerism? What if Supereme Leader Snoke revealed in Rise of Skywalker that he was Darth Plagueis, and he's slowly transferring his concious into both Rey and Kylo giving that trailer bait a reason to show

    Cartoon fanCartoon fanOy oldin
    • Tamatoa is also a reincarnated pirate and grandson of Ursula

      Otar 3000Otar 3000Oy oldin
  • Frozen 4: Last Airbender lol

    KetwunsGamingPadKetwunsGamingPadOy oldin
  • The one Disney What If I keep thinking about is about Tron Legacy. Scenario: Kevin Flynn has taken Sam, same age as he was in the prologue, to the Grid and they are together with Tron when CLU conducts his coup. The portal closes as in the original so Sam now has to grow up on the Grid.

    Chaosfox04Chaosfox04Oy oldin
  • Hey anyone remember that episode of the Hercules Animated Series where he did a crossover with Aladdin with Jafar and Hades teaming up?

    Brandon BrooksBrandon BrooksOy oldin
  • Ok now we just need an air bender

    Cage Wilson Bass guyCage Wilson Bass guyOy oldin
  • actually it is confirmed to be true Tarzan is Elsa and Anna's younger Brother after there boat crashed

    Tamra the octolingTamra the octolingOy oldin
  • What if Newt, Hicks, and Bishop survived the beginning of Alien3 and where central characters.

    Faustino Carver-OrozcoFaustino Carver-OrozcoOy oldin
  • I started to see where they were going when I noticed that they use red and green as the backgrounds for Anna and Tarzan, respectively. Also, could you do a theory on Hercules? I'd like that

    Little DevilLittle DevilOy oldin
  • Even though I don’t like Frozan I like Tarzan and I kinda think that could happen because too boat have destroyed

    Woken LunaticWoken LunaticOy oldin
  • As fanfiction goes that was okay

    Ryan PeacockRyan PeacockOy oldin
  • i have a list of future projects for you what if spider man was in venom what if the terminator was in alien vs predator (there was crossover in the comics) what if zoom was henry allen's doppelganger (for flash fans) what if ben solo was the main protagonist in the sequel trilogy if anyone had more tell me

    Red reaperRed reaperOy oldin
  • Review #thelastunicorn.

    PaimonPaimonOy oldin
  • The theory that Tarzan is related to Elsa and Anna makes me irrationally angry. That being said, this was a good way to bring him in, so kudos for that.

    jehaneyjehaneyOy oldin
  • DCU

    metalix the unknownmetalix the unknownOy oldin
  • 9:17 Ichabod? Ichabod Crane?

    TheSketchingSonTheSketchingSonOy oldin
  • Yup. That's my head canon now.

    WambutuWambutuOy oldin
  • Frozen & Tangled

    ThomasRosieFanThomasRosieFanOy oldin
  • I liked it up until Tarzan and Anna got powers ... it feels wrong

    Marius EneMarius EneOy oldin