Zim Rips Out a Kid's Eyes - Dark Toons

14-Yan, 2021
94 176 Ko‘rishlar soni

It's only the second episode of Invader Zim but some people's eyes can't believe what they saw. But hey, at least they still HAVE their eyes.
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"Bestest Friend" is the 1st segment in the 2nd episode of the first season of Invader Zim. It first premiered on April 13, 2001, on Nickelodeon.
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    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomeOy oldin
    • Dark Toons recommendation: Thatone episode in CatDog where cat turns himself INSIDE OUT and came out off DOG'S MOUTH in order to brush dog's teeth (cuz dog wouldn't brush them and they turned rotten). It was disturbing as a kid.

      Silver foxicornSilver foxicorn9 kun oldin
    • In terms of invader zim game slave 2 is up their in term of dark episodes.

      Spencer the FrekensteinSpencer the Frekenstein12 kun oldin
    • There’s a web series by the creator of Hazbin Hotel called, Helluva Boss. It’s even got Zim’s voice actor, Richard Steven Horvitz, as one of the main characters.

      Macey IreneMacey Irene16 kun oldin
    • Suggestion for the next dark toons: Aurther punches D.W episode, that episode alone is the most recognized to this day. Keep up the episodes.😎

      #1 SplatFan#1 SplatFan19 kun oldin
    • Avatar The Last Airbender - The Puppet Master.

      Chandler ChamberlandChandler ChamberlandOy oldin
  • Honestly when I heard the "You don't like waffles" the second time after the fall, as a kid that didn't indicate to me he was alive actually. Even to this very day. I took it has a callback to earlier moments in the episode, like a flashback montage. Like this is what happens when you're friends with Zim, ultimately because the recording for it was the exact same. Now when I was a kid I think flat out believe he died but I did believe something bad happened. But I still replayed the episode over and over because it was funny and I liked it lmao.

    Salut ZeedSalut Zeed15 soat oldin
  • Men, i've missed the review. It's trully great that you did review Invader ZIm the second time. I didn't grew up with it since it wasn't even dubbed in our country, but i fell in love with it the second time i've watched it. I still hope that you will review the halloween episode, i still think this one is also really disturbing and fun.

    Mentally Not ThereMentally Not There2 kun oldin
  • Halloween episode was even more darker!

    Артём ПротченкоАртём Протченко7 kun oldin
  • I believe the author had written something about a psychotic killer and when you think about that comic you get why Invasor Zim is that dark, the fact that there where scenes changed due to showing blood just tells he wanted to be the closest to cross the line.

    YorcontYorcont14 kun oldin
  • This is so gross just as gross as dark harve🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🥴🤢🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢😪🤢🤮🤢

    Wee boy AskaWee boy Aska14 kun oldin
  • If you like this and know anything about the voice of Zim, Richard Horvitz, you might like the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy where he stars as Billy... I’m sure there’s some dark episodes to find there!

    CBCB15 kun oldin
  • The creator implied in the audio commentary track that Gir overlayed at the end was supposed to be like him "stirring the pot" and driving events forward from the background but it didn't really come across well. And Keef does pop up several times again, most prominently in the Halloween episode and PLEASE do that one too because it is so twisted in atmosphere it deserves a look.

    Skyro WatSkyro Wat15 kun oldin
  • Zim is an adult dude.

    LegendStormcrowLegendStormcrow19 kun oldin
  • As soon as he said "funny line" a discord notification popped up saying "bazinga"

    Neotic KasterNeotic Kaster22 kun oldin
  • I love these kind of analyses. It shows just how innovative and amazing Invader Zim was.

    Krendall2Krendall224 kun oldin
  • Keith was originally going to return and annoy Dib, Zim & Dib would've had to team up again to get rid of him, but the show cancelled early.

    lowrider993lowrider99324 kun oldin
  • Who would win Zim or Ren

    Woken LunaticWoken Lunatic24 kun oldin
  • I thought Invader Zim was DARK even DARKER then some adult shows I have seen

    LTT 2121LTT 212126 kun oldin
  • The next one you should record is Zim eating waffles that's my favorite episode

    Nathan CaldwellNathan Caldwell27 kun oldin
  • The eye thing is pretty disturbing by itself but the kid's blood curdling scream makes it horrifying

    CrazyFoo501CrazyFoo50127 kun oldin
  • I didn't grow up with invader zim so all I can hear Moxxie from helluva boss

    Laila MsouhliLaila Msouhli27 kun oldin
  • IM SO GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT FREAKED OUT BY THAT SCENE! I was an Invader Zim fan when I was in my tween years (12-13) that episode made me take a break for a lil bit to process wtf I just witnessed.

    CeCe MagCeCe Mag27 kun oldin
  • I'm sure there's a lot of stuff that never made it into the series

    Alucard HellsingAlucard Hellsing28 kun oldin
  • And to think, later on, Zim's voice actor went on to voice Moxxie in Helluva Boss

    Alucard HellsingAlucard Hellsing28 kun oldin
  • Arthur locked in the library do that episode. It traumatized me

    Swirly Straw StudiosSwirly Straw Studios28 kun oldin
  • I remember watching this when I was younger and it scared the CRAP out of me! 😂

    chappyman113chappyman11328 kun oldin
  • How did Nickelodeon greenlight this show

    Chibi PrussiaChibi Prussia29 kun oldin
  • "I love this show....." -GIR

    Bianca BozaBianca BozaOy oldin
  • Review the episodes “Bolognius Maximus”, “Halloween Spectacular Of Spooky Doom”, “Lice”, and “Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy”.

    ----Oy oldin
  • "You don't like waffles?" Me: Oh don't worry he will. Just in a later episode. As for me, I'm more of a pancake girl myself.🥞😋

    Toi O'KellyToi O'KellyOy oldin
  • That was a crerpy episode and reminded me of some classmates that were annoying and thanfully after I saw this episode I stopped trying to find friends after that.

    Marcel ZacharyMarcel ZacharyOy oldin
  • Gur made Invader Zim a cooler character.

    Marcel ZacharyMarcel ZacharyOy oldin
  • You should do the season 3 Invader Zim Halloween two parter. That one is weird lol

    SEan WilsOnSEan WilsOnOy oldin
  • YEESH! I think that the entire "Invader Zim" show should be featured in this series.

    Gabreya BradleyGabreya BradleyOy oldin
  • No one: YoU DoN”t LiKe WaFfLeS?

    SillyBoy813SillyBoy813Oy oldin
  • I adore this show and always have.

    Raizen R 238Raizen R 238Oy oldin
  • Does a band episode of Dextors laboratory when they actually swore? May not call it dark but it's very mature in a immature.

    Folklor WonderFolklor WonderOy oldin
  • Hey Doug, you should check out old Donald duck cartoon, when he was in the army and gets, thinks that he gets sawed in half!! He puts a gun to his head and thinks about suicide

    R MR MOy oldin
  • You should watch the Halloween episode and the Christmas episode, both are pretty great (I get the Santa song stuck in my head far more than I should)

    Nick PoenischNick PoenischOy oldin
  • Watch bad bad rubber piggy

    SuperWhatBros DesSuperWhatBros DesOy oldin
  • What about courage the cowardly dog Windmill Wandals Episode When The Wandals Came And Rip Off The Characters Heads? Or regular town jebediah townhouse Where they are captured in an haunted house

    RovonixRovonixOy oldin
  • You should talk about Korra: Venom of the Red Lotus or Avatar: Puppetmaster

    Anya BartonAnya BartonOy oldin
  • Okay, this has been driving me nuts as supposed to creepy kid's cartoons that also involves eyes: Does anyone remember this one short cartoon for some movie that I don't remember either. But a space traveler stops at a space dinner, he orders a sandwich from a creepy cook, it was an eye sandwich, then all of a sudden body parts of all sorts go after the guy and capture him. The cook literally chops the traveler's eyes out, cuts to black but we all know it, and then it ends with another poor traveler coming into the dinner with the last traveler, pale and eyeless, who's now serving the next victim. I watched this at a young YOUNG age and it disturbed me so much that I blocked it out until now. Am I crazy or does this actually exist and I just can't find it? Please help

    Siina Bat-getaSiina Bat-getaOy oldin
  • I think I might be a bit late for this but: the last laugh from Ben 10. (maybe homer's enemy from the simpsons. Since while it wasn't made for kids, kids absolutely watched the simpsons.)

    Keelan BarronKeelan BarronOy oldin
  • I will never, ever get how they hired Jhonen Vasquez, whose claim to fame is JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC, one of the most effed up, violent comics ever created, to make a KID'S SHOW. Don't get me wrong, I think that is a rainbow of awesome, but this is Nickelodeon. NICKELODEON. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

    under the empty skyunder the empty skyOy oldin
  • The way you've been talking about this episode alone, I feel bad for Jhonen Vasquez basically being forced to restrain himself. This is the author of _Johnny the Homicidal Maniac,_ after all.

    Chaos89PChaos89POy oldin
  • I recommend the stop motion short The Sandman, by Paul Berry. There's a shot in it that inspired the robot present scene of this episode. Also it's dark as hell.

    BloodylocksBathoryBloodylocksBathoryOy oldin
  • Okay... I just found something you might want to check out. It's advertised as cartoons for kids, and it starts off innocently enough. But about three or four skits into this compilation, the body horror kicks in. It's on youtube called CRACKE - BUZZ ED Cartoons for kids by Squeeze.

    MallengarMallengarOy oldin
  • You should do the Invader Zim Halloween Episode 🎃. Especially since it’s based off of Jhonen’s comic Johnny the homicidal manic lol.

    Harli T.Harli T.Oy oldin
  • I have a recommendation for a dark toon. Check out episode 25 of the sixth season of gumball. It’s called the ghouls.

    JackZilla #34JackZilla #34Oy oldin
  • A few suggestions for future dark toons: grim adventures: Little Rock of horrors, kids next door: pinkeye, spongebob: graveyard shift, dexters lab: felit of soul, regular show: in the house, and adventure time: mortal recall.

    Jake DeBruinJake DeBruinOy oldin
  • Hi Doug, can you please do Skywhales? I've found lots of Dark Toons but that one freaked so many people, I really think it should be on that list.

    Daniel BerkowiczDaniel BerkowiczOy oldin
  • You should do the "wicked Scary" Episode of Teen Titans.

    ginkoTeaginkoTeaOy oldin
  • I remember first seeing this episode when I was nine, and my older sister was around sixteen. When the eyeball-ripping scene came on my sister gasped in horror, and I was like, "So... No blood? Shouldn't there be blood?"

    CarolineCarolineOy oldin
  • Return of the raggedy android My life as a teenage robot

    Renton ThunderRenton ThunderOy oldin
  • heres a recommendation: Dexter's Laboratory episode "Space Case", that got pretty graphic

    Sardonic OneSardonic OneOy oldin
  • Grew up with this show as a kid, at 7-8 years old I thought this show was the coolest! Mostly because I had just transitioned out of the "baby-ish" shows and into different types of cartoons and this was simple enough for me to enjoy for what it was and edgy enough for me to feel like some kind of badass for watching it! Almost like I wasn't supposed to be but still did anyways even though it was still played on a children's network. Watching this as a kid helped shape my sense of humor into what it is today as an adult lmao

    KunaigirlKunaigirlOy oldin
  • Has anyone recommended that Ghost Bride episode from Hey Arnold or the Haunted Train?

    Icon94Icon94Oy oldin
  • Salad Fingers still creeps me out

    Vikkor HeelVikkor HeelOy oldin
  • Gold stars adventure time

    Renton ThunderRenton ThunderOy oldin
  • Dead duck, darkwing duck

    Renton ThunderRenton ThunderOy oldin
  • How about Codename KND: Operation Pink Eye.

    xxMintoStarxxxxMintoStarxxOy oldin
  • The time between your first zim review and this was too damn long and unacceptable. I demand you binge Invader Zim now! And then do regular reviews coz I'm loving seeing your response to them. How on earth can you wait so long to watch the next one?! When I first discovered Zim I couldnt wait to absorb every episode possible and went on a rampage hunt for them all.

    kassardkassardOy oldin
  • Two videos on invader sim & I’m already thinking that this entire series is just gonna end up being entirely about invader zim

    Aztecgod HuzluiospdAztecgod HuzluiospdOy oldin
  • Hi, Doug!! I'm such a big fan!! Can you do either "Haunted Train" or "Monkey Business" from Hey Arnold? Greetings from Mexico.

    Salvador AguilarSalvador AguilarOy oldin
  • I highly recommend Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (& Grim & Evil as some episodes are there). Specifically, the episodes "The Halls of Time" , "Son of Nergal" , and "Wishbones" The first two are kinda really dark and somewhat disturbing (at least for the people I talk to) and the 3rd one because I like it.

    ATPokemonATPokemonOy oldin
  • Ooh I have a dark cartoon. Courage the cowardly dog: Car broke, phone yes. That one is really dark

    djlamar2djlamar2Oy oldin
  • Where's the cartoon for this week?

    ryan jonesryan jonesOy oldin
  • Wander over yonder has one episode called The Bot that has a very just like sad moment that seems out of place compared to the rest of the show it’s not scary but i feel like ya should give it a watch.

    We need a bigger Eraser NOWWe need a bigger Eraser NOWOy oldin
  • Do Satan's Waitin with Sylvester

    Nicolas RuizNicolas RuizOy oldin
  • Mr meaty

    Kyle KayKyle KayOy oldin
  • This show made me scare of squirrel 😳

    Luki MonsterLuki MonsterOy oldin
  • gotta check out the invader zim halloween spectacular of spooky doom

    ANDREW KrieserANDREW KrieserOy oldin
  • Can't you not lock at Invader Zim GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff?

    Lasse NielsenLasse NielsenOy oldin
  • If you want something dark and creepy, watch the Groke rpisode of the 80s Polish version of Moomins. For context, imagine the Groke in a stop-motion animation.

    Luke_The_RipperLuke_The_RipperOy oldin
  • You need a new intro for this

    The AfrocanAmericanThe AfrocanAmericanOy oldin
  • suggestion- Mr. Meaty- the crispy hand or the tapeworm episode ( almost all of the episodes are dark)

    TheAwkwardStarfishTheAwkwardStarfishOy oldin
  • Suggestion: Samurai Jack and the Haunted House

    Conor KattnerConor KattnerOy oldin
    • @Luke_The_Ripper The first 4 seasons were TV-Y7 and season 5 was TV-14, and the episode is from season 3, so it checks out

      Conor KattnerConor KattnerOy oldin
    • I think Samurai Jack doesn't count since it was aimed at older teens rather than kids, but yeah, it would definitely fit.

      Luke_The_RipperLuke_The_RipperOy oldin
  • I care not invader zim will always be one of my favorite cartoons no matter how twisted it was this was the shit lol 🔥💯

    Nicolas McGeeNicolas McGeeOy oldin
  • I remember feeling nauseous after that episode! As a kid it was purely terrifying, didn't see anything funny about it.

    ShannonShannonOy oldin
  • Zim didn’t “rip out” Keef’s eyes, he GAVE him BETTER eyes... ;)

    MacTechG4MacTechG4Oy oldin
    • That’s right.

      Invader ZimInvader ZimOy oldin
  • Hey Doug you need to watch invader zim ENTER THE FLORPUS! Netflix original it's a great film

    king Leland's videosking Leland's videosOy oldin
  • You should do Invader Zim VLOGS

    Anagaby SanbanAnagaby SanbanOy oldin
  • Hey critic, I got an idea for an episode of "Was that real": it's about a 2019 Disney cartoon show that was hired in european TVs but never in america until now that is on Disney+, it's called 101 Dalmatian Street, it does have a cult following but it seems that not may people talk about it. Could you please review it has only 1 season and it last less than 10 hours, it will make me happy and maybe give the show a popularity boost. Thank you.

    MidoFoxMidoFoxOy oldin
  • Could you do a robot chicken episode

    Tedwardo Squidwardo lllTedwardo Squidwardo lllOy oldin
  • Should we tell the nostalgia critic that there’s a the stand reboot coming out

    AidanAidanOy oldin
  • Poor Doug there’s a boss baby 2 coming pray to God have a cross in your hand get the Bible and just pray to be spared

    Teaghen DeMarcoTeaghen DeMarcoOy oldin
  • You could have him ride the bicycle past the window a third time; the trick would be to wait about four seconds between the second and third time, after the second occurred so quickly. Might be five seconds too much for a fast-paced episode, though.

    sterling7sterling7Oy oldin
  • 10:33 its like at the end of *Freddy Got Fingered* when the kid gets chopped up by propellers and they added a line so it wouldn't get a nc17

    MrFlipperInvader792MrFlipperInvader792Oy oldin
  • Next Dark Toon suggestion: The "Riddles in the Dark" scene from the 1977 Hobbit!!! I know technically it's a scene from a movie, but it's pretty dark in both the animation, voice acting and music, and I don't know ANYBODY who wasn't scared of Gollum in that!

    Patrick DuffyPatrick DuffyOy oldin
  • Dude, you should do teen titans "Haunted" I love that episode, and feel you should do it.

    RussMaster Master Of RussesRussMaster Master Of RussesOy oldin
  • My recommendation is "There's No Place Like Springfield" Pts. 1&2 of G.I. Joe. Two parter centered around Shipwreck and it is a totally dark episode. Absolutely classic and perfect for this channel

    Kristian KoudsiKristian KoudsiOy oldin
  • If you get the chance, "The Purple Smurf" would be an interesting episode, since the story is the first example of a zombie apocalypse

    Mac3622Mac3622Oy oldin
  • There was supposed to be a “Return of Keefe” episode

    bri obri oOy oldin
  • It doesn't surprise me that Nickelodeon had to constantly tell the invader zim team to chill with the blood and death in this show. I still don't know who looked at the creators graphic novels and went "he should make a kids show!'

    givefreedomgivefreedomOy oldin
  • I know the germ episode isn't dark, but it feels so relevant to last year that it is scary.

    renji90998renji90998Oy oldin
  • This episode was where I found out about Jhonen’s... previous works.

    Aiden FergusonAiden FergusonOy oldin
  • It would be awesome if the next episode is on Adventure Time no one can hear you.

    Super Mikey ChannelSuper Mikey ChannelOy oldin
  • Here's Something to review: My Gym Partner's A Monkey-Lonley Lyon (Which promotes obsessive stalking)

    Thomas LopezThomas LopezOy oldin
  • The bloke who created this show was always making creepy media, especially in comics. He wrote a comic series about a serial killer who uses the blood from his victims to paint a wall which apparently holds back a Lovecraftian creature from escaping into the world. Good shit.

    DawnOfTheOzzDawnOfTheOzzOy oldin
  • Check out the episode of the 2003 Ninja Turtles show called "Same As It Never Was". This episode has Donatello being sent to an alternate universe that's set in a post apocalyptical future where he sees his brothers are older in their 20-s or 30's. a future where Donatello has disappeared, presumably dead so when the other turtles see the younger teen Donny, they think it's him having returned. What really makes this dark is it's set in a world where the Foot have taken over and there are a lot of Terminator imagery with robots stepping on skulls. And there's one scene where the older Michelangelo is actually cut down and killed on camera. There's the cut to black with the slashes, but you see his body laying there dead. So young teen Donatello has to see his older brother version of Michelangelo brutally murdered by robots. That's the darkest part that I remember. but the rest of the episode is pretty dark also.

    Quantom XQuantom XOy oldin
  • Melvin, Melvin, brother of the Joker!

    ArkevesArkevesOy oldin
  • I'm always going to absolutely love invader zim, one of the best cartoons you'll never be too old for.

    ????????????Oy oldin
  • I think you should do a dark toon of the original 1969 Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Which do you think is the scariest episode of the original run.

    Redsam121Redsam121Oy oldin